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The Daily Meal City Editor

The Daily Meal City Editor

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The Daily Meal is one of the fastest-growing food sites around, both in terms of traffic and cities that we cover. We currently have pages for more than 20 cities up and running, with more in the works. And we’re looking for folks who love food in all these cities to help us run them!

In order to become an Eat/Dine city editor for The Daily Meal, all you need is a passion for food and restaurants in your city and a desire to make a name for yourself as one of your city’s most prominent food writers. You’ll make press contacts in your city’s food scene, get lots of press releases and invites to exclusive dinners and events, and will be writing stories that have the potential to make national headlines.

Here are the current cities where we’re recruiting:

Austin, Texas
Las Vegas
Nashville, Tenn.
New Orleans
Portland, Ore.
San Diego
San Francisco
St. Louis
Twin Cities
Washington D.C.

This is a great opportunity take ownership of a page that’s part of a major food and drink site, with content that’s promoted by an in-house PR, marketing, and social media department, with a commitment of only a couple hours per week, tops. If interested, send an email to [email protected] that contains a brief description of yourself and what you love about food and your city, as well as a couple of food writing samples.

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