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Hong Kong Movie Star Opens 3 Restaurants Atop Shopping Center

Hong Kong Movie Star Opens 3 Restaurants Atop Shopping Center

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Carina Lau is the owner of three glamorous restaurants serving Japanese and Spanish Cuisine

The breathtaking view from the balcony of Kyo Shun.

Renowned Hong Kong actress Carina Lau is the owner of three new restaurants taking over the whole 18th floor of the all-in-one retail complex The One in Hong Kong. With a breathtaking view of the iconic Victoria Harbor, outdoor terraces, and a glamorous, modern, design by award-winning architect Irakli Imerlishvili from Aedas Interior Ltd., the restaurant floor is aiming to become "Hong Kong’s latest fashionable new destination venue," according to a recent press release.

The three restaurants all have different concepts and styles: Kyo-Shun, specializing in minimalist, contemporary Japanese cuisine; Zurriola, a high-end Spanish restaurant offering an avant-garde tapas menu by chef Pedro Samper; and Tapagria, a trendy tapas and sangria bar with "one of Hong Kong’s most extensive sangria menus," with 65 fruity flavors. After 10.30 p.m. every Friday and Saturday, this bar gets transformed to a lively dance lounge with DJs.

"The Japanese and Spanish themes were chosen because they are both very fashionable and popular and are also two of my personal favorite cuisines," said Lau in the release. "I traveled with my business partners to both Kyoto and Barcelona with our chefs to learn as much as I could about them — as well as gathering ideas about authentic décor for the restaurants."

Lau previously operated several nightclubs and a restaurant in in Shanghai and Beijing, but the lavish venture at The One’s 18th floor is her first step into the culinary scene of Hong Kong.

The Displaced Nation

Columnist Doreen Brett is back, and she’s accompanied by another “great” in the expat publishing world, Jo Parfitt, who has published 30+ books herself while also helping at least a hundred new expat writers publish their first great works. Wow. Who among us can compete? —ML Awanohara

Hello Displaced Nationers! It is my pleasure to present to you the venerable Jo Parfitt, who has been an expat for more than three decades while also carving out a career for herself as author, journalist, writing mentor/teacher, and publisher.

This is not Jo’s first time on the Displaced Nation. A couple of years ago, another expat author, Ana McGinley, interviewed Jo about her decision to found Summertime Publishing, which specializes in publishing books by and for people living abroad.

Summertime, by the way, is turning 10 years old this year. Congratulations, Jo!

As Jo reported to Ana, one of her own books, A Career in Your Suitcase, remains one of Summertime’s top five bestsellers. Is it any wonder, given that Jo is her own best example? Among the many places where she’s lived and worked are three I know well: my native Malaysia, my husband’s home country of Britain, and my current home of the Netherlands, where Jo, too, now resides.

And now let’s hear about Jo’s experience as a serial expat—and how living in so many different places has fed her creative life.

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