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Parisian Café Serves Cats — to Pet

Parisian Café Serves Cats — to Pet

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Want to cozy up to a furry Burmese while sipping your gunpowder tea, or stroke a Siamese between gulps of your Saint-Émilion? How about a street cat with your shrimp and salmon salad? This fall, Parisian Margaux Gandelon opened just the place for you, in his city's third arrondissement, dubbing it Le Café des Chats, the Café of Cats.

About a dozen felines, formerly homeless or abandoned, live permanently at the café, sleeping on unused chairs, preening in the window, and rubbing against the legs of patrons. Interaction is encouraged, though there are rules (let sleeping cats lie, don't feed the animals, wash your hands before — and presumably after — petting the animals).

The original cat café apparently opened in Taiwan in 1998. Japanese tourists saw it there and brought the idea home. Cat's Store, the first Japanese cat café, opened in 2005. Today there are at least 40 such establishments around the country. The idea is that cats relieve stress and provide non-judgmental companionship. Most of the Japanese iterations of the idea charge an hourly fee, are in effect rent-a-cat operations — fulfilling a need in a country where many apartment buildings ban pets. Cat cafés also now exist in South Korea, Austria, Hungary, Spain, and England, among other places, but Café des Chats is a first for France.

At Gandelon's Parisian pussycat place, there is no purr-charge; all that is expected is that patrons enjoy food or beverage from the café's short menu. This includes a variety of plain and flavored teas (for instance, "Tea for Anarchist," which adds mango and papaya juices to black tea, and "Thé Be Cool," an infusion of apple, mint, anise, licorice, and verbena), soft drinks and wine, a few salads and savory tartes (e.g., one with feta, zucchini, red peppers, tomatoes, and herbes de Provence), and such confections as chocolate chip cookies, Nutella muffins, and Oreo cake.

Le Café des Chats has proven so popular that its website counsels "Reservations are strongly recommended, even for an afternoon visit, even for a cup of tea."

Parisian cafes: Now with cats?

Inspired by the enchanting Japanese concept, the first cat cafe has opened in the Marais – but with a distinctly Gallic flavour.

France’s very first cat cafe has opened, bringing the enchanting Japanese concept that combines food and felines to Paris’ Marais neighbourhood.

Le Café des Chats, which opened in September, is already a roaring success, with visitors having to reserve three days in advance for a weekday slot and up to three weeks in advance for a weekend. The cat-themed idea, where you can sit and stroke any of the cafe’s 12 resident felines while sipping a warming cup of organic tea, originated in Japan and aims to create a relaxing environment in which the stresses of the busy world can be alleviated by the soothing presence of docile, purring cats.

But whereas the Japanese model involves a cover charge and an hourly fee – essentially making it like a pet rental service – Le Café des Chats’ owner Margaux Gandelon has made his version a friendly tea room, where the focus is first on the quality of the food and the cats are an added extra. As you eat a weekend brunch of croissants and freshly squeezed orange juice, a classic lunch of quiche and salad, or a home-style French supper such as poulet à la Normande (chicken with Calvados), the friendly cats – all rescued via an animal protection society – weave between your legs or doze contentedly on chairs.

The bi-level space features mismatched furniture, an upright piano and a vaulted basement dating back to the 15 th Century, all combining to create a cosy environment that recalls the atmosphere of an ordinary French sitting room. Visitors are briefed on how to behave with the four-legged furballs (don’t disturb sleeping cats don’t feed them wash your hands before stroking them) and children are to be closely monitored as the cats and kittens aren’t too fond of having their tails pulled.

The cafe has been such a hit that the Café des Chats team is already looking to open a second branch elsewhere in France.


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Cafés in Paris date back to the 1600s when Café Procope first opened its doors. Steadily growing in popularity, cafés became synonymous with writers, intellectuals and politicians who would use them for impassioned conversation and philosophical discussion. American writer Ernest Hemingway, philosopher and political activist Jean-Paul Sartre, and even Pablo Picasso would frequent these French institutions, often taking inspiration from the people they met, and conversations that took place.

Paris has changed extensively since the 1600s, but café culture stands firm. Most cafés still open at the crack of dawn, serving up petit déjeuner in the morning, aperitifs in the afternoon and dinner throughout the evening (with many staying open until past midnight). For the full experience, grab a spot on the terrasse, settle in with a café au lait and tartine and spend a few hours people-watching.

We’ve delved into the history of some of Paris’ most iconic cafés. Some retain their old-world charm better than others, but no trip to the “City of Lights” is complete without a visit to one of these quintessentially Parisian establishments.

Prescription Diet Plan

Don't rely solely on green beans to get your obese kitty's weight down. Speak to the veterinarian in depth about devising a dietary plan that will still provide your cat with all the vital nutrients he needs, while simultaneously allowing him to safely and steadily lose weight. The vet may give you tips on what you can do yourself, such as increasing the fermentable fiber in your cat's daily food. She also may recommend that your pet follow a prescription diet regimen. Be sure to also make sure your fluff ball gets sufficient regular exercise, no excuses. Diet is just one component of healthy weight loss, of course.

Parisian Café Serves Cats — to Pet - Recipes

The idea was to bring together all the continents and different countries. When you enter Café Millème the first thing you see is a handmade wooden wall with 7 niches which represent each continent of the world, and a map of the world painted by Valexia. This map has a lot of points with the names of cities all over the world. These cities are the names of the cakes we create. We use cashew nuts from Brazil, vanilla from Madagascar, chocolate from Mexico, matcha tea, yuzu lemons and sakura flowers from Japan, pandan from Thailand, guava from Cuba.

On this planisphere, Prague is the center. People living here want to discover new tastes and flavors but they also have a tendency to compare a new taste with something they know already. The old recipes from the First Republic are very similar to classic French recipes.

We renew the old traditional recipes like honey cake and tiramisu. We call them Moscow and Venice. We create a Prague dessert using “tvaroh” cottage cheese, blueberries, walnuts and cocoa powder. We use chocolate from the origins of Mexica, Tanzania, Equator, Madagascar.

You can also try a Parisian mille- feuille, eclairs not only in classic flavors, matcha and chocolate fondants, seasonal fruit tarts.

We make cakes using no sugar for diabetics, gluten free, vegan and even raw cakes. The high quality products we use show how much we care about what people eat, and about their health. In our showcase, all the pastries have less than 20% free sugars, to follow the healthy recommendation from the World Health Organisation about sugar intake.

We care about nature as well, for example, we never used palm oil, which is easy, because we don't need a transformed product. All the nappage, fondant and pâte de fruits are made in our laboratory with natural ingredients.

#discoverthetaste of world flavours

The most important thing in the production at Café Millème is the highest quality of the ingredients from all over the world that we use, because our aim is to give a chance to ''discover the taste'' and to give the sensation of new flavours. Even when you taste something you know but in a different combination with other flavours it also can be a discover.

As I have already mentioned, the automatic cat food dispenser is a gadget that will give your cat food without your intervention. So, here are some features you can choose when you are looking for the best automatic cat feeder for your cat:


Timer is one of the basic features every electronic cat feeder has to have since it is an automatic device. But, the difference is in the timer settings. If you have a cat that eats 3 times a day, then you have to set the timer 3 times, which means you have to find a model which offers you 3 different hours you can use to disperse the cat food. If you aren’t sure whether your cat eats 1-3 times a day and that can happen if you are a new cat owner, then I definitely suggest you get a timed cat food dispenser which offers you more variety and you can easily change the settings in the future.

Portion Sizes

Another pretty useful feature is the ability to adjust the portion size because not all cats eat the same and if your cat eats too much, this feature will definitely help your cat lose excess weight which is great for your cat’s health. People often forget about this feature, but it is a very useful feature that makes sure that your cat is happy and healthy and doesn’t overeat.

What Type of Food?

There are different programmable cat feeder models and you have to choose depending on the type of food your cat eats. The variety of products and types is bigger for dry food than for wet food, because the dry food is easier to store and it is more popular among cats. If your cat eats wet food, you have to buy an auto cat food dispenser specially designed for wet food. Those automatic cat feeders come with ice packs on the bottom to keep the wet food cold which prevents it from spoiling. Just keep in mind that wet food is more sensitive to warm environments and you have to check it often to make sure it hasn’t spoiled in the feeder.

Cordless VS Corded

Now we will talk about more technical characteristics and one of the most common is if it is a corded or cordless model. When you have a corded auto cat feeder you have to be sure that it is near the electric socket and you have to be careful not to trip over the cable. The battery operated automatic cat food dispenser might seem like a more convenient option because you can put it anywhere you want and there are no cables, but you have to be sure that the batteries are always full because if they end up empty, your cat won’t have anything to eat.

Smart Cat Feeder Models

Today you can connect almost every gadget with your phone via Bluetooth or WiFi, well there are electronic cat feeders that offer that too. Those feeders help you monitor your cat so you can see when and how much your cat is eating which is great especially if you are on a trip and you can’t come home. The entire connecting process is simple, you have to download the app on your smartphone and use it to connect the phone to the feeder. Then you can use the app to control the amount of food, the timer and other things which depends on the model and the app.

Our favorite N.Y.C. burger restaurant started out as a hot dog cart in the middle of Madison Square Park, meaning they&aposve always had a TON of four-legged customers. Now the canines have their own specially developed menu at Shake Shack, including the famous Pooch-ini and Bag O&apos Bones.

Lazy Dog Restaurant is an awesome chain on the West Coast that is exactly as it sounds𠅊 restaurant and bar that is entirely dog-themed. Dogs are invited to eat with the family at the restaurant&aposs lovely patio seating. Every pup gets their very own bowl of water and can order from a special menu with options like grilled hamburger patty and brown rice.

Feline fun in Japan’s cat cafes

Japan has nearly 150 cafes that house anywhere from 12 to 24 cats, but cuddling with the kitties does not come cheap.

Whisker by whisker, cats have begun to replace coffee as the top draw in cafés across Japan.

In a country where many citizens do not have the time or space to care for creatures, “cat cafés” provide the experience of having a pet without the responsibility or hassle of ownership (not to mention the logistics of getting a cat into a carry-on).

Though the first cat café, named Cat Flower Garden, opened in Taipei, Taiwan in 1998, the concept blossomed in Japan, where nearly 150 such spots have opened in the past decade, mostly in the country’s capital of Tokyo. Visiting with kitties does not come cheap, however. At Calico, one of Tokyo’s most popular cat cafes, one hour of cuddling costs 900 yen, with 200 yen for each additional 15 minutes. Drinks cost an extra 200 yen each, but are slightly cheaper than the 400 yen grande lattes available at the feline-free Starbucks.

Cat Café Nekorobi, also in Tokyo, charges by the hour as well (up to 1,200 yen on weekends or holidays), but throws in free vending machine drinks and snacks, as well as cat-free forms of entertainment like a Wii and board games. Cat Magic, in Nagoya in south central Japan, offers an extensive set menu (complete with beer and sake) priced to include some built-in playtime. Since Japan treats cat cafés as exhibition facilities like zoos and aquariums, there are fewer regulations regarding the serving of food and drink as there might be at traditional restaurants.

The establishments, which house anywhere from 12 to 24 mixed breed or purebred cats, do have strict rules regarding how the animals are handled. Guests are not allowed to wake any sleeping cats, hold any clearly unhappy cat or take photos of the cats with a flash camera (many who visit spend their time taking pictures or drawing the cats).

A recently passed animal protection law has also forbidden the display of pets after 8 pm, though many café owners disagree with the restriction since their busiest times were between 8 pm and 10 pm, when the after-work crowd shuffled in. Still, the cats manage to drag in their fair share of felinophiles the rest of the day, keeping business purring along.

Insect-based Feed in America

Founded in 2015, Seattle-based Beta Hatch is the lone startup out of the United States on this list, having raised $2.1 million. Like Ynsect, Beta Hatch prefers the humble mealworm as its insect livestock of choice, thanks to its 56% protein and 32% fat content. The company manages its own mealworm breeding program, saying that its “genetic platform allows for customization of future strains, including the ability to use a wide range of feedstocks. Selectively bred insects and novel diet blends mean we can customize the nutritional profiles of our products.”

Life on the mealworm ranch. Credit: Beta Hatch

Beta Hatch has a pilot “ranch” in Seattle that focuses on fishmeal for salmon, and the results have shown the farm-raised salmon grow equally well with a steady diet of mealworm versus standard fishmeal mixtures. The company is also working with other U.S. insect producers to establish production standards in the United States, sharing its “agnostic” insect ranching technology with black soldier fly farms.

10 Restaurants & Coffee Shops with “Secret” Menu Items for Dogs

Wanting to take your dog out to dinner? Here are ten restaurants with menu items just for four-legged patrons.

#1 – Starbucks

On their “secret menu,” Starbucks has a Puppuccino. It’s an espresso-shot-sized paper cup full of whip cream. Some dogs are bothered by dairy, and your dog should probably not have one of these sugary treats every day, but for special occasions it’s fun.

Image source: @MeganCoughlin via Flickr

#2 – In ‘N’ Out

If you are lucky enough to live near an In ‘N’ Out, you can order your dog a “pup patty,” a plain hamburger patty without the salt, put in its very own doggy bag for your furry best friend.

Image source: @TarotheShibaInu via Flickr

#3 – Sprinkles

A not-so-secret menu item, Sprinkles cupcakes has special doggie cupcakes on their menu that are sugar-free and topped with a yogurt frosting. They are available daily.

Image source:

#4 – Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream and Yogurt

This 40-unit ice cream chain serves Frosty Paws, a dog ice cream made with soy at their Redondo Beach, California location. The rest of the chain has Dogsters, a veterinary-approved dog treat available in peanut butter and mint flavors.

Image source: Handel’s Ice Cream

#5 – Chick-Fil-A

This company is known for its stellar customer service to people and pooches! Many drive-thrus will offer a snack for pup passengers. (And as you’re eating your sandwich, your furry friend will remind you that she loves grilled chicken, too.)

#6 – Dairy Queen

Ask for a “pup cup” and your dog will be treated like royalty with a FREE small vanilla soft-serve ice cream cup. Perfect for a hot summer’s day! Please note “pup cups” are offered at participating locations.

#7 – Shake Shack

A restaurant chain in the Eastern United States has canine cuisine right on the menu. They have delectable offerings like the Pooch-ini, which is ShackBurger dog biscuits, peanut butter sauce and vanilla custard or the Bag O’ Bones, a bag of five ShackBurger dog treats.

Image source: @LianChang via Flickr

#8 – The Nauti Dawg Marina Café

If you are headed to Lighthouse Point, Florida, you must stop at The Nauti Dawg Marina Café. They have a “K9 Cuisine” menu just for dogs, including several dishes served in a dog bowl. Some choices include bacon, chicken breast, Mahi fillet, and even skirt steak.

Image source: The Nauti Dawg Marina Café

#9 – Tin Shed Garden Café

Located in Portland, Oregon, this café has their doggie items right on the menu. And every Tuesday is “Doggie Love Night” at the Shed—order a people item and you get a doggie item for free.

Image source: Tin Shed Garden Café

#10 – Moss Beach Distillery

This fun restaurant, located in Moss Beach, California, has a full doggie menu with everything from kibble to a $16 skirt steak. You can even give your dog a hot dog.

Image source: Moss Beach Distillery

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