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Pat’s & Mike’s: Good Burgers and Pizza in Dallas

Pat’s & Mike’s: Good Burgers and Pizza in Dallas

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Got a craving for a burger, pizza, or chicken tenders in North Dallas? Pat’s & Mike’s may be just the therapy.

Pat’s & Mike’s burger drizzles with fat from the never-frozen Angus chuck and short rib blend in the patty as you chew it down. It is a serious piece of construction on the plate with its fulsome poppy seed brioche bun and accoutrements of tomato and lettuce. Eating requires not just a mouth, but also a strategy. We found cutting it into quarters was the approach most likely to yield a delicious helping.

If you are in with a large group to watch the game on one of the many large-screen TVs then consider a basket of cheese fries ($4.50 to $8.50). Aged Cheddar is melted over Idaho potato fries cut large enough to give them a body, yet thin enough to still down them up by the handful. Toppings of bacon bits, scallions, and jalapeños really finish them out.

Pat’s & Mike’s takes their pizza as seriously as their burgers. The thin crust is baked on a stone hearth melting the blend of five cheeses around the toppings that you choose à la carte. The pineapple chunks were succulently sweet and are recommended with the house meatball and pepperoni (crust $10. three toppings $4, four toppings $5).

Not happy with any of that? Salads, chicken tenders, brisket chili, and sandwiches round out the menu, making it easy to satisfy various tastes. Gluten-free bread and veggie patties are also available.

You can wash all the food down with a cold beer or a seriously good margarita from the fully-stocked bar (happy hour happens daily too).

The Pat’s & Mike’s concept is easy to like. Perhaps because it is the product of the experienced father-and-son team of Pat and Mike Snuffer, with cousin Steve Cole, who started a long-standing Dallas burger chain Snuffer’s in 1978. That concept is now under separate ownership.


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