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Zebra check (from egg whites)

Zebra check (from egg whites)

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Beat the egg whites (at room temperature) with a pinch of salt, when they start to froth, gradually add the sugar until you get a dense and shiny foam. Add the oil and mix well.

Mix the flour with the baking powder and sift over the egg white foam. Incorporate with a wooden spoon, stirring. Divide the composition into two equal parts and in one of them add the cocoa and mix.

A round tray (with removable walls) is greased with butter and lined with baking paper. In the center of the base is placed a spoon of black composition, then a white one and so on. From time to time the tray is shaken to one side and the other to "arrange" the composition.

Place the tray in the preheated oven for 35-40 minutes or until it passes the toothpick test.


In a saucepan put the broken chocolate pieces, milk, butter and cocoa and put on the fire. Mix with a spatula until the composition is homogeneous.

The icing is evenly distributed over the cake still in the tray. Put the tray in the fridge until the icing hardens a little, then take it out of the mold and place it on a plate.

Chec Zebra

Zebra check is a cake easy to prepare and also very spectacular. It is a dessert, but it goes very well with a snack with a cup of milk. I recommend you try it, children will definitely love it. We recommend that you browse the recipes Surprise check, Egg white check, Red wine check, Check with yogurt and chocolate, Blueberry cake and mascarpone glaze, Check with marzipan and lemon& # 8230, you can still find a recipe you like.

Chec Zebra ingredient

4 eggs
300 faina
250 g sugar
250 ml of milk
250 ml oil
2 tablespoons cocoa
1 sachet of vanilla sugar
½ envelope baking powder
chocolate for garnish

Prepare Zebra Check
Mix eggs with sugar until frothy. Pour the oil into this thin layer and continue mixing with the mixer. We also add the milk in a thin line. In the flour add the baking powder and vanilla sugar. Gradually add to the above composition until incorporated. The resulting composition is divided into 2 equal parts. In one part we put 2 tablespoons of cocoa.
We use a detachable round shape with a diameter of 24 cm that we previously lined with baking paper. In the middle of the form we put 3 tablespoons of the white composition, and in the middle of the white composition we will put 3 tablespoons of the brown composition, and 3 tablespoons of white composition in the brown one & # 8230. See the image below:

We continue alternating compositions until we exhaust them. Put the form in the preheated oven to bake until the toothpick sample.

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341 reviews on Chec & # 8211 the easiest recipe

The recipe may be German, but you explained it very clearly and beautifully (the pictures are very useful). I made it with brown sugar. The cake came out very good the third time! Because I said I know and I didn't follow the instructions: rub the butter with the sugar first, add eggs one at a time, etc. I prepared the composition for a smaller tray and it baked in about 35-40 minutes.
So very good! Thank you!

I kept it in the oven for 1 hour and 20 minutes and it still doesn't pass the toothpick test. What to do? Thank you.

Cover it with a damp sheet of baking paper and hold it longer. :)

I managed the recipe, it must be covered and baked and then let it penetrate over low heat, the volume has doubled, pay attention to the tray used, maybe two smaller ones would be ok. If it is well cooked, it will not leave. I would put a photo but it can't be attached here to the message.

I have 2 small problems & # 8211 I want to know if in this recipe & # 8211 and not only in this recipe & # 8211 can butter be replaced with margarine?

Problem 2: I want to prepare this cake for diabetics & # 8211 what solution is for sugar replacement, considering that I can't find a liquid sweetener, and the powder is not suitable for cooking.

Yes, butter can be replaced with margarine, but I don't recommend doing it. Butter is a natural product, margarine is a hydrogenated oil, obtained by industrial processing. There is no question that you get a fasting preparation, because the recipe also has milk and eggs. In addition, butter is more recommended for diabetics than margarine, I myself am diabetic and my doctor recommended 15 grams of butter / day, no margarine. As a sweetener, I recommend agave syrup.

I made this cake twice. It didn't work out for the first time. I assumed that I understood the recipe and I was not careful: I put all the eggs at once, I put more milk than it was written, I put it in an unsuitable tray (ceramic, high and round), I left it too little and I didn't put him to one side. So a multitude of factors have led to failure.
Today I repeated the recipe carefully and guess what. Managed! People tend to look for culprits outside, never in their own backyard. If we were more attentive to the attitude and behavior we displayed, the world would become better. Plus, to criticize the recipe of a man with so much experience & # 8230

If I use a metal guguluf shape, does the cake still have to sit on one side? Can I use a silicone mold for the guguluf and let the cake cool on a grill?

I think it's very good if you leave the cake to cool on a grill and at the same time, it's very good to bake it in the shape of a guguluf, it will help a lot to penetrate better.

Well, even I managed this recipe, although I have never made a cake in my life! I think that the one that doesn't work out gets too complicated!

Hello Mrs. Laura,
Can you tell me if this cake could be used as a cake top?

yes, of course, make sure that the baking time will be considerably reduced if you bake it in a larger tray (and in a thinner layer). Basically, when the toothpick test is ready, it's good to start checking in about 25 minutes.

I made exactly as in the recipe, excellent. Now I only make it with vanilla and I put the oreo biscuit pieces. I hope the improvisation is good too.☺

Wonderful recipe! A delicious and good-looking cake came out!

My God! It's the best cake I've eaten in my life! Thank you very much for the recipe.

Good, good, very good. I came out excellent, following the recipe step by step. I took him to the clinic to my colleagues, to give them a sweet pleasure. He disappeared in 3 seconds. Congratulations and thanks Laura from all those who managed to taste it.

I am very glad that you succeeded, Mihaela. I'm also glad you were successful with him, good luck to you all!

I tried this recipe and it didn't work out, although I respected the quantities and the preparation method. Too bad for the time wasted and ingredients. The best version of the cake is the one with the beaten egg whites.

I followed the recipe and I succeeded. Everything I try comes out !!
P.S. Don't mind the malicious comments & # 8230. You are wonderful!

Thanks, Adina :). I am glad that the percentage of successes increases in this recipe as well, to be good for you!

Mrs. Laura, this cake is wonderful, as usually the recipes I make on your site are delicious.

Dana, I'm very happy, especially since this cake seems to be a kind of touchstone, I think it's the recipe with the highest percentage of failure since I published on the blog. I am still amazed why some succeed and others do not, as if they do not read the same recipe. Once again, I'm very happy, congratulations and good luck!

I didn't go out, because it's a rooster and I don't know why, it's a shame about the time and the ingredients consumed in vain, and I tell you once again the flour is not the right amount that you put in the recipe is more! I am very disappointed!

I'm sorry you didn't come out. Question: If you try a recipe from a cookbook or a magazine and it doesn't work out, how do you do it, do you write them a letter in which you express your disappointment? As you can easily see, in the case of this recipe the success rate is not 100%. Some have succeeded, some have not. The last success was registered by Olguta, who also published the recipe on her blog: You can consult her and see how it turned out for her. Instead of telling me in a reproachful tone that it is not the right amount of flour in the recipe (although others have succeeded with exactly that amount, as you can see) you could have wondered why others did it. successful. Why others are not disappointed and for them the quantities were right.

It's not good how much flour 500 g says in the recipe is more than that. . I'm waiting to see what comes out

Do you think there should have been enough flour? 600 grams, 800 grams, 1 kilogram?

[& # 8230] (I still do) blog regularly, trying many of her recipes over time. This cake and the dough is two recipes that I have remade again and again since then and until today, always [& # 8230]

I also made the cake according to this recipe, it came out very good and fluffy, only I had to bake it for a long time, until the toothpick came out clean, and I forgot to add salt. you didn't specify salt either and I forgot :( and it really feels missing & # 8230 And, my opinion is that it would be much better for my health if I made cakes without baking powder, possibly with beaten egg whites :)

Your site is sensational. I don't get involved with the kitchen at all, since I discovered the site, I don't go out of the kitchen anymore!

I didn't like it, I tasted it, it only tastes like flour. I'm sorry but it's not good for me

Very tasty AND easy to make. I used a little composition to fill muffin tins. Thanks for the recipe.

I don't know what I'm doing wrong because since I have an electric oven, I haven't grown anything. I've respected it exactly.
I don't know how to set this oven. It lasted about 80 minutes, the last 20 with the sheet you were talking about on a lower heat. Heat up + down.
What do you use.

In the electric oven, the heat must be left only down, for me this solution works great. At first I put it up + down and it was always a disaster. reteta e super! Thanks a lot!

They brought tears to my eyes when I read the beginning of the post, it was a hard time, sometimes I envy a little the children born in the new generation :)

dear laura
I followed the recipe exactly and although the cake is super tasty, the top came off
I made another one and the same thing happened
which may be the cause. thank you

I admire you very much. It is said that I am also a good cook, I cook and bake with great pleasure. I would like some advice from you. In connection with this cake recipe, I also inherited it from my mother, I have gas at home in Romania and for a lifetime I managed it without any problems, but now I work in Austria and where I live I have an old style electric oven, so only with I, II, III, without temperature indications. ALL the recipes work exceptionally well for me. that something like this has never happened to me & # 8230. MAYBE you could help me with some advice.

thank you, it turned out very good. We really didn't think we would get a successful and simple recipe.

The cake is good, I made it tonight, it's an easy recipe but the taste is a little different from the traditional cake I knew, hence the fact that it is a German recipe, worth a try. Thanks Laura!

it looks great and it is definitely delicious & # 8230 I will do 2 such wonders on Saturday and I will take them to the sea & # 8230: D

it looks great, I'm trying now.

thanks, i will try to do it today, it looks great *****

I came out very good! thank you

a really easy but delicious recipe

even though it is easy to make, I will try to make it myself, thanks for the recipe


very easy & # 8230.and comes out very good :)

I would like to do the same.

I made this cake last night (I tried the electric oven provided in advance brought by Santa Claus) to see if it works. I followed the steps described by you, dear Laura, and I got a tasty cake that is not inaccurate. Thank you I hug you and I wish you happy holidays and health.
P.S. Now the cozonacs are looking forward to baking, hoping that they will come out just as well. :)

I am anti-talent in preparing sweets, BUT the recipe worked for me. Thank you, now my children and my husband are enjoying it. Have a good year and good health. AND RECIPES AND FOR US THOSE WITH LEFT HANDS hahahahhh

adina..sincerely I think it's too high a temperature for a dough like the those degrees bake the cake sheets or the croissants not the dough that needs more time in the oven & # 8230.well at 180g and leave it for another hour ..he took it out black :)))

I also have a question, when I take it out of the oven, do I put it on a grater as it is in shape or do I take it out of shape? as in the picture it is in shape and is not lying on its side

Now I took it out of the oven, I chose your recipe conquered by the fact that it contains butter, really delicious and easy to make! Thank you!

ee ff good ..mother took the recipe and made it and it came out ff good. *: *: *: *: *: *: *

Just 5 minutes ago I took out of the oven the delicious German cake. It is extraordinarily tasty, a pleasure to serve your loved ones and to see how excited they are to achieve. Thanks for the recipe

Thank you, it is simply delicious.

this recipe is very tasty, I have made it many times, light and delicious :)

I made this cake a few times, it's ffffff good, but today I tried to make muffins from this composition. they turned out wonderful. thanks for the recipes

good all I tried

It is very good and really easy to make, but using exactly the quantities from the recipe it seems to me that it didn't turn out very sweet and that it was made with less flour.

Thank you so much for this recipe! It's the most successful cake I've ever made (and seen) in my life! It's so fluffy and tasty & # 8230 for 10 minutes I admire it and I can't believe I made it so easy. Thank you again!!

I am very happy, Anca, to hear such good news. Good luck! :)

I don't think I looked for the easy cake recipe, and I came across your post :)) great, I do, because I didn't get it! :): *

Hi Laura
Congratulations for all the recipes, I prepared a lot and I liked them. I want to ask if this cake recipe would come out as fluffy with margarine or do I have to put butter? THX.

Probably margarine will not influence the texture of the cake, maybe only the taste will suffer. :)

Thank you for the recipes, I am very confident if you follow the steps described in detail, go safe, with your eyes closed! Even if you have only made boiled eggs in your life! Thanks to you, the kitchen has reached the rank of art!
I wanted to know if you can make a cake top from this cake and you can add coarsely ground walnuts and cherries? etc, well, it's a fad of Italian educators, so I have to comply, and I want to make a cake # dry & # 8221 but richer in content to replace the cream. Thank you! And, can it be syruped a little to enrich the taste and what kind of syrup would it work? Rum or with the juice from the sweet cherries diluted a little in water?
Thank you again in advance! Eviana

Eviana, first of all I want to thank you for the beautiful words and wish the little one a happy birthday, to be healthy and to enjoy her!
For the cake, I would rather recommend this cake: It is better suited as a cake top than this one. You can add nuts, candied fruit, whatever you want. If you want to syrup, do it more sparingly and with a very simple syrup, boiled water with sugar and a little lemon peel, without rum or other artificial flavors.

Saru-mana response, especially his speed, I really needed it! Tonight I stay and & # 8222think & # 8221 until late for the sweets. And thank you for the wishes, and for you to live for us too, because if it weren't for you I wouldn't be making the Easter cake & # the world! Especially so fluffy, and for the first time in my life, that my mother also crossed herself, not to mention so many wonderful recipes tried and ALL successful! As for the catastrophe in the kitchen, I was amazed and how well I manage! May God give you health!

Don't be critical and selfish, be good and try to think about what you did wrong. With so much wickedness and envy, the earth sinks.

The Spaniards also make cakes in the microwave, but as it is well known, not all microwaves correspond.

From Spain. It's the first time I go to the recipe page. I read some recipes but also the comments and I am surprised by what I read. Everyone needs to know their oven, how well it bakes how old it is but I have a tip: Any cake would be a recipe if it is too baked on the outside and is still hard means that you have to lower the oven temperature and put something on top of the cake that will slow down the baking on the outside and so it bakes on the inside as well.

I also have a question, can I put oil instead of butter? I wish I could do it fast now but I don't have butter. And can I add nuts?

Without discussion you can add nuts, raisins or anything else you want. As for the oil, I never tried it. Maybe it works & # 8230 about 150 ml. Try it like this.

By far the best cake I've ever made.
Super recipe!

easy to make & # 8230..and very tasty

thanks for the recipe. a few minutes ago I took it out of the oven. a iesit f.f. good :)

lauralaurentiu well he had laid him on one side dear but he was snoring too hard and he gave up, I noticed that some people were upset that R was baking in the microwave, I know that they are envious :)) that they didn't have me right now I bake it in the sun :)) I kiss and apologize for the joke.

thanks for the wonderful recipes, I made the cake a few times, it came out every time, I added raisins, nuts, and I put a icing on top! delicious!

I am very happy to be well :).

I am very happy to be well :).

I am very happy to be well :).

I am very happy to be well :).

I am very happy to be well :).

I am very happy to be well :).

I am very happy to be well :).

I am very happy to be well :).

I am very happy to be well :).

thanks for the wonderful recipes, I made the cake a few times, it came out every time, I added raisins, nuts, and I put a icing on top! delicious!

I made the cake and it turned out really good. # 8230 & # 8230. Try it, you won't fail.

I made the cake and it turned out really good. # 8230 & # 8230. Try it, you won't fail.

I made the cake and it turned out really good. # 8230 & # 8230. Try it, you won't fail.

I made the cake and it turned out really good. # 8230 & # 8230. Try it, you won't fail.

I made the cake and it turned out really good. # 8230 & # 8230. Try it, you won't fail.

I made the cake and it turned out really good. # 8230 & # 8230. Try it, you won't fail.

I made the cake and it turned out really good. # 8230 & # 8230. Try it, you won't fail.

I made the cake and it turned out really good. # 8230 & # 8230. Try it, you won't fail.

I made the cake and it turned out really good. # 8230 & # 8230. Try it, you won't fail.

I made the cake and it turned out really good. # 8230 & # 8230. Try it, you won't fail.

I want to make this cake too, but I'm very afraid that I'll pay for the electricity, you have no idea how much an electric oven consumes? I use the washing machine a lot and that's why I have the oven. recipe!

lol, I find the smallest connection between the washing machine and the recipe: P. I don't know what to say, baking takes 50 minutes & # 8211 maximum an hour, if we say that your oven consumes 2 kw = & gt 1.3 lei. (I think that's the kilowatt, 65 money, but for even more accurate information, go to the ENEL cashier).

I want to make this cake too, but I'm very afraid that I'll pay for the electricity, you have no idea how much an electric oven consumes? I use the washing machine a lot and that's why I have the oven. recipe!

I want to make this cake too, but I'm very afraid that I'll pay for the electricity, you have no idea how much an electric oven consumes? I use the washing machine a lot and that's why I have the oven. recipe!

Arara wonderful! I will try to prepare it tomorrow. I hope it goes the same way.

Thanks a lot for the recipe! I have never made a cake or other cakes in my life and the one from you came out! I can't believe I just mixed too much with the fork and it came out browner, but otherwise it was great and that's what my husband said, who was sure that I was missing and that I was trying to ma & # 8222dau gospodina & # 8221 :)))

I am very happy to be well! :)

Now I took it out of the oven and put it aside to cool. I have some emotions, I really hope it has baked inside! :)

I hope with all my heart and I hold your fists :). Have you tried it with a toothpick?

Can you mix the ingredients without the mixer and it comes out just as good?

I think so, just to be well-mixed, like a cream.


Yes, it is possible. Pay close attention to the baking temperature!

At the time and temperature recommended in the recipe, my ashes are made & # 8230. It's ready in 30 minutes.

At what temperature do you cook it, Alexandra? I tried your apple pie recipe, extremely good :). I also wanted to show you the American recipe (which I tried and it really worked out). I wish you a pleasant evening and I hope you offer us as many sweet recipes as possible.

looks great & # 8230 I'm trying now: D

Dear lady, please tell me if anything changes if I don't have baking powder?

Change everything, the baking powder is what makes the dough grow at this recipe.

I tried this recipe following exactly the steps indicated except for the oven temperature (I have an old, classic stove, without the option to set the temperature). I baked in the first 5 minutes at medium temperature, and in the next 65 at low temperature. I tested with the toothpick and it came out clean, but, after cooling and cutting, the result was almost identical to the one obtained by Cosmin, meaning uncooked inside. Disappointing :(

Irina, did you even follow the step that required you to cool the cake on one side, above a grill? Because if the toothpick came out clean, logic says it was baked, but it's very simple to ruin a fragile dough while it's very hot, the same happens with cakes, which Pastorel knew, which he will I quote him (although he was referring to cakes):

& # 8222When taken out of the oven, another merit. Take out the cake, shake it a little with your ear bent, to hear it play. You then lay him in shape on a rib, supported by a piece of wood. After two or three minutes, she shook him again and slowly overturned him, gently, on something soft and rocked him carefully and with great care, so that he wouldn't be flattened and crossed! & # 8221.

I think he'd rather cross over. Sorry.

Yes, I cooled the cake on one side and cut it when it cooled. I don't think it crossed, although it's not very clear to me what it means because it hasn't happened to me before. I attached a picture, maybe it's more edifying.
Thank you!

it's very good I like to do a shawl every month

it's very good I do it every week

it's very good to make a cake every month

it's very good I'll try other recipes from you I promise

It's the best cake recipe so far! My friends are very excited, asking me to keep doing them :)! Thank you!

I am very, very happy to be well and to do them again :).

now I put it in the oven and I hope it comes out, tomorrow is the girl's birthday and I chose it as a cake top, I chose a round shape, I will wait after 35 minutes for it not to burn, being a lower shape. I like this site, I made the breads with olives and they are exceptional. although I live abroad, I also choose my recipes from here. Irina

Irina, you didn't come back with news: did it come out or did it not come out? :) I hope with all my heart that you went out and made your little girl an exceptional cake. May it grow great and bring you only joy!

It is a very good and very delicious recipe. Congratulations Mrs. Laura. I made several cakes according to this recipe and they all turned out very good and very well baked:): *

Ludmila, if you know your oven and you are a little careful, obviously they come out well cooked :). For some, it's a little harder to focus on a recipe for an hour than it should be. I am very glad that you managed to do so many times!

super & # 8230.first time I make check and it came out very tasty. I didn't put cocoa but cappuccino and it turned out perfectly :)

I am very happy to be well! If you added another picture, I would be grateful, I'm really curious how it turned out. :)

Hello my dear cooks and cooks. Why my cake came out well on the outside and inside is not done. Look carefully at the two pictures.

Cosmin, above are a lot of tips, starting from the baking temperature to the cooling mode of the cake. You choose from there what you think you didn't respect, that's why your cake didn't bake. I'm sorry, I hope the next attempt is more successful.

right now i put it in the oven for my girlfriend when she comes home from work & # 8230sa hope it comes out

Thanks for the recipe! I tried it today and it turned out like a book. It was very good and had a lot of growth. A beautiful day!

I am very happy to be well!

I got this recipe and I'm thinking of trying it today. However, I have a question: is it better to cool it on one side with the shape, or is it out of shape? Yes, I know, the question is a bit stupid, but it's better to measure ten times and cut once, than to hit the bar.
Thank you!

You can put it all in shape, then gently pull the shape off the cake :). Spor.

Laura, THANK YOU for the recipe! You are my mother, in the culinary chapter

Excellent, may you be well and thank you for the picture!

Very good! I tried it today and it is almost gone :)
For sure success, follow the recipe and instructions exactly.

Anyone who has a microwave oven knows clearly that the dish goes from the middle to the outside.
Her electric oven may no longer heat to the required temperature, the temperature thermostat may be defective. I consider that it was a typo & # 8221 & # 8230.

the visual memory is stronger and so the man stays in his head with the pictures, rather than with all the lines. I read it too, and I didn't notice the first thing about lying on one side of the cake.
then I looked for the picture with the cake lying down, but I didn't find it, or at least I don't think it's lying there in the tray. Finally, I want to say that if there was a picture of the cake on one side, it would remain in the visual memory and others would not do so much circus for free.
and what if he failed them? the whole country needs to know how stupid they are. (they, not the recipe) and if they knew from the beginning that they did not respect the word for word, why the hell did they start blaming others, and show their stupidity? if I miss a recipe presented on TV, I go to television with complaints.

I also made the cake seeing the comments and I was curious if it's a good recipe, but I tell you not to do it like stupid. I realized that the eggs are not beaten separately and it has nothing to be fluffy & so on. THIS IS NOT A GERMAN RECIPE.

Of course, all those who succeeded and put proving pictures were jumped from the fixed, if we were to follow you.

If we were to take your word for it, all those who tried the recipe and succeeded, put some pictures proving some of them, they were either skipped or small. And if you're still so smart, you probably know German, if not, ask someone to translate this recipe, identical to what I posted: Marmorkuchen.html.

right now I put it in the oven .. it will definitely turn out delicious .. I hope I can take a picture of it dak it will leave me my friend and his dad & # 8230two greedy out of the way & # 8230easy and sure tasty

Dear Mrs. Laura,
Today I had a craving for something homemade sweet and since I haven't made a cake for a very long time, I decided to prepare this cake, not after one of my recipes that I knew very well, but after a new one. So, I went online and found the first recipe, which is yours.
It didn't seem heavy or expensive, I had everything I needed so I started.
After I prepared the double ingredients on the table, because there are more of us in the house, talking to my daughter I got the wrong recipe and I put the flour together with the butter and I thought like uuups, I hit the bar . However, I continued, exactly after the instructions given in the recipe book and I got to putting it in shape. It had turned out so well so far that I wanted to eat it so unripe, the dough was very tasty, pure cream. I have the oven on temperature steps but I left it at minimum so at about 160 degrees, wanting to watch it continuously to see how it bakes. After an hour, the cake was very high, slightly browned, but the inside was still raw. I was expecting this. I left it for another hour, but with 15-minute intervals to check it to see if it baked. When it was fully baked, I took out the cake and set it aside until it cooled. 10 minutes ago I cut one of the two cakes and it 's incredible. The size of a cake, a delicious cake with cocoa mixture, sweet exactly as it should be, fragrant and I couldn't stop eating. Your recipe was praised by the whole family but my work was also rewarded by emptying the plate.
Now, let me tell you one thing: for 11 years, I had a pastry-confectionery laboratory with points of sale. I learned from the confectioners and pastry chefs I worked with, many cake recipes, pastries and even food recipes. Totdeauna insa mi-a placut sa descopar retete noi si cu ocazia aceasta ma bucur ca am dat peste dvs.
Ca femeie si gospodina nu cred ca sunt singura care incearca in bucatarie noi retete si poate le imbunatateste dupa gustul propriu.
Legat de comentariul unei doamne precum ca reteta nu i-a iesit si checul era crud, pot spune ca fiecare trebuie sa stie cum ii functioneaza cuptorul, sa aprecieze daca este sau nu aluatul mult prea subtire sau dece nu , prea gros, lucruri de moment care pot fi remediate precum o maioneza taiata pe care o repari si ai apoi bucuria sa descoperi cat de bine ti-a iesit.
Reteta dvs este extraordinara, produsul finit este o delicatese, usor de preparat si necostisitor.
Personal va multumesc si promit ca voi mai incerca si alte retete.
Sanatate si numai bine !

Doamna Cornelia, va multumesc pentru increderea acordata si ma bucur din suflet ca v-a reusit checul si ca v-a si placut. Asa trebuie sa iasa, de marimea unui cozonac zdravan, crescut si foarte gustos si da, cand eram copil mancam si eu din aluat si mi se parea bun ca o crema :)).
Eu m-am straduit sa ofer cat de multe ponturi/tipsuri la aceasta reteta (si la altele, de altfel :) ) dar se pare ca pentru unii nu a fost suficient. Experienta dumneavoastra v-a facut sa intuiti exact cum sa va „manipulati” cuptorul pentru a obtine rezultate bune. Deasemenea, experienta este mare folos atunci cand e vorba de a ajusta o reteta conform calitatii ingredientelor, pentru ca separat de faptul ca o reteta vine cu gramaje exacte, raportul intre faina si lichid poate sa difere dupa o multitudine de factori, de la calitatea fainii, marimea oualor si pana la temperatura exterioara.
Oricum, ma bucur mult de reusita dv. si sper sa mai reveniti pe acest blog, sa va fie de bine!

Chec din Albusuri-Reteta la Cana

Chec din Albusuri-Reteta la Cana

De multe ori raman cu albusurile de la oua si sa nu le arunc prefer sa le pun intr-o cutiuta de plastic pe care apoi o pun la congelator. Pe fiecare cutiuta scriu numarul de albusuri puse in ea si cand avem pofta de ceva dulce rapid scot albusurile, le las la decongelat si pregatesc un Chec pufos. Este o reteta ce nu necesita cantitati fixe, avem nevoie doar de o cana cu care vom masura toate ingredientele necesare. In loc de fructe puteti folosi nuci, alune, sau ca si mine Dulceturile Sublime de la Solaris. Pe buna dreptate sunt chiar sublime, ca toate produsele Solaris de altfel.

Ingrediente Chec din Albusuri-Reteta la Cana:(Cana folosita va fi aceeasi la toate ingredientele date)

1 cana albusuri de ou (in cana mea au intrat 10 albusuri)
1 cana faina
1 cana zahar
1 cana fructe confiate (eu am folosit 150 g Dulceturi Sublime de la Solaris)
hirtie de copt

Preparare Chec din Albusuri-Reteta la Cana :
Albusurile se bat spuma si cand este pe jumatate batut adaugam treptat zaharul continuand sa il batem pana obtinem o spuma tare. Adaugam faina la albus si amestecam usor de sus in jos pana se incorporeaza dupa care adaugam fructele confiate . In doua forme de chec punem hartie de copt si turnam compozitia in mod egal in ele. Punem formele in cuptorul preincalzit si coacem checurile pana devin frumos aurii desupra si la proba cu scobitoarea aceasta ramane curata.

Se scot din cuptor, se lasa la racit apoi se scot din forme si le presaram cu zahar praf. Va recomandam sa incercati si Chec Zebra , care este un chec pufos si foarte aratos. Ambele checuri sunt foarte bune si alaturi se pot servi ceaiuri cu diferite arome, sau chiar si o cana cu lapte.

Ce poti face cu albusurile ramase de la alte preparate


Pai intai de toate sunt raspunsurile evidente, precum BEZELE ! Din 2-3 albusuri poti face bezele cat sa iti saturi toata familia, bezele exact asa cum cumperi din magazin sau de la cofetarie. Totul e sa stii sa le pregatesti corect, asa ca iata o reteta de bezele testata , dupa care sa te ghidezi.


Si daca poti face bezele, normal ca poti face si o pavlova cu fructe si frisca, sau poate cu ciocolata! In esenta, e o bezea mare, pe care sa o imparti cu toti cei dragi si sa nu va mai trebuiasca dulce o saptamana.


Putin mai putin evident, din albusurile ramase de la prajituri si maioneze merge de minune sa faci o omleta doar din albusuri, mult mai saraca in colesterol dar mai bogata in proteine, un preparat prietenos cu silueta. Aici gasesti o reteta de omleta din albusuri , ca sa stii si cum sa o prepari.


O prajitura destul de clasica, dar deloc complicata, prajitura asta este usor de facut, dar are nevoie de 6 albusuri, doar pentru stratul alb.

Asa ca, daca iti doresti vreodata sa o incerci, cand ai albusuri si nu stii ce sa faci cu ele e momentul perfect! Vezi reteta de Negri in camasi albe

Le poti congela!

Da, da, albusurile pot fi congelate si folosite apoi, cand vrei tu.
Odata ce le-ai separat de galbenusuri, toarna-le intr-o punga alimentara si sigileaz-o bine.
Da punga la congelator si astfel poti pastra albusurile timp de un an.
Cand doresti sa folosesti albusurile din congelator, pur si simplu scoate-le, lasa-le sa se dezghete lent (pot fi lasate la dezghetat si la frigider), apoi foloseste-le.

Poti pregati bezele cu albusuri congelate?

Din fericire, da! Congelarea nu afecteaza deloc albusurile, in sensul in care sa nu le mai poti folosi pentru a pregati niste bezele delicioase.
Pentru si mai multa siguranta insa, cand bati albusurile, adauga si un strop de otet. Astfel vei stii sigur ca se bat corect si cresc in volum considerabil.

Albusurile se bat spuma. Se pune zaharul si se bat din nou pina cind se intareste spuma, dupa care se adauga vanilia, nucile si faina. Se pune intr-o forma de chec unsa cu unt si tapetata cu faina, se coace la foc potrivit 30-35 minute.

  • Bomboane si trufe
  • Checuri si rulade
  • Clatite
  • compote
  • Cornulete si saleuri
  • Creme
  • Dulceturi
  • Dulciuri diversificate
  • Glazuri
  • Inghetate
  • Placinte si tarte
  • Prajituri
  • Salate de fructe
  • Spume si sarlote
  • Torturi

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Mixam albusurile cu un praf de sare. Adaugam zaharul si zaharul vanilat in ploaie si mixam bine pana obtinem o bezea lucioasa. Scurgem bine iaurtul ,il amestecam cu uleiul si esenta de rom dupa care incorporam usor in bezea. Amestecam faina cu cacao si praful de copt si apoi le cernem. Incorporam acest amestec in compozitia de mai sus. Amestecam cu miscari usoare de jos in sus. Topim ciocolata pe baia de aburi, o lasam sa se racoreasca si apoi o turnam in amestecul de mai sus.

Turnam compozitia intr-o forma (eu am folosit una rotunda cu diametrul de 24 cm)tapetata cu hartie de copt. Asezam nucile taiate deasupra checului. Dam la cuptor,pe care l-am preincalzit in prealabil, la 180 grade, pentru circa 40-50 min (trebuie sa treaca testul scobitorii).

Lasam sa se racoreasca in cuptor, timp in care ne ocupam de glazura. Caramelizam zaharul, stingem cu smantana pentru frisca dupa care adaugam untul. Amestecam pana cand untul se topeste. Adaugam esenta de rom si amestecam. Asezam checul pe un gratar si turnam glazura. Decoram cu ornamente pentru prajituri. Let cool. Taiem si servim.


Chec din albuşuri
1. Cocoloşeşte hârtia de copt tăiată, o întinzi şi tapetezi cu ea forma de chec. O laşi în aşteptare. Poţi să încingi şi cuptorul la minim şi laşi în aşteptare.

2. Nuca o alegi cu atenţie de coji, le pui în tigaia uscată tip grătar încinsă şi le învârţi cu lingura din lemn 1-2 minute şi opreşti focul. Laşi la răcit în tigaie pâna razi coaja de lamaie, apoi o zdrobesti cu sucitorul (sau o sticlă de sticlă, în lipsă) nuca pusă în pungă groasă cu zip sau prinsă cumva la gură.

3. Într-un castron cântăreşti stafidele şi le pui toate astea 3 uscate, împreună.
4. Topeşte untul la foc mediu şi lasa-l în asteptare.
5. Baţi spumă tare albuşurile + 1 praf de sare. Adaugi zahărul şi zahărul vanilat. Cand întorci castronul bezeaua nu cade.

6. Mai departe lucrezi manual cu telul pară sau o spatulă din silicon, adică răstorni peste albus, la gramadă, fructele şi untul topit.

5. Adaugi făina şi începi cu mişcări de jos în sus sa le amesteci doar cât să se omogenizeze, fără să insişti ca să nu piardă bulele de aer de la batere, deoarece acestea îl ajută să crească fără praf de copt.

8. Torni în forma pregătită jumătate din compozitie, nivelezi cu spatula sau o lingură.

9. Introduci checul la cuptorul încins reglând la 170 sau 175 de grade fixat la ventilaţie sus şi jos la cele electrice (treapta 3,5 la cuptoarele cu gaz) şi îl coci cercetând ori 20 de minute, ori 25 şi pâna la 35 de minute, în functie de cât de largă e tava (chec putin înalt, ca în cazul meu) sau cât de capricios şi iute este cuptorul tău. Numai tu ţi-l cunoşti. Checul este făcut atunci când îl testezi înfigând o scobitoare în mijloc şi iese curată. Îl scoţi pe un grătar la răcit, dupa ce i-ai indepărtat hârtia de copt. Eu pun grătarul de la cuptor peste grătarul plitei, daca nu o folosesc, sau pe masă peste o oală sau castron mare, pun grătarul.

Se ţine în pungă de hârtie, sau chiar şi de plastic ca să nu se usuce, ori într-o casoletă cu capac.
Liv (e) it!

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