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Phytosanic black dessert (fasting)

Phytosanic black dessert (fasting)

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I used a tray lined with baking paper, dimensions 36/24 cm.

In a bowl, I put water, raspberry jam, sugar, I mixed until the sugar melted, then I added the oil, cocoa and raisins, I added salt. Separately I mixed the baking powder with the baking soda and I quenched it with lemon juice, I added the mixture in the bowl, I mixed well, then I added the ground walnuts, at the end, I added the flour. I overturned the mixture in the tray lined with baking paper, I leveled and I put the tray in the preheated oven, under the tray I put a kettle with water, so that the cake does not burn on the bottom. It is ready when it passes the toothpick test, it is glossy on top.

Take it out of the oven, let it cool down a bit, then portion it .... besides it is the best, it is also the most fito ... Marsala olive oil (made by my sister-in-law from the olives in the yard), Himalayan pink salt from the cute cook ..... what more can you do ..... :)))))) was to forget the best raspberry jam, the connoisseurs who ate from me know what I say, in fact they said it is the best ..... By the way, I do not have the most successful pictures, for technical reasons, they are devouring cameras, I use them to the maximum, until I give up my spirit, so I I also took pictures with resuscitation of devices ..... :))))


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