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Experts Agree: La Taqueria is the Best Mexican Restaurant in San Francisco

Experts Agree: La Taqueria is the Best Mexican Restaurant in San Francisco

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It wasn’t so long ago when “Mexican” food was best represented stateside by a heaping platter of rice and refried beans along with gloopy enchiladas covered in melted cheese, with maybe a couple hard-shell tacos on the side. Thankfully we’ve come a long way, and now the cuisine of just about every region of Mexico is now well-represented in the American culinary landscape. Today, most people realize that the standard menu of burritos, chimichangas, quesadillas, and the like are in fact more Tex-Mex than authentic Mexican, and that once you head south of the border there’s a whole world of flavorful (and non-cheesy) possibilities to explore. Additionally, while authenticity is prized, some of this country’s most highly regarded chefs, like former pastry chef Alex Stupak and Oklahoma-born Rick Bayless, have also turned their attention and creativity to Mexican, which has become somewhat of a cuisine célèbre.

To assemble our ranking of America’s 50 Best Mexican Restaurants, we analyzed results from surveys we sent out to some of America’s leading culinary authorities, writers, and critics, used to assemble our rankings of America’s 50 Best Casual Restaurants and the 101 Best Restaurants in America. We supplemented those with best-of lists both in print and online, and rounded it out with our personal favorites from around the country. We also made sure to include restaurants that specialize in authentic Mexican fare; while some Tex-Mex classics on the menu are acceptable if done really well, the main focus had to be on true Mexican cuisine. We found that from a high-end restaurant in Chicago specializing in ribeye carne asada to a modest taqueria in Mountain View, Calif. serving some of the finest carnitas you’ll ever encounter, America has no shortage of great Mexican restaurants—and as it turns out, one resides in San Francisco.

“The best tacos and burritos in the whole world,” declares the neon sign outside the white Mission-style arches. Bold words? As the expression goes, it ain’t braggin’ if it’s true. La Taqueria has won more than its fair share of converts with its chorizo, lengua, carnitas, and well as rice-free burritos, and we have named its carnitas taco America’s best, and its carnitas burrito our nation’s second-best. The food is so good at La Taqueria, the restaurant scored the very respectable #17 spot on our compilation, and since it’s the only one from the city to make the list, according to our panel of experts, La Taqueria is the best Mexican restaurant in San Francisco.

FiveThirtyEight Names La Taqueria America's Best Burrito

The FiveThirtyEight burrito bracket has had its ups and downs, from top-seeded El Farolito's defeat to the sudden rise (and equally sudden fall) of Taqueria Cancun, but throughout it all, La Taqueria has held strong. And today, burrito expert Anna Maria Barry-Jester, along with the site's founder/famed stats guru Nate Silver, have given it the crown as America's Best Burrito.

"I watched Nate take his first bite, and I swear he achieved nirvana before my eyes," said Barry-Jester of the duo's dining experience, in which they plowed through two super carnitas, one super carnitas dorado, and one super chorizo dorado burritos. "It's not necessarily the burrito you'll want to eat every day, but it's a technical marvel with a monumental first bite worthy of a national title."

La Taqueria won its crown over three other worthy contenders in the Final Four: the Bronx's Taqueria Tlaxcalli ("an East Coast godsend, but it isn't in the same league with the other finalists"), L.A.'s Al and Bea's Mexican Food ("a disappointing showing. the ingredients were just too thin to stay inside"), and El Paso's Delicious Mexican Eatery ("simple and elegant").

La Taq has been in business for over 40 years, and this is the most recent in a parade of honors for owner Miguel Jara, whose walls are practically wallpapered in plaques from the Chron, SF Mag, Zagat, SF Weekly, and others. But a prize like this, after a repeated and longstanding competition, will undoubtedly cause fresh lines to form at always-busy La Taq. Meanwhile, we can only imagine the horror that Burritoeater's Charles Hodgkins, as well as a sea of rice-loving burrito partisans, are feeling right now.

La Taqueria

Do you NEED tacos? Because this is where we can get a lot of variations and amazing tasting tacos! They certainly have that amazing Mexican flavors to the tee!

This place is just wonderful, with their team of amazing people working in here, they will pretty much be a restaurant worth going in to.

Resting on laurels – This is one of the many examples of a place that achieved notoriety some years ago and has let it go to their heads. Watch out for extra charges ($2 for avocado on the burrito). Ended up at $10 per burrito ! The burritos are narrow (small), quite juicy (runny). The green sauce is inedible unless you have a teflon tongue..and this they are liberal with. Cash only. With so many other taquerias in SF that aim to please, this one should be avoided until it gets some customer service.

delicioso – amazing south of the border flavor, and their waitress is deliciosa ) se los recomiendo. vayan! amazing south of the border flavor, and their waitress is deliciosa ) se los recomiendo. vayan!

Tacos Tacos Tacos – Get the tacos. Everything else is pretty good but the tacos are the best around. Order them 'crispy' and ask for cheese. Best tacos in all of SF.

BEST. MEXICAN. EVER – All I'm going to say is that if aliens landed, and abducted me, and they gave me a choice of any last requests, LA TAQUERIA is going to be my last meal on Earth.

Best flavors for worste price – What can I say, if money's no object, then this spot is worth it. I make it a point to eat at taqueria's in our fair city, and when compared to others, La Taqueria has the best flavors. The quality of beef is the highest I've had in any taqueria, the custom hot sauce is delicious, all of the ingredients are fresh, and the meat is cooked just right. I've also had veggie burrito's around the city, and this place tops it for me. The taco's are on my top 5 list in the city cooked so the corn tortilla is a bit crunchy, packed full, and presented beautifully.

The big downside to this place is the price. Right now, it's almost 10 bucks for a meat burrito. The veggie burrito is a good price though. Also, there is no rice in their burrito's, and some people hate that. I've eaten at La Taqueria over 50 times in my life, and I've eaten at as many other taqueria's I could find. I have to say that I'm rarely disappointed by La Taqueria.

try somewhere else. – I have heard many people say this is one of the best taqueria's in the city. So after being unimpressed in the past i decided to give it another try not once but twice recently on the urging of some friends.well i must say not only is this place overpriced, but the ingediants uninspiring, and rather bland. The salsa in particuliar was bordering on being "off". I have lived in the mission for over ten years and eaten at every taqueria and truck around and i'm tired of hearing about this place as one of the best, it is not.

MUST HAVE TACOS. – The tacos here are similar to the old "Talk of the Town" Tacos, a business in Oakland that closed after the patriach past. ( a crying shame the family could not keep it together) You can taste this food JUST thinking about it! The kind of food that stays in your memory forever. Kinda pricey but I'm worth it! Parking is hard, I have been lucky. Sometimes hard to get a table, don't arrive starved. Take your time to experience it. I have no complaints!

TACOS FROM HEAVEN – This place must have the best burritos and tacos in San Francisco. There aren't too many good Mexican eateries in SF. I must say these folks are a step above the rest. I would recommend the crispy tacos with carnitas. It is a little pricey but well worth it. I don't know why anyone would go to another taqueria when you could get the best at La Taqueria.

shady burritos and – I don't think it's right to charge six bucks for a tortilla, meat, and three beans. I?m not stupid. This place charges extra for cheese, sour cream, guacamole, etc. You name it- they'll ding you for it. I got the "basic floor model" with a cheese upgrade and a beer, so my intimidating burrito cost me ten bucks. When it came, looking like a toothpick and soggy to boot, I sucked it up and began eating. There was no cheese, nor did they stuff the money that I spent on upgrading (this is ridiculous) my burrito inside. I asked the lady inside to make me another, and had to wait until all the other customers' orders were taken (it was like the floor of the stock market). She told me it was in the bottom of the burrito. At this point, I could counter with ?you don't know which side I started with" but I held back. This place is in it for the money. It is a joke to see the burritos they dish out. Traditional my butt. I?d rather eat Taco Bell and that?s saying something!

Best taqueria – Hands down, the best taco joint in town. No frills. I don't understand why they don't have a staple like rice, but then again, the main attraction at this place are the tacos and burritos. Everything is delicious. It's hard getting a table so just take it to go.

Mission must! – Great late night, leftover cash eat. If your hungry and you've spent most of your last $20 at the bar, this place offers well priced and great tasting food. It is a mission must!

Best Burritos & tacos! – This place throughout the years is my all time favorite! Frash everything, great prices, and quick service.

Best Burro in the city HANDS DOWN! – These are by far, the best burritos in the city. Those that don't like this place clearly don't know what's good from bad and should just stick to Taco Bell. I've been coming here since I was a little girl and they are still as juicy, flavorful and delicious as they were back in the day. As a south american myself, I know what's a solid burrito and these are for sure solid burritos as I AM THE AUTHORITY OF TASTE!

This longtime Mission favorite serves up some of the best tacos in town. – The Scene
The white stucco exterior mimics traditional Mexican adobe, while the small-though-spacious interior features thick wooden tables, both for small groups and for communal dining. The open kitchen runs the length of one side of the restaurant, while a colorful mural, depicting pyramids and other Mexican cultural icons, runs the length of the other.

The Food

Tacos are what this place does best. Hot griddled tortillas stuffed with melted cheese, beans, meat and salsa make a savory, incredibly satisfying snack. Of the meat choices, carne asada (beef) and carnitas (pork) are the most popular, but diners can also get chicken, chorizo or tongue. Since no rice is used, the burritos aren't the belly-busting logs found elsewhere. Though they might look skimpy to some, diners actually get more meat--and flavor--for their buck.

A Star is Gone – I've studied mexican cooking, explored much of mexico in search of excellent regional cooking, and own my own comal and molcajete to reproduce many of the wonderful flavors. Unfortunately what was once great, is now reduced to average.

I loved the down home carne asada and carnitas served greasily upon my ordered tacos and quesadillas, but after several recent trips. I must say--it's no longer high on my list. Nick's and Pancho's are the ones I will have to turn to now, the former less 'authentic' but truly well executed.

At the formerly glorious La Taqueria, there's no excuse for consistently unripe tomatoes prolific within the pico de gallo, grey carne asada, and "too-moist" carnitas. The execution with tortillas (grill, quesadilla, chips) is still good, the ambience wonderfully simple, but the passion is gone. That must be it. Has the owner gone soft? Gone away?

For some reason, leaving again unsatisfied last night made me crave the simply, but deliciously prepared tacos de carne asada available at the street vendors as you're walking back towards the footbridge to the US in Tijuana.

For now. I'll stop by every now and then to see if things have gotten better. but no longer to get my fix.

best carne asada in the usa – I love their pork tacos. The pork is so tender and flavorful, picco de gallo, lime and red onion. to die for.

The best burrito in the bay! – After 6 years of being away from the city, the tintilating sensaton of the flavors of the La Taqueria Burrito did not let me down. After a couple of hours in the Potrero District, I thought "I hope they are still open". To my great relief, I walked up to the register and ordered the Carne Asada Burrito, and my goodness. I have to say that this is the best burrito in the city and the ambiance of the restaurant is fun. With several long tables and a few scattered small ones you just pick any spot available and enjoy the best burrito you have ever tasted. If you have never been there try it! You will never go back to any other place again! Their Best of the Bay awards are well deserved. Keep up the good work guys and I will see you soon.

I have never found a burrito as good as this one – I spent many years living in SF and on a student budget, I often ate a lot in the mission, and I ate a lot of mexican food. Once I found this place, all others were forsaken. This is by far the yummiest burrito I have ever had. and I have had a lot. Seven years later, I have still not found an equal. La taqueria is on my list of places to return to every time I am in town for a visit. I don't agree with the others that it is expensive, the burritos were enough for two meals anyway. The quality of the meat and amount of meat is worth every penny. I didn't add any extras so not sure about add-on prices. The burritos are amazing as they come. In every burrito is a secret ingredient (and I have a feeling it's the cheese) that makes this burritoria the ultimate. If you're in the mission, stop here. You won't be disappointed.

THE BEST TAQUERIA – I lived the first 20 years of my life in San Francisco, and sampled all the taquerias and Mexican restaurants the city has to offer. But this restaurant, by far, is and will always be the best for Mexican. You must go!

Best tacos in SF (and burritos too)! – This place is small but the space is adequate for everyday in the week except for Saturday afternoons! If you arrive on a Saturday afternoon, be prepared to stand in a very long line.

However, regardless of the line or the lack of room, once you get your taco or burrito, you'll be into outer space anyway so it won't matter to you at all. This place is absolutely out of this world! The service is professional and the food is delicious!

I have eaten many steak burritos in my life time of fifty-four years. I have yet to find a burrito as delicious as the ones served at this restaurant. La Taqueria at 2889 Mission street is part of the reason that I've relocated to San Francisco from Cleveland, Ohio.

All of the food at this place is absolutely delicious!

Amazing burritos, but you'll pay for 'em. – I've been here numerous times and would eat here everyday if I could, but only if I could afford it! The burritos are SO GOOD (marinated meat, some black beans, and just a little cheese are all I need), but the price can get out of hand if you want to add other items like guac, sour cream, etc. Definitely check the place out, but take some cash out before you head in.

Overpriced, Overhyped: Better Eats elsewhere – I was intriqued by this "burrito sans beans," so I headed down one day for a late lunch. The menu is quite limited compared to other places, and they do not give you many choices as to what goes in the burrito. I filled mine with chicken and added cheese and avocado, both of which were extra. The meat was good and the burritto was lean overall, but I don't think it was worth the price. Chips and salsa are also extra. For the money, the food is not worth it.

ok food, but overrated – I made my pilgrimage to la taqueria after reading these rave reviews. I am from mexico and I am always on the hunt for the best authentic tacos. Value was terrible. $3.50 for a plain small taco which only includes beans, salsa, meat?? Highway robbery!! and did i read this wrong, but $1.00 for NO frijoles (beans)? Another dollar for fresh avocado. My total for two carnitas tacos w/ guac came out to $9.50!! The carnitas meat was a bit dry and flavorless, and overall, their taco was nothing special. The salsa was fresh, and it did taste authentic.. but not necessarily flavorful. They were average tasting at best, but the price made it completely sub par. There are better tasting values all up and down mission street. I do not understand how these tacos are superior to any of the others on the list.

It's the best – I grew up in San Francisco and when I was younger, I hated the burritos because they didnt have rice. I now know its because their style is more traditional/authentic. Anyway, the tortilla and the beans make a complete protein, so get over the fact that there isnt any rice its well worth it! Sure, its cramped, parking might be a pain, and its not dirt cheap, but the food is fresh and wonderful. They have the best casadillas in the whole world. I order the flour casadilla with sour cream, avocado and salsa. Try it, youll get addicted too. The service is fast and its really high quality food. Go, enjoy. Repeat.

Best Burrito! – I am turning 30 [gulp] this year. and I have eaten at La Taqueria ever since I can remember. No other place serves up burritos and tacos as good as they do! The food is fresh and the salsa verde is delicious. I have to resist the temptation to pilfer the salsa verde bottle every time I go! The fruit drinks are never watered down. you can see the cut up fruit pieces. The only bummer, I live on the Peninsula now, so it's a bit of trek but well worth it!

Best Tacos! – The BEST tacos in town. The quality of the food at this little spot is incredible. My favorites are the chicken and carnitas tacos. The service is nice and quick.

They Have Burritos De Lengua. – Now most people will freak when they hear this, the gringos especially but you can't find lengua (tounge) anywhere in SF. But you can here. And Julieta is the bomb, great service.

What Does a Gringo Know? Just Miquel Lara's La Taqueria is the greatest. – Miquel Lara opened La Taqueria 29 years ago in a Mission area of impossible parking.

He remodeled a small space, occupied a third of that with a modern kitchen along an entire wall. Furnished the dining room with rustic wooden tables, chairs and benches.

Strictly authentic, low cost Mexican atmosphere.

His mamacita's recipes created a short menu of the best burritos, quesidillas, tacos and tostados in the western United States.

If you must have lots of arroz y frijoles -- you are in trouble. La Taqueria specializes in mostly all meat burritos, great tacos, tostados y fresh "home made" Mexican fruit and blossom drinks. Strawberry fresa, tamarindo and horchata to die for.

Working the Taqueria system -- One gets a table. One gets in line and orders. The rest park and come in time to pick up orders. When things get busy, help comes to write orders in line and presents your ticket to the cashier. (Oh yes, there is always a line, from 11 a.m. until 9 p.m, when they close promptly.)

Food & drink are produced speedily by a kitchen staff which is among the highest paid in San Franciso or anywhere else.

Miguel only buys the best ingredients, hires the best people (pays accordingly) and delivers the best food. That result improves the heck out of wooden benches.

But what do I know, I'm just a Gringo.

Albeit a Gringo who has eaten Mexican food in nearly every California county, the smallest towns and even the largest cities, plus a bunch of "country" homes.

O yeah, I've also eaten Mexican food in fancy surroundings and hole-in-the wall spots in every state west of the Mississippi and at least half of the eastern states.

Come to think of it, I've eaten the local food in rural areas, villages, towns and cities in about a dozen states of Mexico. (Going back to when Pemex gasoline and diesel were less than 15 cents per gallon.)

By now, I'm really hard to impress or satisfy.

Still the Best in Town – I have been going to La Taqueria since I was in High School in 1978. It is now 2005 and still has the best burrito's in the San Francisco area. I have been bringing my children there since they were babies and they simple love it. I travel from the East Bay just to get a GOOD burrito!! Keep up the good work.

Been there, done that – We bought 2 burritos (carnitas, chicken), 2 tacos (tongue, carnitas) and a chicken/cheese quesadilla. Cost $25! Not that economical. Our kid didn't like the burrito, thought it was wierd w/o the rice. My tongue taco was bland, soft tongue meat, full of cilantro. I liked the carnitas, flavorful in the soft taco and burrito. They're pretty fast in making up the food for take out. Lots of families w/kids there on the weekend & lots of foot traffic.

chilango y a mucha honra – of all te reasons I can think of why should I go to SFO so frequently, having not 1 but 2 carne asada burritos is among the top 5, going to SFO and not eating at La Taqueria is like living in Mexico city and not have a tamal de dulce once in a while

Muy bien – They do a nice burrito here. The carne asada was great. The only downside is you need to order all the fixings as extras (sour cream, Guac, Cheese), which leads to a semi-expensive meal. The agua frescas (mango) and chips and salsa are outstanding. There is no need to cross the border, as this section of the Mission could be in Mexico.

Be warned, the line is always long and there are not a ton of seats. I will go again.

Mediocre – I got a carne asada burrito and specifically asked for no cilantro. Of course it was stuffed with cilantro. The carne asada was way too salty. As for value, the burritos here are about half the size as you would get at a taqueria cancun or el farolito and they charge extra for avocado or cheese. Now the place is well lit, and looked very clean. I noticed that there were plenty of diners who spoke spanish (always a good sign for taquerias). They also don't fill the burritos with any rice which may account for the smaller size.

Best Carnitas and Guacomole – Their carnitas are super juicy and super tasty. When you bite into a carnitas taco or burrito, the flavor just tantalize your taste buds. The guacomole is great. They don't rip on the avocadoes. I love their horchata too. Just a tad expensive.

Oh My God Carnitas – The place is small and almost always busy, but there's absolutely nothing lacking in joint's carnitas. They are crisp, and tender with just the right spices. Not to mention, if you're in the south bay and you're craving them, the south bay store is in downtown San Jose. Just as grand.

great veggie burritos! – This is without a doubt my favorite taqueria. I love their vegetarian burritos. beans, cheese, avocado and salsa. Great flavor and no rice. I had a beef burrito one day, and that was excellent, also.

Excellent burritos, but priced to trick – La Taqueria has the best burritos and tacos in the city because they use quality fresh ingredients. The only drawback is that they price extras separately. They charge way too much for avocado, sour cream, etc. If you order all extras (your burrito with everything on it) you will pay up to $15 for a burrito and drink. And of course there will not be seating during the lunch hour.

The Secret Recipe – La Taqueria once changed ownership and the customers quickly disappeared. After the original owners came back, business was thriving. The original owners know exactly the right ingredients to use in their carne asada meat. Believe me, their carne asada burritos are the best in town. No other restaurant can compare. Once you taste their food and frescas, you will not want to go anywhere else. At lunch time, the lines are crowded with shirts and ties. But the atmosphere is extremely non-pretentious. You can sit anywhere with anyone and just become preocupied with the taste you begin to indulge in.

Best Fresh Mexican in SF – La Taqueria deserves teh long lines of customers that you will see at both of its locations. They use high quality, fresh ingredients, and always make their own salsa. The burritos are the best you can find anywhere in SF, and I have tried many. Be sure to try their salsa verde - Yum!

Best beans=>best burrito – Disregard any word to the contrary, La Taqueria serves the best vegetarian burrito in the Mission, which is to say, the Universe. I can't speak for meat burritoes because I don't eat 'em. But I would guess even then it would come down to the beans. The juiciest and most flavorful of any I've sampled in the Mission. The crowd: less hipster, more from the old neighborhood than other taquerias. That's a sign.

Best Burrito Ever, Great Prices – Hands down one of the juiciest best burritos I've ever had in the Mission area!! I highly suggest this place. great atmosphere and nice people. And the best part is it's cheap. what more could you ask for.

By far the best. – As an SF native and extreme fan of a great burrito, I can say after many years of testing that this is by far the best burrito in San Francisco if not the best burrito that exists on the face of the earth. If you are reading this, please trust what I say and give it a whirl. Anybody who is disappointed has no idea what a great burrito is.

Best By Far – Not the biggest burrito in town- but by far the best. People out lookin gto stuff themselves with rice and beans should stay away, but if you want the best tasting burrito in the US, this is the place.

Ole La Taqueria – In order to settle a dispute, friends of mine did a taste test of burrito places in the mission, La Taqueria, Taqueria San Jose, and La Cumbre. La Taqueria came out the best. There tacos are hard to beat, esspecially the works with one soft tortilla, one fried, meat, cheese, salsa, sour cream and a huge dollop of guacamole. Holy cow, what a great way to plug your arteries! The burritos are huge, the meat tender and flavorful. Bar none, La Taqueria throws down some great mexican food.

THIS is a BURRITO. – Of all the burritos I've had in San Francisco, this is the place to yet 'em. DO NOT order a burrito at La Taqueria without allowing the cook to put everything on it! Its not guacamole, rather pure, ripe avocado. The salsa is wonderful and if you're brave try the 'picante salsa' on your burrito. The aguas frescas are out of this world, the best on a hot day. Mango is my favorite. Others include strawberry, etc. I do have to say this isn't the least expensive burrito I've ever had but value isn't only based on price.

Who needs rice? – La Taqueria makes you realize in a heartbeat how unnecessary the rice in every other burrito is. All you need is fabulous meat - especially their carnitas or carne asada - a little salsa, beans, the perfect hot sauce, and maybe some unadulterated mashed avocado and you're in heaven.

The only downside? Chips and salsa will cost you $1.

No Customer Service? No Patron! – What restaurant closes at 9pm on a Thursday? We recently stopped by to grab burritos to go at 8:55 and were rudely told to come back the next day. We went down the street to Pancho Villa and will never go back.

The food and the view of Sedona's Red Rocks make it well worth waiting in line for a table at upscale Elote, according to the food and travel website Gayot. Reviewers rave about several dishes, but the pork cheeks, carnitas, and fire-roasted corn inspire the most recommendations.

Note: Elote Cafe is temporarily closed but will be reopening in a new location at 350 Jordan Road.

It’s a tiny little place where you order at the counter, but the menu and the very bright décor at Tacorgasmico are more exciting than your average taqueria. Sure, you can get a Mission-style burrito, but try the slow-cooked pork with Yucatan flavors for a change of pace.

Hours of operation: Mon–Thurs 5:00 PM – 10:00 PM Fri–Sun 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Address: 2337 Market St.

Best Burritos In South Bay

Iguanas is a family-operated establishment that has been around since 1994. While also serving up tasty tacos, tortas, quesadillas and nachos, Iguanas has built its reputation around burritos. In particular, Iguanas is known for its Burritozilla that weighs in at five pounds and is 18 inches long. This monster-sized favorite even won the attention of the Travel Channel&rsquos “Man vs. Food” and appeared on the show. Of course, it is inside what matters and Iguanas’ family recipes are what keep hungry customers coming back. Al pastor is pork that is marinated in chilis and spices for up two days and is a popular choice among customers as the base of the burrito. However, not everyone has a Burritozilla appetite, so for those looking for a lighter bite check out the regular size and mini burritos.

La Costeña
2078 Old Middlefield Way
Mountain View, CA 94043
(650) 967-0507

La Costeña has long been highly regarded and is regularly voted the best burrito in Mountain View. The magic happens at an unassuming Mexican grocery store at a tiny counter in the back. The carne asada, which is cooked to order, is considered by many to be the top choice. Served with your choice of brown, white or Spanish rice and refried, pinto or whole black beans, pile up the goodness. These super-sized burritos can be further customized to include grilled vegetables, cheese, guacamole, sour cream and salsa. If you aren&rsquot impressed yet, this just might do it. As of 1997, La Costeña holds the Guinness Book of World Records title for the world&rsquos largest burrito, which weighed in at 4,456.3 pounds and was measured at 3,578 feet long. In case you are wondering &ndash it is not on the menu.

La Victoria, also fondly known as La Vic, is a popular go-to spot in the South Bay for burritos. Originally founded in 1998, one block away from San Jose State University, the restaurant has grown to include five locations. Since its inception, it has become a popular spot for breakfast burritos made of beans and rice and your choice of chorizo and eggs, bacon and eggs, ham and eggs or potato and eggs. It is also famous for its delicately seasoned carne asada burritos. But what really sets La Vic apart is its famous orange sauce. This creamy, spicy condiment takes center stage, but don&rsquot dare ask for the recipe &ndash it is a closely guarded treasure.

Sancho&rsquos Taqueria is an authentic Mexican eatery that brings together quality produce with skilled culinary staff &ndash including Adam Torres, who previously held positions at Village Pub and Boulevard. Open since 2005, the taqueria has already expanded to include three South Bay locations and a food truck in the Peninsula. The plentiful carnitas super burrito with guacamole, salsa, beans (pinto, black or refried), sour cream and pico de gallo has been hailed a favorite. With a brightly colored interior and personality to match the food, it is no wonder that Sancho’s has become a favorite.

La Bamba history stretches back to the mid-1980s and today the popular restaurant has three locations in Mountain View. The taqueria offers traditional Mexican and Salvadorian dishes made from scratch with fresh ingredients. Its famous tortillas are made daily and the salsas are prepared fresh throughout the day to ensure quality, consistent flavor. The pollo and carne asada fillings are considered to be favorites and both are a perfect complement to the hefty burritos which are filled with crunchy, well-seasoned bits of meat, sautéed vegetables and topped off with sour cream and guacamole. With an illustrious Bay Area history, it is no wonder that La Bamba is regularly voted a favorite.

Let's preface this by sharing the fact that they raise their own oysters. They are famous for their clam chowder, oyster po-boy sandwiches, and of course their oysters. Their menu is simple, but this is the perfect place to come with friends if you want to sit outside, laugh, and enjoy great food.

In my personal opinion, Vietnamese food is the most underrated cuisine of all time. The Slanted Door is a great place for a celebratory dinner with a group of friends of family. The move is to order a bunch of different dishes and share them. If you are an adventurous eater, the entire menu will make your mouth water. It's pricey, but sometimes you have to treat yo' self.

Taqueria Coatzingo

This unassuming New York joint serves up some of the best tacos on the east coast, if not anywhere. Based in Queens, Taqueria Coatzinga specializes in finger-food from south of the border. It’s a straightforward, counter-service kinda place but the food would be fit for someplace much fancier. There’s an urban legend that suggests there’s no good Mexican food in NYC but this place refutes that instantly.

Broken Spanish Chef Ray Garcia Opens New Delivery-Only Taqueria

Chef Ray Garcia is stepping into the booming ghost/virtual kitchen space with both feet, teasing plans on social media for a new delivery-only restaurant called MILA, short for Made In Los Angeles.

“It’s a taqueria, in the Ray Garcia sense,” says the chef, who currently owns and operates Broken Spanish in Downtown, and previously ran B.S. Taqueria from a separate space not far away on 7th Street. “It’s going to have a lot of focus on technique and ingredients.”

The new operation won’t be a rehash of B.S. Taqueria under a different name. The recipes and formatting are unique to MILA, and Garcia believes that the ghost kitchen model makes the entire thing dramatically different, and more scalable.

“It’s not B.S. Taqueria,” says Garcia. “It’s not going to be a cut and paste of what we’ve done before. It’ll be in the spirit of what a lot of people liked about B.S., but we made it different.”

The plan is to open MILA in the coming weeks, working a delivery radius that extends across Downtown to start, as Garcia will begin by using the existing Broken Spanish kitchen to make all of MILA’s tacos. The menu will begin with six main items — three meat tacos and three vegetarian tacos, including things like a take on calabacitas, and several sides.


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Future locations could spread the brand further across the city, using existing ghost kitchen spaces in areas like Koreatown, the Westside, Hollywood, and even Pasadena. “It’s a brand that will be here a while,” Garcia says, “knock on wood.” MILA will be available on all the usual delivery apps customers will need to order in advance, and will not be able to simply walk up to Broken Spanish to order MILA food, though Garcia does hope that expanding his name into the ghost kitchen realm could ultimately help bring more customers to his sit-down restaurant as well.

More and more, big-time restaurant operators have been diving into the ghost kitchen/delivery-only restaurant model as a way to both shore up lost business because of the pandemic, and to ensure a robust business for the future as delivery become more and more a part of everyday life — coronavirus or not. In recent moths corporate behemoth SBE has jumped into the virtual kitchen space with several different delivery restaurant concepts, as has H.Wood Group. On the smaller scale, longtime Culver City fried chicken restaurant Honey’s Kettle has signed a deal to expand into new swaths of Los Angeles with its own delivery restaurant idea.

“Part of it is liberating, and part of it is frightening,” says Garcia of moving into the delivery space while still running his popular sit-down restaurant Broken Spanish in Downtown. “I like the challenge of trying to establish some sort of experience and connection with the guest, through the food itself.”

“The current environment has sped things up a little bit,” says Garcia of the current uncertain business climate. “It’s changed the variables in the equation, at least for the foreseeable future. Having extra square footage really isn’t a benefit. I’m in Downtown LA, across from a convention center, a sports arena, a music center — who knows when they will open again.”

MILA begins early next month for lunch and dinner, starting at five days per week, with plans to expand both hours and locations in the future. Garcia says that MILA will also eventually act as an “umbrella” brand, paving the way for Tacos MILA, Tortas MILA, Burritos MILA, and beyond.

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