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Thousand grilled eggplant leaves with grill mix

Thousand grilled eggplant leaves with grill mix

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The preparation is simple: wash the vegetables, cut the eggplant and zucchini slices and salt and pepper. It is left for a few minutes to remove the water from them. "Dégorger" is called this technique in French and is often found in all vegetables to be fried or in the preparation of cucumbers. Fry the vegetables individually in a little olive oil and cook the peppers and peel them.

It is very important that each vegetable is prepared individually, so it better preserves its flavor and you can respect the cooking times, in any recipe that is observed at the restaurant all vegetables are prepared individually and then assembled to have a perfect preparation. On a baking sheet, place the baked peppers, mozzarella, eggplant in layers, alternating the layers and finishing with mozzarella. Season between layers with a little fresh basil

Place in the oven at 210 degrees for a few minutes until the mozzarella melts.

During all this time, the mix-grill is being prepared, the meat has been seasoned only with salt and pepper, especially for beef, I don't add many spices because if it is a quality piece, the taste itself must be appreciated and highlighted.

Mount everything on a hot plate, put a mille-feuille of vegetables with a more or less generous portion of meat and add a little sauce to taste (I put a pepper sauce but this is another story that will be said). In the picture you will also see a "bassoon" of green beans, a bunch of green beans tied with bacon but this is also another recipe.

Grilled turkey fillets

Grilled turkey fillets recipes: how to cook grilled turkey fillets and the tastiest recipes for turkey fuduli, grilled chicken breast, grilled chicken legs, grilled chicken steak, grilled carp in aluminum foil, grilled whole chicken, grilled frozen mackerel, grilled turkey thighs oven, turkey hammers in the oven, turkey liver in the pan.

Grilled turkey skewers

1 kg turkey fuduli 4-5 tomatoes or cherry tomatoes bell peppers, capsicum, donut you have at hand (I used 2 red capsicum peppers and 3 yellow bell peppers 2-3 onions salt, pepper, thyme to taste chopsticks for skewers

Pan-fried turkey fillets

Meat dishes 500g turkey fillets 3 cloves garlic 2-3 tablespoons white wine salt and pepper 1 tablespoon butter

Turkey puddings with leeks

Meat dishes 500 g turkey fillets 1 white onion 1 carrot 1 piece leek 2 cloves garlic 50 ml white wine olive oil salt / pepper / turmeric fresh parsley

Grilled turkey meat roll

Thyme 1 turkey upper leg (

1-1.2 kg) 5-6 slices melted cheese (cheese) 20-30 g pressed ham 1/2 pickled red donut 3 tablespoons olive oil salt pepper thyme

Grilled turkey breast roll

Meat dishes 450-500 g turkey breast 6 thin slices of cheese (melted cheese) 1/2 sour donut (1 sour cucumber) 5-6 cloves garlic (granulated garlic) 3-4 tablespoons olive oil salt pepper thyme paprika (chicken / mushroom / vegetable concentrate) or whatever.

Grilled turkey breast with string beans

Meat dishes 500 gr turkey breast 500 gr bean pods or 2 cans of bean pods already boiled 1 onion 2 cloves garlic salt pepper lemon juice oil

Stuffed turkey neck

Turkey, Water 1 pipota turkey 1 liver turkey 1 onion 1/2 box mushrooms colored bell peppers 1 egg salt pepper 2 tablespoons oil.

Grilled natural turkey breast

Thyme, Walnut, Paprika 600 g turkey breast butter like a walnut 2 tablespoons olive oil salt pepper thyme paprika

Grilled veal steak

Grilled recipes 1 kg beef one sachet thyme salt

Rulada Serrano turkey

700 g turkey breast 150 g dried ham serrano 150 g sliced ​​cheese 100 g baby carrots salt flavored smoke chili cayenne pepper grilled spices kotany 1 green bell pepper green parsley


Grilled recipes red pork bell peppers and white peppers mushrooms sausages rose salt pepper.

Grilled trout

Fish dishes, Grilled recipes fresh Greek trout and salmon trout for brine: garlic thyme vegeta

Baked turkey meatballs

Meat dishes, Minced meat, Appetizers 1 kg Turkey meat 2 tablespoons flour 1/2 link fresh dill 1 clove garlic salt pepper 2 eggs 1 potato 1 onion oil for frying (optional)

Grilled mackerel

Grilled recipes 4 mackerel 1 leg larch spices for over 50 g of olive oil and salt

Grilled carp with garlic sauce

Grilled recipes 1 carp 2-3kg 500 ml white wine a lemon 3 tomatoes 6 cloves garlic salt and pepper

Turkey meatballs

Carrots, Turkey, Water 3 turkey wings turkey bones 1 head of garlic 2 carrots 1 medium celery 1 large onion 4 quail eggs 6-8 carrots baby green parsley salt pepper

Turkey stuffed with baked oranges

5-7kg turkey.3 kg oranges, garlic. Salt, pepper, white wine

Turkey breast snitel

Turkey Breast, Turkey Breast Turkey 2 Eggs Flour Corn Flakes Salt Pepper Oil

Grilled chicken legs with baked potatoes

Grilled recipes 4 chicken legs 2 red onions 1 bell pepper 4 large potatoes salt spices chicken grill

Turkey breast on the plate

1 clove garlic 2 slices of turkey breast salt pepper juice from a lemon oregano dry-optional

Turkey meatballs

Carrots, Water a turkey wing a turkey copanel 2 turkey necks 2 heads of garlic salt water 2 carrots an onion

Grilled meat cut

500g beef grilled oil salt,

Grilled cabbage with ribs and eggplant

Meals with vegetables and greens, Grilled recipes 1/2 cabbage medium size 1/2 kg. Raw pork ribs 2 pcs. eggplant 4-5 tomatoes peeled raw or from the jar, sunflower oil supco ground pepper, a little red paprika.

Grilled turkey meat

Thyme, Bay leaves, Mint 600 g minced turkey meat 1 cube / teaspoon concentrated poultry. Vegetables 2 teaspoons spice mix (garlic mustard seeds thyme coriander mint paprika hot and sweet pepper) or spices for steak 2 tablespoons olive oil olives 4-5.

Bird drob

1 chicken breast or half the bones from the turkey legs -bones that have pieces of meat on them bones from the turkey quarter-with meat on them 1gull turkey-vegetables for onion soup, carrot parsley root, celery root, parsley 1binding.

Toast With Grilled Vegetables And Cheese

Grilled recipes -1 small round eggplant -1 zucchini -4 cherry tomatoes -200 g fresh formaggella (cow's cheese) -4 slices of toasted bread - a few thyme threads - extra virgin olive oil - salt pepper.

Grilled turkey breast with apples and toast with egg

Meals, Meat dishes 500 g turkey breast, 200 g apples, half a lemon, 50 g butter, 100 g grated cheese, salt, ginger, pepper. toast with egg: 8 halves of bread slices, 2 beaten eggs, 0.1 l milk, salt, pepper and other spices to taste, 0.3 l oil.

Grilled salmon (grilled) with oranges

Fish dishes, Grilled recipes 3 pieces salmon for dressing: fresh juice from 1-2 oranges and a small lemon a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil 1 teaspoon chopped rosemary freshly ground black pepper and salt to taste a little butter to grill or grill

Grate pork steak

Christmas recipes, Grilled recipes 1 kg fresh pork one sachet pepper one sachet paprika pepper salt

Baked turkey

Garlic, Potato, Olive oil a large turkey mushrooms peppers of different colors and flavors cauliflower potatoes spices (thyme basil coarse salt pepper green red black rosemary uncooked) olive oil canned corn carrots garlic white wine

Grilled pork with red onions

Potato, Paprika a few slices of grilled pork 2 red onions 6 potatoes seasonings for grilled-salt paprika pepper.

Turkey breast roll

Turkey, Meat dishes, Meals 1 turkey breast 6-8 slices of bacon for stuffing: 1 onion 2 stalks celery 60 g butter croutons salt pepper thyme 1 apple

Grilled vegetable salad

Fasting recipes, Grilled recipes, Vegetarian recipes 5 mushrooms 2 zucchini 1 white onion 1 red onion 10 cherry tomatoes 1 bell pepper 5 tablespoons olive oil 3 tablespoons balsamic vinegar green parsley salt the proportion of ingredients can be changed as desired.

Potato grill and steak on disk

Grilled recipes 1 kg potatoes 2 kg lean pork (muscle) spices (salt pepper saffron leaves garlic) 500 g oil

Chicken breast marinated with grilled potatoes

Grilled recipes 2 pieces of large breast around 1 kg 1 kg potatoes juice from 2 oranges 1 hat garlic dry white wine sweet paprika 50 gr +50 gr olive oil salt pepper 1 teaspoon chicken spices

Grilled vegetables with liver

Grilled recipes 500 g liver 1 eggplant 1 zucchini 3-4 tomatoes 1 red bell pepper 1 green bell pepper 200 g mushrooms 2 red onions

Turkey entrails

300g turkey hearts 400g turkey liver 6 green onions 4 cloves green garlic a bunch of dill a bunch of parsley 5 eggs a drizzle for the wrapper salt pepper

Turkey meatball with carrot

Meals, Meat dishes, Christmas turkey cutlery: wings, legs, head, pipota, 2 carrots, 2 onions, 2 parsnip roots, salt, garlic, to taste

Broccoli turkey at CrockPot slowcooker

Broccoli, Spices 1.5 kg turkey broccoli spices olive oil

Grilled spicy seafood

Grilled recipes 500 gr washed and chopped octopus 1/2 teaspoon coarse salt 1/2 teaspoon chili 2 teaspoons crushed red pepper for vinegar: 2 tablespoons freshly chopped parsley 4 strands chopped green onions 1/2 chopped hot peppers 1-2 lemons juice 1 teaspoon.

Rotate with cheese

Crumb, Turkey 4 fillets (chicken turkey beef

a (edam, flamengo.) 4 slices of ham

am ^ aie optional salt pepper paprika or turmeric aromatic herbs: herbs provence ment

Turkey breast with baked potatoes

Potato 500 gr turkey breast 6 potatoes olive oil 1 glass white wine salt pepper oregano 2 cloves garlic

Baked turkey food

Meat dishes 1 casserole with turkey neck 1/2 kg potatoes 1 onion 2 carrots 2 tomatoes tomato paste parsley salt

Grilled turkey meat with sesame

Thyme, Bay leaves, Mint 600 g minced turkey meat 1 sachet sesame seeds 1 cube / teaspoon concentrated poultry. Vegetables 2 teaspoons spice mix (garlic mustard seeds thyme coriander mint paprika hot and sweet pepper) or spices for steak 1.

Grilled pork spleen (grater)

ex. 3 pieces. Pork spleen salt, to taste a little butter or oil to grill and pieces of spleen before being placed on the grill

Grilled vegetable platter

Foods with vegetables, Grilled recipes 1 large zucchini 2 eggplant 1 red pepper 1 cherry red pepper (you can also use mushrooms) & nbsp dressing: 1/2 teaspoon dried thyme 1/4 teaspoon dried basil 2 teaspoons olive oil 1 teaspoon vinegar balsamic 1 teaspoon salt water pepper

Turkey pulp in pepper crust and citrus juice

Thyme, Mac 1 turkey leg pulp about 50 g mosaic pepper ground pepper 5-6 cloves garlic thyme olive oil juice from a lemon juice from an orange salt

Packed turkey role

Meat dishes 350 g minced turkey meat 500 g champignon mushrooms 3 onions 1 carrot 8 pieces skin from chicken or turkey breast 6 slices melted cheese 8 slices pressed ham 1 sour donut 1 egg 20 ml oil 50 ml ketchup 2 teaspoons seeds de susan 3.

Rack of lamb

Ginger 4 pieces of lamb neck and 4 ribs (suitable pieces) a little ginger about 2-3 teaspoons of salt and a good grill. the ingredients are for 8 people

Grilled chicken with spicy Bulgarian sauce

2 grilled chicken legs for sauce 6 small tomatoes 2 tablespoons caster sugar 1 tablespoon white wine vinegar 1 teaspoon hot mustard & ndash to be more topped 1 kapia pepper (or red bell pepper) 1/4 teaspoon salt 1/2 teaspoon freshly ground pepper

Eggplant salad with tomatoes

You're going to wonder, rightly, & # 8220? what is so special about an eggplant salad to be presented on the blog? & # 8221. Indeed, we all know how to make eggplant salad, especially since, let's face it, it's very easy. And then why did I choose her for today? For several reasons. The first would be that I wanted to mark the entrance to the Lent of the Holy Sea. And how could I have done this better than with a delicious salad, which we should take advantage of as much as possible in the summer months ?! Then the second reason has to do with my intention to suggest some ways to serve the banana salad. Specifically, in tomatoes, cut in the same way as the face, or & # 8230 next to the tomato: P. Of course, there are other options, starting with the one used for tomatoes stuffed with meat (cut the lid, empty the inside with a teaspoon and, ready !, insert the filling).

Last but not least, I have the opportunity to talk a bit about how eggplant salads are on other meridians. In Greece and Cyprus, & # 8220melitzanosalata & # 8221 combines eggplant with olive oil and lemon juice, while in Turkey we find & # 8220patlican salads & # 8221, salad that differs from Greek #surata & # 8221 with garlic and sometimes through tahini (sesame paste) and pieces of tomatoes and green bell peppers. In the Levantine version, eggplant salad can be found under the name of Baba ghanoush (find the recipe HERE) or Mutabbal, and in the Sicilian interpretation we have a much richer Caponata. Eggplant salad variants are also found in Ethiopia, India, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

& # 8211 eggplant 4 pcs. (2.2 kg)
& # 8211 onion 1 pc. medium (65 g)
& # 8211 sunflower oil 100 ml
& # 8211 sare
& # 8211 tomatoes 4 pcs. (650 g)

Bake the eggplant on a plate, on the stove, or on the oven grill. You turn them, from time to time, and take them when they have penetrated, and the shell has become black and hard. Put them in a pot, cover them and let them cool a bit, so you can keep them in your hand and clean. Carefully remove the peel (leaving no bits) and the back. Drain the eggplant, either on a wooden chopper (tilt it by placing a spoon under it) or in a plastic strainer. As my eggplants had quite a lot of juice, I left them to drain all night (when they cooled completely, I put them, of course, in the fridge). Crush them with that special wooden satchel. Put them in a bowl, add a pinch of salt and start rubbing them, gradually adding the oil. I know some housewives put mayonnaise or a little powdered milk to whiten eggplant, but I preferred to keep the natural taste. After you have put all the oil, taste and season with salt. Put finely chopped onions only if you intend to serve the salad immediately (otherwise, it will harden from the onion).

Let's move on to decorating the tomatoes. For accordion tomatoes, you need a large, round tomato. Putting it upside down, with a very sharp knife, cut into slices about 0.5 cm thick. Be careful not to cut down! After making the cuts, fill the created slots with a teaspoon.

For basket tomatoes, you also need a large, but thicker tomato. Also with a very sharp knife, make two cuts in a semicircle, so that a & # 8220band & # 8221 about 1 cm thick remains on top. With the same knife and a teaspoon, remove the tomato core, then fill with eggplant salad.

Finally, for the third option, place the eggplant salad with a round shape, and the tomato comes next, & # 8220turnulet & # 8221. Basically, cut the tomato into equal slices in thickness, which you place slightly out of phase: P.

Mille-feuille or Napoleon & # 8211 classic version

It's not the first time When I talk about mille-feuille, the famous French dessert with crispy layers of puff pastry and cream, but I decided to return to this sweet delicacy because I realized that the classic version is missing from the blog. I mean, I tempted you with a modern adaptation, of Gordon Ramsay (Mille-feuille with white chocolate and strawberries), and with the laborious Woven Mille-feuille cake, but I just missed the classic cake version. Okay, okay, you'll say, but what are the major differences to justify a new post? Well, there are differences in quantities (I think many of you will want a clear recipe for the cake, not to do different calculations) and, last but not least, cream. If the braided mille-feuille cake had a diplomat cream, the classic version is with pastry cream (simple vanilla cream). The pastry cream that must have the right consistency, ie neither too fluid (so that it can be wetted and does not flow), nor too dense, so as not to leave the impression of a & # 8220dry & # 8221 cake.

A classic mille-feuille must have three layers of puff pastry and two layers of pastry cream, and sprinkle powdered sugar on top. The variants with whipped cream or jam instead of cream and with icing sugar (bicolor, as a rule) instead of & # 8220 banal & # 8221 powdered sugar are derived even newer. As later, salty versions of mille-feuille (with cheese and spinach, for example) also appeared. Regarding the sugar decoration, I opted for a fine layer of powdered sugar because a icing requires much more sugar (ie, much more calories). To be a little clearer, if you use, for example, 20 g of powdered sugar for powdering, for a glaze (simple or bicolor) you will need over 150 g of sugar.

As for the name, I also told you that mille-feuille means word-for-word & # 8220o thousand sheets & # 8221 and that it comes from the many layers of puff pastry. But I did not manage to tell you that another name under which the dessert is known, Napoleon, does not come from the famous emperor, but from the Italian city of Naples. And because I also mentioned Italy, you can find the puff pastry-pastry cream combination at & # 8220cannoncini & # 8221 (Puff pastry cones with vanilla cream).

Ingredients (for 6 servings):
& # 8211 puff pastry dough 1 sheet (400 g)
& # 8211 milk (3.5% fat) 300 ml
& # 8211 unsweetened cream for whipped cream 200 ml
& # 8211 yolks 4 pcs.
& # 8211 sugar cough 100 g
& # 8211 vanilla essence 1 ampoule (if you use extract, 1 teaspoon)
& # 8211 corn flour (cornstarch) 50 g
& # 8211 salt a teaspoon
& # 8211 old powder 20 g

Preheat the oven to 200 degrees Celsius. Spread the puff pastry in a sheet with a uniform thickness (about 4 mm thick). Using a rolling pin, place it in a tray lined with baking paper. Place another baking paper over the sheet and then the second tray from the stove (enter the first one and press the dough). In this way, prevent the puff pastry from swelling. Put in the hot oven and leave for 30-35 minutes, taking care to turn the tray halfway through, and at the end to check that the dough does not burn. The sheet must be crisp and coppery. Let it cool, straighten its edges and cut it in three (lengthwise).

For pastry cream: mix the milk with the liquid cream and heat them over a low heat. Beat the yolks with the salt and caster sugar until you get a yellow foam. Add vanilla essence and corn flour. Homogenize and pour, little by little, from the warm milk. When the mixture of eggs, flour and milk has reached a temperature close to that of milk, pour the composition over the milk in the pot. Also on low heat and stirring constantly with a fork, leave until it reaches boiling temperature. You should have a fine and homogeneous cream. Allow to cool, then mix again. Put half of the cream on one of the puff pastry pieces (either simply spread it or put it with the spirit to make it look better).

Place a second piece of puff pastry and then the rest of the cream. Before putting the third layer of puff pastry, cut it into 6 equal pieces (this will make it easier to slice the cake). You can serve the cake immediately, but it is even better if you keep it cold for at least 2 hours. Before cutting and serving, sprinkle with powdered sugar.

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Tunisian salad

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Lebanese lamb kefta seasoned with fresh mint, oregano and cinnamon, served with yogurt sauce, green cucumber and garlic

The fourth week of #slabestezece and the first stagnation

I think that anyone who starts a diet wants to lose weight linearly, constantly and as quickly as possible, if possible. I'm not an exception either, only that, unfortunately, our body doesn't know much about math and in any diet, weight loss is actually done in leaps and bounds. After 3 weeks in which I lost 67.5 to 61.9 kilograms, this week things did not go really well. Read below what you need to do in the weeks of stagnation in the diet to overcome them well.

In times of stagnation the first and perhaps most important thing is not to lose motivation to continue. It's very easy to climb on the scales and say & # 8222 ready, it doesn't work, I put my feet up and give up & # 8221, when, in fact, you have to wait a few days and understand what is actually happening to your body.

We have created a series of diets and personalized exercise programs that can help you. Enter the store and order the diet or program that suits you!

Stagnation periods require an evaluation of the diet and sports program. Did you eat what you need, when you need it, how much you need and did you do sports? reread the food diary and judge objectively & # 8211 most likely you will find there the cause of your stagnation. In my case, this week was a poor organization of meals and an excess of fatty and salty products, as I usually do. But I write about it a little below.

When you have a period of stagnation, especially if you are a woman, you must take into account the menstrual cycle. A week before menstruation, there is a slight water retention and weight gain, and in the months when you have mild menstrual disorders, there are usually problems with bloating, digestion and a slight weight gain.. You don't have much to do here, just be patient.

When you have a period of stagnation you need to change something in your diet, but try not to reduce calories immediately. Once your caloric intake is low, it is very difficult to get back to it without gaining weight. But make dietary changes: juggle protein, carbohydrates and lipids before reducing calories.

When you have a period of stagnation, change the exercise program: if you have not done sports so far, it is the perfect time to start doing it. If you have done mostly cardio workouts, go to strength training sessions and vice versa. You don't have to train harder or harder, just differently.

When you have a period of stagnation, evaluate your water and salt intake. Most likely you will find that during that period you did not hydrate properly and ate saltier.

So, here is my menu for this week, in which I also stagnated. It is also true that I did not do sports (for medical reasons, I had surgery 2 weeks ago and I was not allowed to exercise) and, looking at my diet diary, the food was not even moderate, to be gentle and say that I ate almost anything that went through my head, without restrictions. Sugar, saturated fats, alcohol and too much salt. Don't be like me :))

  • a pepper, a slice of cow's milk, a stick
  • a baked turkey hammer with sauteed broccoli
  • turkey leg with carrot and celery in the oven, baked pepper salad and a glass of white wine
  • o para mare

  • a protein bar with 20 g of protein and 15 g of sugar
  • grilled turkey breast with white cabbage salad
  • 2 pieces of chocolate
  • a piece of cheese, a piece of baked veal with Mexican vegetable mix au gratin with parmesan, a glass of white wine

I have created a series of articles about #slabestezece that I invite you to read to follow the weekly evolution of what I have done:

For a consistent weight loss you should have a lifestyle that takes into account adapted diets in the medium and long term. The body constantly needs a healthy diet to take advantage of a constant weight loss.
#slabestezece is a menu that I follow to achieve my goal of losing 10 kilograms by winter.

Grilled halloumi cheese

Another Greek-inspired recipe. Halloumi It is a stronger cheese variety, originally from Cyprus, but also popular in other countries around the Mediterranean Sea. This cheese has a higher melting point, which allows it to be cooked on the grill or in a pan. It is found in hypermarkets, in the cheese district, under the name of "halloumi" or "grilled cheese". It is usually rectangular or round, in packs of 2 slices each. It cooks very quickly and can be an alternative to meat, due to its protein and fat content. In Greece it was served as an appetizer, but it goes very well as a lighter lunch or dinner.

Grease a grill pan with coconut oil and heat over medium heat to high. Fry the slice of halloumi cheese, about 1-2 minutes on each side, until browned.

Serve immediately with a salad of vegetables or any vegetable garnish.

Tips for cooking eggplant

One of the most popular autumn vegetables is eggplant.
Low in calories but high in fiber, it can be easily cooked.

To make sure, however, that the food will be delicious, keep a few things in mind:

Good to know
- eggplant skin it is edible, but because it is slightly bitter, some recipes tell us that it is good to remove it
- once cut, the pulp of the vegetable will darken due to contact with air. Prevent this by either sprinkling it with lemon juice or putting it in salted water.
- to reduce the absorption of eggplants, boil the slices for 1-2 minutes, then dry them on absorbent kitchen towels

- Eggplant is put in soups and food in the last 10 minutes, so as not to overcook them
- The pulp is like a sponge, so it is very likely to absorb oil. To avoid this, add the eggplant through a mixture of flour, beaten egg and bread crumbs, put it in the fridge for half an hour, and then fry it.

- to remove excess water, you can put the eggplant slices in the microwave, 4-6 minutes at high temperature, then remove them, cover and set aside for 2 minutes. Before putting them in the food, dry them with absorbent kitchen towels
- another option to get rid of bitter taste, and the excess water, is to sprinkle a lot of salt on the eggplant and leave them aside

- to salt the eggplants, clean them, slice them or cut them into cubes and sprinkle with plenty of salt. Set them aside for about an hour in a strainer. Then rinse them well to remove the salty taste, squeeze them in your fist to remove the rest of the water from them and dry them with absorbent kitchen towels.
- do not use aluminum containers when you cook eggplants, so that they do not lose their color.

How to cook eggplant
Eggplants can be: steamed, fried, baked, sauteed, cooked, microwaveed, etc.

Grilled eggplant
Put the eggplant in a skewer stick and bake it whole, uncleaned, directly above the heat source, until the skin turns black and the flesh softens. In about 15-20 minutes it's ready.
If you are trying to make them in the gas stove oven, cover the tray with foil before putting the eggplant on the grill. You can also peel, slice and drain the water.
If you want to put sliced ​​eggplants on the grill, sprinkle them with a little oil.

Baked eggplant
Put the whole eggplant in the oven, without cleaning it, but prick it here and there and bake it at 180 degrees Celsius, for about an hour. After that you can clean it and drain it of excess water.

Fried eggplant
Make sure the oil is very hot. It is also good not to fill the pan. Otherwise, the eggplant will not fry. When they are evenly browned, you can take them off the heat.

Sauteed eggplant
They are ready in about 7-10 minutes, that is, after they have softened and turned a golden color.

Roasted peppers stuffed with feta

Do you remember? Last year I dreamed on a balcony in Thessaloniki that I was invited to dinner at a giouvarlakia. It is said that dreams come true. After almost a year I attended a dinner with a Greek family in Karavados (Kefalonia). 5 hours with Vassiliki and her husband. We prepared together - eggplant in tomato sauce (a version similar to this, but more spicy), these peppers stuffed with feta, giouvarlakia (I told you! Dream, dream, dream!) And a cake with dried fruit.

Kefalonia is an island that produces a lot. An amazingly good olive oil (Panochori), drained yogurt (called Greek in our country), good wine (the first place in Greece where I liked the local wine, especially Gentilini winery with its Robola and Red, a light red wine which is served cold, imagine), honey, balsamic vinegar, oregano, oranges. I also make a feta cheese matured in extraordinarily good barrels. It is a slightly hot girl, it brings a little speed with our kneaded sheep cheese. I filled the peppers with this cheese. Then Vassiliki's husband fried them in an amazing amount of oil and served them hot.

At home I could not bear to fry peppers in oil. I had already prepared the vegetable garden and fresh beans with tomato coulis and I wasn't going to soak this menu with the smell of hot oil. So I filled the peppers with a mixture of sheep's milk and a little kneaded sheep's cheese and then baked them in the grill pan.

Pui grill

Pui grill recipes: how to cook chicken grill and the tastiest recipes for grilled chicken, grilled chicken, chicken food, chicken soup, Chinese chicken, crispy chicken, chicken soup, stuffed chicken, jalfrezi chicken, Indian chicken.

Put on the bottle

Grilled chicken, spices for chicken a 1/2 l bottle, oil.

Roast chicken

Thyme, Coriander, Chicken 1 chicken grill spices for chicken thyme coriander paprika sweet and spicy salt and pepper to taste

Put the salt in the oven

1 grilled chicken of 1.5 kg 300 g coarse salt

Put on the bottle

Food, Steaks - a whole chicken (grilled chicken) - spices for chicken (I use from fuchs) - spices: nutmeg, thyme, pepper - a jar - a pan - vegetables (or anything else you want for the garnish, I chose vegetables Mexican)

Grilled chicken legs, made on the grill

Garlic, Rum, Chilli 4 chicken legs 100 ml wine 3 tablespoons oil mixture chicken spices fuchs garlic pepper chilli flavored salt

Put on the bottle

White wine, Chicken, Wine 1 grilled chicken 1/2 packet fuchs chicken spices 5 cloves garlic 500 ml white wine a bay leaf an empty 0.5 l bottle

Grilled chicken legs with baked potatoes

Retete la gratar 4 pulpe pui 2 cepe rosii 1 ardei gras 4 cartofi mari sare condimente grill pui

Legume la grill cu piept de pui

Mancaruri cu carne 4 piepturi de pui 500g. ciuperci de cultura 1 vanata mare 1 dovlecel verde 1 leg. patrunjel verde 2 catei usturoi 3-4 linguri ulei de masline oregano piper si sare

Meniu Din Carne Pe Grill (pentru 2 Persoane)

Cartof, Piept de pui, Varza 1 piept de pui 2 felii muschi de vitel 2 felii muschi de porc cartofi 1/2 varza alba 3 rosi sare piper, de masline,salata verde si ptrunjel pentru ornat.

Piept de pui la grill cu branzeturi

Mancaruri cu carne 1/2 piept de pui dezosat 1 felie cascaval 1 felie mozzarella 1 lingura parmezan ras sare piper boia de ardei dulce busuioc uscat 2 linguri ulei

Pulpe de pui pe pat de legume la cuptor

Ardei, Ardei rosu, Boia 4 pulpe intregi de pui 2 cepe rosii 4 catei de usturoi un ardei rosu un ardei alb un pahar de vin de casa condimente-grill pentru pui piper boia si sare 3-4 linguri de ulei

Pulpe de pui la grill cu cartofi cpti.

Pulpe de pui, Pui, Garnitura 8 pulpe de pui condimente dupa gust(sare,piper,usturoi,cimbru,boia dulce sau picanta) garnitura: 5 cartofi mai mari rosii 200g telemea de capra 1 lingurita unt 2-3 linguri iaurt sau smantana sare si piper dupa gust

Pui Jakob

Mancaruri cu carne 1 pui grill sau prajit 150 gr. bacon margarina sau unt pentru prajit 200 gr. ciuperci 250 ml. smantana 50 ml. chili sos sau ketchup 18 gr. faina 35 gr. alune

Pui in lapte

Mancaruri cu carne 1 pui grill intreg 1/2 pachet unt(125 g) 2-3 linguri ulei de masline 1 lingurita rasa cu scortisoara 1 mana buna de frunze proaspete de salvie coaja rasa de la 2 lamai 10 catei de usturoi 500 ml lapte sare piper

Friptura de pui marinata la grill

Cuisoare, Vin ex. 3 ciocanele si 3 aripioare de pui pentru marinata: 3 catei de usturoi 2-3 felii de ceapa sare, dupa gust 3-4 cuisoare un varf de lingurita miere de albine 150 ml vin la garnitura am copt 3 cartofi.

Pui Knorrocos

Pui -un pui grill - 1 cartof dulce (folosit de americani pentru piure la masa de thanksgiving alaturi de curcan) - 10 castane comestibile - 1 borcanel mic de cirese de cocktail fara samburi - 5 linguri de ulei de masline extravirgin presat la rece - 2.

Salata cu pui la grill si crutoane

Salate, Salate din carne de pasare o felie de paine o bucata de piept de pui piper proaspat macinat dressingul pentru salata: 1 pahar iaurt piper proaspat macinat sare o lingura de ulei de masline extravirgin

Frigarui cu branza grill

Mancaruri cu legume si zarzavaturi, Retete la gratar, Retete vegetariene 200 gr branza grill (eu am folosit akadia) sucul de la o jumatate de lamaie 1/2 lingurita chimen macinat 30 gr faina de naut 1/2 lingurita boia 100 ml smantana dulce 2 catei de usturoi pisati 1/2 ardei iute rosu uscat,1 ardei gras 1 dovlecel 20 gr.

Scrumbie la grill (gratar)

Mancaruri cu peste ex.2 scrumbii sare, o lamaie

Saramura de pui

Apa ex. un pui grill pentru saramura: 2 capatani usturoi 5-6 rosii proaspete,congelate 1-2 buc ardei gras,capia sau gogosar proaspat sau congelat ardei iute dupa gust sare,piper,cimbru dupa gust marar,patrunjel dupa gust 1-2 linguri ulei pentru gust.


Mancaruri cu carne, Mancaruri cu legume si zarzavaturi - cascaval - ciuperci - ceapa rosie sau alba - masline negre fara sambure - 1-2 rosii - salata verde - piept de pui grill - 4 clatite doar cu sare nu dulci (2 oua sare apa minerala faina). - ulei

Salata Caesar

Salate ingrediente: 1 salata mare 4 felii de paine alba 500 g piept de pui facut la grill 50 g parmigiano regiano dessing: 1/2 catel de usturoi (facultativ) + 1/2 lamaie 1 lingurita de mustar 2 oua 1 lingurita de otet de miere ulei extra virgin de.

Frigarui cu sos Tzatziki

Mancaruri, Friganele ingrediente pentru frigarui: - 1 piept pui - condimente pentru grill - ardei rosu - ceapa ingrediente pentru sosul tzatziki: - 1 iaurt mare - 2-3 linguri de smantana - 1 castravete mai mic - 2 catei de usturoi - zeama de lamaie - marar - sare, piper

Hamsii la grill

Mancaruri cu peste -1 kg de hamsie -sare -piper -usturoi granulat -bete pentru frigarui

Salata Caesar

Salate, Salate din carne de pasare 1 salata mare, 4 felii de paine alba 500 g piept de pui facut la grill 50 g parmigiano regiano 1/2 catel de usturoi (facultativ) + 1/2 lamaie 1 lingurita de mustar 2 oua 1 lingurita de otet de miere ulei extra virgin de masline sare si piper

Mititei pe grill-gaz

Mancaruri cu carne mititei slanina carnat costite tot ce doriti sa praparati

Pulpa si ficat de miel la grill (gratar) pentru Inaltarea Domnului

ingrediente: am folosit o pulpa de miel si 500 g ficat de miel, 3 catei de usturoi pentru impanat pulpa de miel inainte de a fi fripta la grill sau la gratar pentru marinata : 300 g vin alb,doua linguri de unt topit,4 cuisoare,3catei de usturoi ,2.

Frigarui cu sos Tzatziki

Mancaruri cu carne, Mancaruri cu legume si zarzavaturi, Retete la gratar ingrediente pentru frigarui: -1 piept pui -condimente pentru grill -ardei rosu -ceapa ingrediente pentru sosul tzatziki: -1 iaurt mare danone cremoso -2-3 linguri de smantana -1 castravete mai mic -2 catei de usturoi -zeama de lamaie -marar -sare.

Rosii umplute, ciuperci de padure pane si aripioare grill

6 oua 6 rosii de gradina 6 oua ulei 100 gr de cascaval 70 branza de oaie 400 gr de ciuperci de padure albi(bureti iuti) 150 ml lapte 100 gr de faina alba 6-7 aripioare de pui sare piper, pt gril,praf de usturoi

Somon grill

Mancaruri cu peste medalion de somon (in functie de numarul de portii) sare, ulei masline lamaie

Creveti la grill

Usturoi, Usturoi 1 kg. de creveti pt.sos: usturoi unt l

atrunjel sau coriandru proasp

Friptura de porc la grill

Cimbru -1 kg pulpa de porc -sare -piper -cimbru -usturoi granulat.

Pui la cuptor umplut cu prune uscate si migdale

Fripturi, Mancaruri cu carne o250 gr prune uscate tocate mare o150 ml vin rosu o2 linguri ulei de masline o1 ceapa mare curatata si toccata o1 morcov mijlociu curatat sir as mare o3 catei de usturoi curatatisi zdrobiti o350 gr ciuperci sterse si tocate o100 gr migdale oparite.

Macrou la grill

Mancaruri cu peste este un peste distribuit aproape pe tot globul in zonele tropicale si subtropicale. uneori ajunge si in marea neagra. macroul este un peste ce traieste in bancuri mari ziua sta in apropierea fundului marii iar noaptea urca spre suprafata. se.

Ficat de porc pe grill

Mancaruri cu carne 1/2 kg ficat de porc 3 linguri ulei de masline 2 linguri vin alb piper, catei de usturoi pisat

Galina mia

Usturoi, Arpagic, Usturoi - o gainusa (sau un pui grill daca nu gasiti gaina insa gainusa englezeasca cornish e mai buna pentru reteta mea se fragezeste mai bine are o culoare mai rosiatica si pielea mai putin grasa am vazut in retetele frumosului jamie oliver) - 1 cartof.

Toast cu ciuperci la grill si somon fume

Somon câteva felii de pâine toast ciuperci champignon cascaval emmentaler somon fume frunze de busuioc sare roz

Splina de porc la grill (gratar)

ex. 3 buc.splina de porc sare, dupa gust putin unt sau ulei pentru uns gratarul si bucatile de splina inainte de a fi asezate pe gratar

Scarita cu cartofi natur

Mancaruri cu carne 600 g scarita de porc 200 ml vin rosu 150 g rosii cherry 1 ceapa 2 foi de dafin 1 lgt condiment grill sare 1 kg cartofi 20 g unt cateva fire de marar


Mancaruri cu carne 2 kg carne (1.6 kg fleica+ 250 g slanina) 3-4 cepe (rosii de apa) 1 cescuta orez 1/2 paine alba (muiata si stoarsa) 2-3 verze (aprox.5-6 kg) 2 lg sare 1 lg piper 2 lg boia dulce 1 lg boia iute 2 lg condiment grill cimbru. 3-4 c^arnati slaninuta.

Macrou in folie la cuptor sau grill

Mancaruri, Mancaruri cu peste, Peste 2 kg macrou, 8 catei usturoi, 2 cepe rosii, suc de rosii sau ketchup, sare, piper, vegeta sau alte condimente, dupa gust ulei, unt sau margarina, foi de dafin, lamaie

File de Pangasius pe grill cu amestec de legume

Mancaruri cu peste 2 fileuri de pangasius 1 punga de amestec de legume ulei de masline cimbru 20 ml de vin alb boia iute pt dessign: salata verde ceapa rosie si o maslina verde

Somon pe grill cu dressing de portocale

Mancaruri, Mancaruri cu peste, Peste 60ml suc proaspat de portocale 50ml otet balsamic 1lg ulei de masline extravirgin 2 caciulii usturoi maruntite 1lg rozmarin maruntit 1 varf de sare piper dupa gust (negru, proaspat macinat) 4 buc somon

Sea Bass la grill cu legume

Mancaruri cu peste pt.2-3 persoane: 1 sea bass de aprox.1 kg.sau oricare alt peste v

a 5-6 cartofi albi fasole verde morcovi p

atrunjel sau coriandru proasp

at tocat pt. sosul de unt: usturoi tocat unt l

Frigarui de fudulii de curcan la grill (gratar)

1 kg fudulii curcan 4-5 rosii sau rosii cherry ardei gras ,capia,gogosar ce aveti la indemana (eu am folosit 2 ardei capia rosu si 3 ardei gras galben 2-3 cepe sare,piper,cimbru dupa gust betisoare pentru frigarui

Mix Grill de vara

Mancaruri, Mancaruri cu carne ingrediente (4 portii) 100 g dovlecei 60 g ardei gras mix 60 g vinete 80 g bacon (crud-uscat) 60 g ciuperci mari 400 g rosii 80 g telemea de oaie 8 g usturoi 400 g creveti dimensiune mare 100 g muschiulet de porc taiat cuburi 12 g ulei de masline

Pastrav la grill, cartofi cu pesto si sos de lamaie cu usturoi

Mancaruri cu peste, Retete la gratar 2 pastravi medii 2 fire rozmarin 2 rosii 2 catei mici de usturoi sare piper 4 cartofi 1 lingurita sos pesto 1 lamaie mica 2 catei usturoi 1 lingura ulei masline 4 linguri apa patrunjel

Pui pe sticla

Pui 1 pui potrivit, 1 plic condimente pentru pui.

Somon la grill (gratar) cu portocale

Mancaruri cu peste, Retete la gratar 3 buc somon pentru dressing : sucul proaspat de la 1-2 portocale si de la o lamaie mica o lingura ulei de masline extravirgin 1lingurita rozmarin maruntit piper negru proaspat macinat si sare dupa gust putin unt pentru uns grillul sau gratarul

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