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Baked Rice (Baked Rice)

Baked Rice (Baked Rice)

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Boil the garlic ribs in a pressure cooker. Add saffron, beans and a meat knorr pill. After they have boiled, take the blood sausages, cut them into pieces and place them in a pan with oil. Fry the meat a little in that oil. It tastes like rice. After they are fried, put them in a plate and put the sweet paprika in oil. Fry all the above, but be careful not to burn the paprika, because it will taste bitter.

From the pot in which I boiled the meat we took 12 cups of soup. Put the rice in the clay pot, place the beans, put the garlic in the middle, add the ribs and the morcilla (blood sausages). Fry the potatoes well. We cut the potatoes round, as well as the tomatoes.

In total we need about 40 minutes, which include roasting meat, potatoes and blood sausages.

Place the potatoes and tomatoes over the ribs and the fried blood sausages and add 12 cups of soup left over from boiling the ribs. Leave in the oven for about 20 minutes


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