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America's Best Sports Bars for 2011

America's Best Sports Bars for 2011

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Who made the list of the country's top 10 bars for sports enthusiasts?

Yelp/Jazz F.

When a sports bar gets it right, it can come as close as possible to replicating the experience — ideally with the added bonus of a more convenient location, less traffic, and cheaper and better food and drinks.

For big sports fans, nothing can truly compare to being at the game. That said, when a sports bar gets it right, it can come as close as possible to replicating the experience — ideally with the added bonus of a more convenient location, less traffic, and cheaper and better food and drinks.

There are any number of criteria on which to evaluate sports bars and compare them against each other. In no particular order, these characteristics are as follows: quality and quantity of TVs, food, drinks, value, location, friendliness of the staff, décor (which for sports bars means unique, nostalgia-inducing memorabilia as opposed to sleek interior design), and clientele. Does the bar cater to certain team fan bases or to specific sports? Could a deep-pocketed investor open a competitor nearby and do a better job catering to fans?

These tenets meld together to create an unquantifiable but readily noticeable factor which, above all else, determines the worthiness of a sports bar: atmosphere. At the best sports bars, you can go to grab a delicious meal, have a couple of drinks, and catch a game by yourself, leaving a few hours later with a group of new, like-minded friends. Especially if your favorite team wins.

Click here for the America's Best Sports Bars Slideshow.

America's Best Sports Bars for 2011 - Recipes

Shortly after the Liberty Bell cracked and long before ground was broken for City Hall, McGillin’s Olde Ale House threw open its doors. Its beer taps have been flowing since 1860 — making it the oldest continuously operating tavern in Philadelphia. McGillin’s has outlasted Strawbridge’s, the Civil War and even Prohibition. McGillin’s celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2010.

Catherine & William McGillin opened the Bell in Hand Tavern.The Irish immigrants, who raised their 13 children upstairs, soon become known as “Ma” and “Pa” and the laborers who frequented the bar called it “McGillin’s.” The nicknames eventually stuck. The tavern grew to include the oyster house next door, the back alley/washroom and the house upstairs.

Abe Lincoln elected president. Although Lincoln visits Philadelphia, we have no proof that he visits McGillin’s. Of course, we have no proof that he doesn’t either.

Mexican victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla — now marked by Cinco de Mayo, celebrated annually at McGillin’s, with an Irish twist.

Civil War ends. McGillin’s doesn’t really have anything to do with this — but will happily take credit.

Construction of City Hall begins (completed by 1901) two blocks from McGillin’s. Every liquor license since 1871 hangs on the wall at McGillin’s.

America celebrates 100th Anniversary, The Centennial. John Wanamaker Department Store opens around the corner from McGillin’s (now Macy’s). McGillin’s outlasts Wanamaker’s. Wanamaker sign part of McGillin’s collection of iconic Philadelphia signs.

Woolworth opens. Its sign added to McGillin’s sign collection when it closes in 1997.

McGillin’s customer, W.C. Fields, born. “Philadelphia is a wonderful place I spent a week there one night.”

McGillin’s celebrates 25th anniversary.

Gimbel Brothers opens in Philadelphia. Its sign added to McGillin’s iconic sign collection when it closes in 1987.

Pa McGillin dies & Ma McGillin takes over bar. No pushover, Ma has a list of troublemakers who weren’t allowed in. The list reads like the social registry, including some of Philadelphia’s most prominent citizens.

McGillin’s celebrates 50th anniversary with a new façade. Name officially changes to McGillin’s Olde Ale House.

Prohibition enacted. During Prohibition, Ma McGillin hires a chef. Serves food and ice cream and perhaps, a few tea cups were tipped on the second floor.

Philadelphia cheesesteak invented. A top-seller at McGillin’s.

Prohibition ends! Ma McGillin takes the key from her breast pocket and reopens the pub’s front door.

McGillin’s celebrates 75th anniversary.

Ma McGillin Turns 89 — making national press!

April 16, 1937

Ma McGillin dies at age 89. Daughter, Mercedes McGillin Hooper, one of the 13 children who grew up in the room above the tavern, runs the Ale House until 1958, with her nephew Doc.

Pearl Harbor Day. Thousands of soldiers and sailors pass through McGillin’s doors on their way to the front.

Brothers Henry Spaniak & Joe Shepaniak (yes, they spell it differently) buy the bar from McGillin’s family. Three generations later, it’s still in the family – with the same old fashioned values & prices.

McGillin’s Olde Ale House celebrates 100th anniversary.

Ethel Merman, frequents McGillin’s, where she reminisces about her childhood days on the road with her Vaudeville parents. Says to owner Henry Spaniak “tell anyone I’m here and I’ll never come back.” Guess she’s not coming back?!

Tennessee Williams visits McGillin’s.

Corestates Opens. When is closes in 2008, it’s sign is added to McGillin’s sign collection.

Lit Brothers close after almost 100 years. Sign added to McGillin’s collection of iconic Philadelphia signs.

McGillin’s celebrates 125th anniversary.

One Liberty Place breaks Philadelphia skyline. Curse of Billy Penn is born (see 2008). Don’t blame McGillin’s — we were here 41 years before City Hall (see 1871).

McGillin’s sold to second generation of Spaniaks- Henry’s daughter, Mary Ellen Spaniak Mullins, & son-in-law, Chris Mullins.

McGillin’s Real Ale & McGillin’s Genuine Lager debut on draft, Philadelphia Craft Beer Scene begins.

J.E. Caldwell, a jeweler in business since 1939, closes. Sign added to McGillin’s collection of iconic signs.


McGillin’s named to the list of Top 100 Nightclubs & Bars in the U.S. by Nightclub & Bar Magazine — 2 years in a row!

Third generation of Spaniak family joins management team at McGillin’s — Christopher Mullins, Jr., son of Mary Ellen & Chris Mullins & grandson of Henry Spaniak.

Deux Cheminees and Strawbridge & Clothiers signs added to McGillin’s collection. The former opened in 1970s and the latter in 1868.

Sons of Ben is created here at McGillin's

The Sons of Ben, a supporter group of Major League Soccer’s Philadelphia Union, was created at McGillin’s! Bryan James, Andrew Dillon, and David Flagler founded the Sons of Ben supporters club on January 17, 2007, the 301st anniversary of Benjamin Franklin’s birthday. Philadelphia soccer fan Ethan Gomberg suggested the name. The Sons of Ben are the first Philadelphia Union supporters club, and use the Philadelphia civic colors of light blue and yellow as opposed to the darker shades officially used by the team. The Sons of Ben began during a flurry of rumors regarding Major League Soccer’s negotiations with investors regarding a potential team in the Philadelphia region.

Gourmet magazine names McGillin’s “one of the 14 coolest bars in the U.S.”

McGillin’s dives into social media (Twitter & Facebook) — proving you can teach an old dog new tricks!

Curse of Billy Penn ends — Phillies win World Series! Big crowd watches at McGillin’s!

McGillin’s made history – celebrated 150th anniversary with giant party, visit from Budweiser Clydesdales and introduction of McGillin’s 1860 IPA.

McGillin’s employee, for over 40 years, John Doyle wins “Best Bartender” award from Philadelphia magazine.

Philadelphia Magazine awards John Doyle the “Best Bartender in Philadelphia” – it took them that long to realize it? He’s been a fixture here for OVER 40 years!! Congrats John!

McGillin’s wins “Best Happy Hour” award from Philadelphia Magazine.

Complex Magazine named McGillin’s to list of The 50 Best Irish Pubs in America

Irish Pubs Global named McGillin’s to list of America’s Best Irish Bars

McGillin’s wins best Happy Hour award from

McGillin’s runner up for Best Sports Bar award from

Fodor’s names McGillin’s One of Ten Best Historic Bars in the U.S. and one of Best Irish Bars in America

Irish Central Named McGillin’s to list of 10 Best Irish Pubs in the U.S.

Fox News named McGillin’s to the list of Top Irish Pubs in the U.S.

CBS named McGillin’s to list of top Karaoke Spots in Philadelphia

Le Bec Fin, which kicked off Philadelphia’s restaurant renaissance in 1970, closes and its sign is added to collection at McGillin’s.

McGillin’s named One of Top St. Patrick’s Day Bars in U.S. by Huffington Post

McGillin’s on’s list of Best Irish Pubs in the United States

McGillin’s named 1 of 10 Best Irish Pubs in the Country by

McGillin’s called one of 10 Best Authentic Irish Pubs in America by American Profiles
Yahoo Travel and Gayot name McGillin’s to list of Top 10 Irish Pubs in the U.S.

Named McGillin’s one of 18 most Authentic Irish Pubs in America

The Travel Channel names McGillin’s one of the Best Irish Bars in the U.S.
International Business Times names McGillin’s on list of Where to Celebrate St Patrick’s Day

McGillin’s Named one of Most Authentic Irish Pubs in America by USA Today & Huffington Post.

Named one of Most Popular Tourist Attractions in Philadelphia by Philadelphia Business Journal

July 2016

Vice President Joe Biden visits McGillin's

During the week Philadelphia hosted the DNC, McGillin’s hosted MSNBC’s morning show “Morning Joe” hosted by Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski. Local and National politicians visited McGillin’s throughout the week, the highlight was the Vice President.

McGillin’s awarded by Philadelphia Magazine as the “Best Place to Watch the Game”

June 2018

25th Anniversary

It’s been 25 years since Mary Ellen & Chris Mullins, Sr. took over McGillin’s Olde Ale House, which they now run with their son, Christopher Mullins, Jr. They bought it in 1993 from Mary Ellen’s father and uncle. So it’s been in the same family for 60 years of its 158 years!

October 2019

Modelo commercial featuring Christopher Mullins, Jr.

Modelo has paired with the International Rescue Committee, an NGO that responds to humanitarian crises and helps people rebuild their lives. More than 100 years ago, Christopher’s grandparents immigrated to America making McGillin’s especially proud to be part of this campaign that helps immigrants get a fighting chance here.

Leap Day Proposals

It’s an old Irish tradition for women to propose on Leap Day. And where better than McGillin’s Olde Ale House, where there’s mating magic. More couples have met at McGillin’s than anywhere else in Philadelphia!

On Leap Day 2020, we held a contest and 3 couples got engaged here. Wishing them long, happy marriages!

The Five Best Chocolate Bars You've Never Tasted

According to the International Cocoa Association, the net sales value of confectionaries in 2011 was $55 billion worldwide. And I can safely say that I contributed to that value. I'm a chocoholic, and if it's chocolate, I'll taste it. I'm currently working my way through a Wawal 70% bar from Poland and a Raaka chili chocolate bar I picked up at Brooklyn's Smorgasburg. I've sipped drinking chocolate from Marie Antoinette's recipe from 1775, and I've sampled random bars from every country I've ever visited. For the most part, I've enjoyed them all.

But some I've enjoyed a little more than others. It's time to share the love. Here are my top five favorites. I've hooked many friends on these chocolates, and I bet I can hook a few of you too.

Unless you too are an unrepentant chocoholic, you probably won't recognize many of these brands, and most of you aren't going to find these bars in your local grocery stores (although Whole Foods carries Mast Brothers). If you’re lucky or persistent, you can catch them either online or in specialty shops. But for me, the hunt is almost as satisfying as the chocolate itself…although not quite.

If you have any favorites I've neglected, let me know in the comments I’m always willing to try new chocolate.

This Swiss company’s Black Praline Goldbar is sweet but not too sweet and unctuously smooth, its creaminess offset by thin layers of almonds and hazelnuts.

In a blind taste test, I chose the Ambanja as my favorite of their entire product line--two years in a row. Almost everything Guittard makes is terrific, however, this bar excels thanks to its bright, fruity notes and a berry finish.

Amadei website writes that Bar Chuao “evolves into a flavour of fresh fruits and closes with a sensation of honey and preserves.” I didn’t get that. What I did get was a serious chocolate kick that started chocolately, evolved more chocolately, and stayed with me for hours.

Of the many raw chocolates on the market, I have to choose the Dark Cacao Truffles one as my favorite for its earthiness and dense richness. As it’s flavored with agave, it gives me a chocolate rush without a sugar rush…and the subsequent sugar crash. (Uli Mana comes in ball form, not bar, but its ingredients are as simple as any plain bar.)

Wrinkling your nose at the thought of salt marring your perfect chocolate? Don’t. A well-salted bar dials the flavor of the beans to 11. It’s powerfully complex, and it's one of the best chocolate bars I’ve ever tasted--worth every penny of its (admittedly exorbitant) price.

Community Reviews

This book is a fine resource for those who want to do some bbq this summer! The best recipes from some of the best barbecue places are presented. The recipes are pretty easy to follow, and you can imagine quite easily the process of preparing the dishes here.

The book is divided into 4 parts--Starters, Main dishes, Sides and condiments, and desserts. Other features. . . . A listing of the authors&apos favorite BBQ joints, some legacy recipes, barbecue basics, and so on.

But, as always with a cookbook This book is a fine resource for those who want to do some bbq this summer! The best recipes from some of the best barbecue places are presented. The recipes are pretty easy to follow, and you can imagine quite easily the process of preparing the dishes here.

The book is divided into 4 parts--Starters, Main dishes, Sides and condiments, and desserts. Other features. . . . A listing of the authors' favorite BBQ joints, some legacy recipes, barbecue basics, and so on.

But, as always with a cookbook, it's the recipes that make or break the volume. Among "Starters" are some interesting selections--"Brunswick Stew," "Gumbo," "Vidalia Onion Dip," and "Fried Green Tomatoes."

"Main Dishes"? "Smoked Prime Rib" (my mind boggles, as I am used to the more demure methods of preparation), "Slaughterhouse Five Ribs," "Barbecued Pork Steak with Chunky Applesauce," "Pulled Pork Sandwich" (one of my wife's favorite barbecued dishes),"Bar-B-Q Spaghetti" (you have to read the recipe to believe it!), and "Beer Battered Cod with Tartar Sauce."

"Sides"? Think "Cheesy Potato Bake," "Van's Coleslaw," and "Goode Company BBQ Beef Rub" (Some of the ingredients suggest how tasty this would be--dark brown sugar, paprika, dry mustard, onion powder, garlic powder, basil, bay leaves, coriander, savory, thyme, black pepper, white pepper, cumin, and salt).

The book contains a pro and con between charcoal versus gas grilling. Anyhow, I'm looking forward to playing around with some of these recipes during the grilling season. Worth a look if you like using your grill!
. more

Best Pale Ale: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Region: California | ABV: 5.6% | Tasting Notes: citrus, pine, bitter hops

Sierra Nevada is one of those breweries that can’t seem to do wrong, whether it’s making thirst-quenching beers or donating millions of dollars to wildfire relief efforts. When it comes to the former, its pale ale has become a timeless offering during the brewery’s 30 years in operation. “The classic benchmark for the style,” says Chris Powers, the co-owner of Trophy Brewing Company and State of Beer. “The pale ale you can't ever get tired of.”

Five Food and Drink Options for Keeneland First-Timers

You’ve heard for years that Keeneland Race Course in Lexington, Ky., is a must-visit destination if you consider yourself a fan of Thoroughbred racing. You watched the track host the Breeders’ Cup World Championships for the very first time in 2015, and heard guests chatter on NBC time and time again in between races, “Man, this place is great.” You witnessed American Pharoah soar into history amidst a picturesque backdrop and throngs of cheering fans, and said to yourself, “I have got to see this in person.”

And so you’re on your way, eager to experience one of the world’s true jewel racetracks. If you are heading to Keeneland for the spring meet or planning something in the near future, there are many things to prepare for. Perhaps the most important of those (well, after deciding which horses to bet on) is sampling the track’s top-notch dining and drinking options.

Keeneland is famous through the years for having some of the best racetrack food in North America, spanning the gamut from formal dining rooms all they way down to grandstand options. The Keeneland Association took over food services from longtime vendor Turf Catering a few years ago, but the quality hasn’t diminished one whit. Here are five food and drink options and locations for first-time visitors. These are staple selections, recommended especially for on-foot, adventurous types who have not reserved a seat in advance at one of Keeneland’s several fine dining rooms.

Find a map of the Keeneland grounds, including all their dining options, click here.

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Black's Barbecue, Lockhart, TX

Just a few blocks from Smitty&rsquos Market, but a world away. There&rsquos a delicious spicy-sweet tomato-based sauce for slathering on brisket and pork ribs, and live music on a small performance stage. Specialties of the house are beef ribs the size of dinosaur bones, and more than 20 different down-home sides like cornbread, deviled eggs, and macaroni salad.

215 North Main Street, Lockhart, TX 512/398-2712

America's best milkshakes

1 of 15 2 of 15 3 of 15 4 of 15 5 of 15 6 of 15 7 of 15 8 of 15 9 of 15 10 of 15 11 of 15 12 of 15 13 of 15 14 of 15

Ted's Bulletin, Washington, D.C.: Two sons opened Ted’s Bulletin in their father’s honor, and the brunch hot spot has become a real standard in Washington, D.C. The family restaurant is filled with booths and also offers counter-service. From the bar, you can see workers mix up the 16 shake flavors, including s’mores, caramel macchiato, and heath almond, while adults can indulge in the White Russian and Nutty Professor (with hazelnut liqueur) boozy versions. Shake to Try: Heath Almond (Photo: Ted's Bulletin)

Milkshakes are true American classics — chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry have the power to transport us back to diner days or hot summer afternoons. But creative, more decadent variations prove that milkshake makeovers can be just as satisfying. Whether they choose classic or novel versions, Americans have been indulging in milkshakes for more than a century, often breaking diets, but always satisfying cravings.

The milkshake's origins can be traced back to the late 19th century, when an 1885 newspaper described the milkshake as a sturdy drink with milk, whiskey, eggs, sugar, and ice. It wasn't until 1922 when a Walgreens employee in Chicago, Ivar "Pop" Coulson, took an old-fashioned malted milk and added scoops of ice cream. This new creation boomed in popularity nationwide throughout the 1930s, and milkshakes became staples at malt shops.

Today, the restaurants, diners, and ice cream parlors on this list are serving the best milkshakes around. When deciding which milkshakes to include, we took into consideration the quality of the ice cream (made in-house was a plus in our books), the variety of flavors offered (who could say no to the Speculoos shake at Edzo's Burger Shop?), and the history of the institution that serves them.

Unfortunately, Americans' retro love for milkshakes is often overshadowed by creative adult drink options. That's why places like Lunchbox Laboratory offer boozy shakes, served with a test tube of alcohol to appeal to the kid and grown-up in all of us.

But beyond all of our criteria, the milkshakes had to be blended to creamy perfection in order to join the ranks of some others we've loved. So if you're traveling this summer or just need a suggestion for a shake nearby, we hope we can guide you toward a delicious, irresistible milkshake to cool you down.

1. Franklin Fountain, Philadelphia

With decorative tin walls and ceilings and the building's original porcelain mosaic tile floor, Franklin Fountain shows no signs that before its opening in 2004, the turn-of-the-century building had been a shop called Eroticakes selling evocative lollipops and baked goods. Today, the Berley brothers have turned it into an old-fashioned soda shop. Named for Benjamin Franklin who began his adult life just blocks away, the shop aims to exhibit "forgotten flavors of the American past," according to its website. Homemade Franklin Ice Cream was first served in 2006, and the shop has come a long way since the original Philadelphia vanilla bean flavor, offering 21 flavors every day like cherry vanilla, teaberry gum, and green tea, as well as seasonal sorbets, sugar-free flavors, non-dairy ice creams, and featured flavors. Any flavor can be made into a shake, like the Franklin mint chip shown here. A true example of American history and small business, The Franklin Fountain's homemade ice cream makes their shakes extra tasty.

Shake to Try: Franklin Mint Chip

2. Fenton's Creamery, Oakland, Calif.

A creamery that has been around for 119 years sure knows how to keep its customers thirsty for more. That's definitely the case at Fenton's. Focusing on tradition and quality, the Fenton family wants to provide its customers with only the best ice cream and shakes. There are more than 30 "fabulous flavors" like banana nut and mocha almond fudge and occasional seasonal flavors like apple pie and eggnog. With shakes like these, it's no surprise customers have been coming back for generations.

3. Edzo's Burger Shop, Chicago

Edzo's Burger Shop squeezes customers into tables and chairs as others at the counter order classic hand-dipped shakes, blended with milk and add-ins like Oreos, peanut butter, or bananas. The website refers to this simple burger shop's shakes as "nothin' fancy," but daily experimenting with shake flavors often results in specials, so be sure to ask for off-menu shakes like The Elvis, Speculoos, and the Fluffernutter. And if you want a fruit flavor, make sure it's in season — they only use local, seasonal fruits like strawberries, peaches, and blackberries.

4. Bassetts Ice Cream Company, Philadelphia

Since 1861, Bassett's Ice Cream Company has been providing the Philadelphia region with delicious homemade ice cream, making it America's oldest ice cream company. A fifth-generation family business, its customers have included Dr. Phil and President Obama. With more than 40 ice cream flavors, the milkshake possibilities seem endless. The top 10 most popular flavors include vanilla, chocolate, butter pecan, and English toffee crunch. Shown here is one of their most popular specialty shakes: the Peanut Butter Dream, a base of Bassetts peanut butter ice cream blended with crushed peanut butter cups and topped with whipped cream, peanut butter syrup, and chocolate drizzles.

Shake to Try: Peanut Butter Dream

5. Lexington Candy Shop, New York City

Greeted with a historical Coca-Cola window display, customers at the Lexington Candy Shop are promised a unique experience. Just blocks from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the luncheonette's waiters in white jackets have been blending Bassetts Ice Cream of Philadelphia's classic vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and coffee shakes since 1925. On May 31, 2013 CBS Local News rated this old-fashioned shop as home to one of the best milkshakes in New York City. With a variety of classic flavors, you'll feel like you've been transported to a soda fountain with a jukebox playing in the background.

Shake to Try: Classic Strawberry

6. Lunchbox Laboratory, Seattle

With Lunchbox Laboratory's expansion in 2011 came the growth of its concept of nostalgic Americana comfort food with an off-the-wall twist the quirky restaurant is decorated with vintage lunchboxes and thermoses. It was named Best Milkshake of 2012 by Seattle Weekly News, and with the diner's use of local Snoqualmie Ice Cream, homemade chocolate ganache, and only the best ingredients, there's no question why shakes like Boston Crème Donut took home the prize. For grown-ups, there are also four signature "Boozy Shakes," served with a test tube of booze that complements the flavor of the shake. Perfect chemistry!

7. Ted's Bulletin, Washington, D.C.

Two sons opened Ted's Bulletin in their father's honor, and the brunch hot spot has become a real standard in Washington, D.C. The family restaurant is filled with booths and also offers counter-service. From the bar, you can see workers mix up the 16 shake flavors, including s'mores, caramel macchiato, and heath almond, while adults can indulge in the White Russian and Nutty Professor (with hazelnut liqueur) boozy versions. Faithful customers are happy to hear that Ted's is opening another location in D.C.

Shake to Try: Heath Almond

8. Max Brenner, New York City

Getting "Chocolate by the Bald Man" is a New York experience. Max Fichtman and Oded Brenner combined their names and founded Max Brenner in 1996 in Israel. With a New York location right in Union Square, Max Brenner has a variety of options, from crepes to chocolate pizza to chocolate syringes. And a restaurant that bases itself in chocolate is bound to have great milkshakes. Shown here is one of Max Brenner's 11 shakes, the Pure Chocolate Granita, a shake of milk chocolate ganache blended with ice. All of the shakes at the restaurant — including the Coconut White Chocolate Truffle, Cookieshake, and Eighties Milkshake flavors — are served in the signature Alice Cup.

Shake to Try: Pure Chocolate Granita

9. Burger & Beer Joint, Miami

Burger & Beer Joint is a unique restaurant that's a little bit of motor culture and a little bit of rock 'n' roll. It first opened its doors in 2009, and followed with a second location just a year later. There are 69 different bottles of beer offered, but customers have a different favorite drink: the chocolate shake. Thick and creamy and not too sweet, this shake at B&B proves worthy of a trip to the Miami joint. They're also known for their five adult milkshakes, such as the Spank the Monkey (pictured) with rocky road ice cream, fresh banana, UV Cake Vodka, Bols banana liqueur, and whipped cream.

Shake to Try: Spank the Monkey

10. Sassafras American Eatery, Denver

Sassafras American Eatery has served organic comfort food influenced by Southern American cooking since 2012 from its sleek, wooden picnic table environment. And their milkshakes are racking up the accolades Denver Westword recently named the full-service restaurant and bakery's handmade milkshakes the best of 2013. The 20 unique flavors include Oreo, Cap'n Crunch, Twinkie, Grasshopper, and Chocolate-Dipped Bacon. Even on cold Denver days, the flavor variety and homey ambiance of this stop make it well worth potential frostbite.

Shake to Try: Chocolate-Dipped Bacon

11. Saturn Café, Santa Cruz, Calif.

Saturn Café offers traditional diner food with a vegetarian, organic twist. It first opened its doors in 1979 with owners who were looking to create a community gathering place with a commitment to social and environmental justice. Their milkshakes are made with McConnell's premium ice cream (though vegan shakes are also available) in classic flavors. After choosing an ice cream base, customers can choose from shake add-ins like chocolate cookie crumbs, berries, and organic peanut butter to make their shakes unique. The interior is an outer-space take on an old-fashioned diner, colorful and entertaining enough to bring along the kids.

Shake to Try: Dutch Chocolate with Organic Peanut Butter

12. FLIP Burger Boutique, Atlanta and Birmingham, Ala.

FLIP Burger Boutique is a modern, upscale spin on the average burger joint from chef Richard Blais, winner of Bravo's Top Chef All-Stars. Blais has created a menu with a twist on classics, and his five unique milkshakes include the Krispy Kreme, Strawberry Shortcake, and Foie Gras (yes, really). The best part? You can add a shot of vodka or Kahlúa to three of the shakes if you're looking for a boozy treat. The modern, sleek interior is a higher-end take on a classic burger joint interior diners can sit at communal tables or at the counter, providing a unique and sociable experience.

13. Bareburger, New York City

Bareburger will put the mind of the health-conscious eater at ease. As stated on its website, "Our belief is that organic food tastes better and is better for you, and that sourcing our ingredients locally benefits our communities." To accompany their burgers, there are Bare Shakes, made with organic ice cream, milk, and fruits. Are all gluten-free and come in six flavors such as vanilla, peanut butter, and banana. With locations across three boroughs and Long Island, some with outdoor seating and all with plenty of room indoors, Bareburger is the perfect stop for a burger and shake.

Shake to Try: Peanut Butter

14. Chile Pies (& Ice Cream), San Francisco

Trevor Logan has been putting his own spin on a classic pie shop since Chile Pies' 2011 opening. The bakery serves sweet and savory pies mostly inspired from Logan's time in Santa Fe, N.M. The classic shakes are made with organic milk, and there's even a vegan option available. What's special about this place, though, is that a plain shake can be vamped up by blending in a piece of any one of the sweet pies, whose flavors change from season to season. Though the pies are the main attraction, the unique twist on a classic milkshake is worth saving room for.

Shake to Try: Country Peach Pie Shake

15. Bruxie, Orange, Calif.

In 2009, Bruxie owner Dean Simon took his waffle recipe to chef Kelly Mullarney and the two came up with the idea for an all-day waffle. A Bruxie became a sandwich between two Belgian waffles, but with Orange County Weekly's vote as the best milkshake of 2012, the kid-friendly joint has another claim-to-fame. There are five standard shake flavors like vanilla and Belgian chocolate, four premium shakes like mocha and chocolate-covered banana, and one seasonal favorite, like the must-try pumpkin shake.

This Rhubarb Lemonade is a refreshing springtime lemonade! This tasty lemonade recipe uses a flavorful rhubarb syrup mixed with sparkling water, lemon juice, and raspberries and is served chilled over ice. Creating this Rhubarb Lemonade Recipe I have been so in love with rhubarb this spring! I&rsquom always looking for new ways to use it, &hellip

Chocolate Chip Mint Greek Yogurt Pops

Prep Time: 10 Minutes

Cook Time: 5 Hours Freeze

Total Time: 5 Hours 10 Minutes


  • 1 cup Low-Fat, or No-Fat Vanilla Greek Yogurt
  • 1 1/2 cup Milk
  • 1 tsp Vanilla Extract
  • 1/2 tsp Mint or Peppermint Extract (more or less as desired)
  • 2 Tbsp Sugar
  • 1/2 cup Mini Chocolate Chips
  • Green Food Coloring, optional
  • 1/4 cup Chocolate Magic Shell, optional
  • 6 Popsicle sticks


In a mixing bowl, whisk together the milk, greek yogurt, vanilla, peppermint extract.

Add in green coloring to your desired shade of green. Whisk it into the mixture until it’s evenly mixed in. Pour the mixture into a popsicle mold. Sprinkle the tops of the pops with the mini chocolate chips, some will settle through while the pops freeze. If you would like additional chips mixed in, mix in a few additional mini chocolate chips using the popsicle sticks. Place sticks in the pops to freeze.

Place the pops in the freezer for 5 hours or longer to freeze solid. When ready to serve, run the base of the molds under hot water briefly and while grasping the sticks, wiggle the pops out of the mold.

Dip or drizzle the pops in to the Chocolate Magic Shell. Serve immediately.

*This post is sponsored by the ADA Mideast Association. I’m pleased to continue to partner with and represent agricultural organizations and producers who feed our country. All opinions are my own.*

Watch the video: Τούρκοι: Μας καίνε Κούρδοι και FETO με τις ευλογίες των ΗΠΑ


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