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Telepan and Levain Bakery Celebrate Respective Anniversaries with Bacon-Jalapeño Pizza

Telepan and Levain Bakery Celebrate Respective Anniversaries with Bacon-Jalapeño Pizza

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Two iconic New York City eateries are celebrating their anniversaries by collaborating on a bacon jalapeño pizza for charity

Any excuse to top pizza with bacon and jalapeños works for us.

Two of the most iconic eateries in New York City’s Upper West Side neighborhood are celebrating anniversaries with a mouthwatering collaboration. Telepan, an American restaurant on West 69th Street, has been around for 10 years and Levain Bakery, on West 74th Street, has been serving softball-sized cookies to customers for 20 years.

Together, they will be teaming up to offer a special bacon jalapeño pizza made with red onion, mozzarella, and Parmigiano-Reggiano every Wednesday at Levain throughout January.The best part (besides the delicious combination of jalapeños, bacon, and New York City pizza), is that partial proceeds from sales of the pizza will benefit the healthy school food nonprofit, Wellness in the Schools, (of which Bill Telepan is executive chef) and the ASPCA.

"I've known Pam and Connie [the owners of Levain Bakery] for 25 years and love what they do,” Telepan told The Daily Meal. “It was a no-brainer to collaborate and celebrate our mutual anniversaries by doing something fun, that supports business on the Upper West Side, and helps two of our favorite charities. I've always loved their pizzas, especially the crusts, so I came up with this version which I hope Levain fans will enjoy."

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