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Best Italian Pasta Recipes

Best Italian Pasta Recipes

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Italian Pasta Shopping Tips

Italian food is about simplicity and letting the ingredients shine. So make sure you get ingredients that are great quality and flavor. Farmers markets and specialty stores will have great produce and products. Just be sure to have some great olive oil.

Italian Pasta Cooking Tips

Unlike other highly regarded cuisines, Italian cooking is usually simple to make with many dishes having only 4 to 8 ingredients.Italian cooks rely chiefly on the quality of the ingredients rather than on elaborate preparation.

Wine Pairing

Sweet chenin blanc, muscat, or amontillado sherry with nut-based desserts; sauternes or sweet German wines with pound cake, cheesecake, and other mildly sweet desserts; sweet chenin blanc or muscat or Alsatian vendange tardive (late harvest) wines with sweeter desserts; sweet chenin blanc or muscat or Alsatian vendange tardive (late harvest) wines, port, madeira, late-harvest zinfandel, or cabernet sauvignon or cabernet franc with chocolate desserts.

This Roman-style semolina gnocchi is made similarly to polenta, then is cooled to firm up, cut into discs, and layered in a gratin dish before baking to crisp the top.

The pasta absorbs the flavor of the Parmesan broth as it cooks, and the pasta starches thicken the liquid to a lip-smacking consistency.

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Fresh pasta recipes

Pasta has been a staple of the Italian diet for well over a millennium and today there's no escaping pasta, wherever you go in the world. Whilst dried pasta is good for tossing in a starchy pasta sauce, sometimes only the silky elasticity of fresh pasta will do, whether it's in a steaming bowl of tortellini or a wonderful heap of glossy fettuccine.

There's something for everyone in our collection of fresh pasta recipes. If you're just starting out on your pasta journey, Filippo Trapella's Homemade tagliatelle recipe is a good starting point, or you can give Massimo Spigaroli's Herb and ricotta ravioli a try if you fancy something really traditional. Once you're comfortable with making your own pasta, well, the world is your oyster. Fresh pasta can be adapted to various dietary requirements – Cristina Bowerman uses buckwheat and rice flour in her excellent gluten-free tagliatelle recipe. Eugenio Boer uses cuttlefish ink to give his Mussel tortelli with sea urchin emulsion a striking black colour, whilst Francesco Sposito's Pistachio fettuccine uses Bronte pistachio flour to give his pasta a dark green hue. Luigi Sartini's spinach pasta follows a classic method, but he uses it for his far-from-traditional Lasagne Evolution dish. If you're really up for a challenge, take a look at Viviana Varese's incredible Rainbow pasta with Italian fish stew recipe, where she uses rocket, beetroot, cocoa, tomato and saffron to colour her patchwork pasta sheets.

There's plenty more besides in this collection, and each is useful in its own way for seeing how Italian chefs make their own pasta. Scroll down to take a look at all of our recipes.

Italian-Style Pasta Recipes

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Pasta Al Forno

The surprising addition of briney olives to the cheesy pasta and eggplant bake is an easy way to kick up this classic dish.

Orecchiette with Mini Chicken Meatballs

Tender, twisty orecchiette noodles are the perfect pasta vehicle for simple chicken meatballs, simmered tomatoes, globs of mozzarella and a sprinkling of basil. Who needs sauce?

Giada's Italian Lasagna

Pasta With Winter Squash and Tomatoes

Old School Lasagna with Bolognese Sauce

Channel the bright flavors of Italy by starting your lasagna with homemade sauces.

Shrimp Scampi With Linguini

Baked Penne with Roasted Vegetables

This vegetable-loaded dish's three-cheese combination — fontina, Parmesan and smoked mozzarella — gives it complex, varied flavors.

Pasta With Beans and Mussels

Roasted Vegetable and Sausage Lasagna

This easy lasagna can be prepped in 35 minutes, thanks to no-boil noodles, and it is bulked up with hearty — almost meaty — eggplant and delicate zucchini.

Lemon-Basil Orzotto

Short Rib and Bechamel Lasagna

Tender short rib and creamy bechamel add up to an extra-rich lasagna.

Tagliatelle with Mushrooms

Homemade pasta makes all the difference in Debi Mazar and Gabriele Corcos' dish. Tender mushrooms are mixed with butter, mint, olive oil and pecorino for a simple tagliatelle, ready for twirling around your fork.

Baked Ziti

This bubbling casserole — filled with pasta, an easy tomato sauce, lots of cheese and fresh basil — can be on the table in less than an hour.

Pesto Lasagne

Italian Sausage, Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni

Spicy Italian Sausage Lasagna

Creamy mozzarella and spicy sausage balance each other beautifully in this rich take on lasagna.

Baked Ziti With Spinach and Veal

Pasta al Forno with Sugo

Take this traditional oven-baked pasta over the top by adding a slow-cooked, sausage-studded sauce.

Zesty Spaghetti a la Puttanesca

Pasta With Prosciutto and Lettuce

Ricotta and Grana Padano Gnocchi

Eggplant Timbale

Sausage and Radicchio Orecchiette

Red Sauce and Spaghetti

Pasta al Burro con Formaggino: Pasta with Butter and Cheese

Lazy Man's Lasagna

David Rocco’s easy béchamel and five-minute tomato sauce — which he loads with ground meat, chili peppers and celery to form a hearty Bolognese — serve as the base of this cheesy Italian casserole. Simply layer the sauces on sheets of dried pasta and let the oven work its bubbling magic.

Tomato Cream Sauce With Tuna

Italian canned tuna comes in big, olive oil-packed fillets. David jazzes up simple tomato sauce with high-quality tuna, olives, sun-dried tomatoes and cream.

3. Ragù alla Bolognese

If you&rsquore looking for an authentic Ragù recipe, you will definitely love this one from Philosokitchen. This just might be the best Bolognese you will have. It&rsquos flavorful, light and simple. Learn how to cook this recipe by reading the full tutorial.

Irresistible Italian Sausage Recipes

Whether you’re craving pasta, pizza, sandwiches or a warm-and-cozy breakfast casserole, Italian sausage always fits the bill. It’s easy quick and easy to prepare and packed with some seriously savory flavor — making a great meal doable any day of the week.

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Sausage, Peppers and Onions

Giada&rsquos genius secret to cramming more Italian sausage into every bite of these delicious Italian sandwiches? Hollow out the bottom of the roll to make space for extra fillings!

Italian Sausage Pasta Skillet

Looking for a hearty, family-friendly dish? Ree&rsquos veggie-and-sausage pasta is the way to go. Best of all, the whole thing is ready in just 16 minutes.

Italian Sausage and Pepper Strata

Bake up breakfast, lunch or dinner with this cheesy, eggy sausage-and-pepper casserole. It makes 4-6 servings, so it's perfect for feeding the whole family.

Orecchiette with Broccoli Rabe and Sausage

Not a fan of red sauce? This pasta dish uses olive oil, red pepper flakes and shaved Parmesan instead.

Italian Sausage Balls

This version of sausage balls, a traditional Southern appetizer, gets an Italian twist. Pickled cherry peppers add a touch of acid and spice that complements the richness of the sausage and the mozzarella.

Baked Rigatoni with Sausage

Giada combines savory Italian sausage with broccoli and rigatoni for a warm, comforting baked pasta dish that will become part of your regular rotation.

Sheetpan Sausage Supper

Weeknight dinners just got a whole lot easier. Toss your sausage and vegetables onto a sheet pan along with a little olive oil and seasoning and roast until tender. It's that easy!

Italian Sausage and Pepper Burgers

Katie upgrades her burgers by using two types of Italian sausage (sweet and hot) instead of ground beef. How do you top a sausage burger? Onion, bell pepper, banana peppers and provolone, of course!

Pasta with Clams, White Wine and Spicy Italian Sausage

Italian sausage is right at home with littleneck clams in Guy&rsquos flavor-loaded pasta dish. First, he seasons and cooks the sausage until well-browned, then adds the rest of the ingredients. When the clams pop open, it&rsquos time to reduce the sauce a little &mdash and eat!

Sausage-Stuffed Zucchini Boats

A mix of sweet and hot Italian sausage makes the perfect stuffing for halved zucchini &mdash along with some Parmesan and mozzarella, of course!

Italian Unstuffed Shells

A family-favorite dish with a twist! This unfussy version has all the flavor of stuffed shells &ndash without all the work of filling the pasta. The best part? You can make this dish ahead of time and freeze for later.

Hot Sausage Cast-Iron Skillet Pan Pizza

Who needs a pizza oven when you can make a delicious pie in the oven, using your cast-iron skillet? Toppings like sweet sausage, chili flakes and honey give it the perfect balance of sweet and savory flavors.

Orecchiette with Broccoli Rabe & Sausage

Ina&rsquos 5-star pasta recipe has rave reviews. Fans say that the dish has &ldquoamazing flavor&rdquo and is one &ldquofor the whole family to enjoy&rdquo. There aren&rsquot many ingredients in this dish so be sure to use the best quality you can find. It will be worth it!

Italian Sausage-and-Pepper Pigs in Blankets

Pigs in blankets get an Italian makeover! The combo of cheese, pesto and peppers stuffed into the sausages is a winner. Use hot sausage if you like a little spice.

Sausage and Rigatoni Dump Dinner

Skip boiling a big pot of water. This hearty pasta dinner calls for uncooked rigatoni and layers of ricotta and Italian sausage to be layered right in the casserole, so you'll have nothing to wash while it bakes.

The Best Italian Wedding Soup

We tried all-sausage meatballs but found them heavy and dense &mdash adding ground pork keeps them light but still extremely flavorful. If you really want to up the umami factor in this soup, toss a Parmesan rind into the broth as it simmers.

Italian Sausage and Egg Bake

Breakfast will never be boring with Giada&rsquos sausage and egg bake. She nestles the eggs into a hearty sausage stuffing for a casserole-like dish to be shared with the whole family! When cracking the eggs, be sure to keep the yolks intact so they&rsquoll still be a little runny when the whites have finished cooking.

Cheesy Sausage Rigatoni

Ree&rsquos layered sausage-and-rigatoni dish can be cooked right away &mdash or stored in the freezer for a night when you need a low-maintenance meal.

Italian Sausage Stuffing

You might think of stuffing as a holiday side dish but this one makes a great accompaniment to many wintry meals like pork chops, roast chicken and more.

Rigatoni with Sausage & Fennel

Don&rsquot know what to do with fennel? Ina incorporates it into her rigatoni, along with Italian sausage and grated parmesan for an adult version of mac and cheese.

Sunny's Italian Sausage-Stuffed Acorn Squash

Got a few extra links of Italian sausage? Use them to make a sweet-and-savory stuffing for hollowed-out acorn squash. It&rsquos the vegetable side dish we&rsquore sure no one will be able to say &lsquono&rsquo to!

Italian Sausage, Spinach, and Ricotta Cannelloni

One of our favorite ways to use Italian sausage? As a filling for stuffed pasta. This recipe calls for homemade pasta and sauce. If you don&rsquot have time to make everything from scratch, store-bought works great too.

Meatball-Sausage Subs

The next time you&rsquore making slow-cooker meatballs for meatballs subs, throw some Italian sausage in too. It will add extra flavor to the sauce and simmering meatballs &mdash and be a welcome addition to the traditional sandwich.

Spinach, Walnut and Golden Raisin Pesto Pasta with Italian Chicken Sausage

When you need a quick, satisfying dinner, reach for Italian sausage. It cooks up fast and adds tons of flavor to anything you pair it with.

Italian Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms

Want to give your stuffed mushrooms maximum flavor? Fill them with a blend of Italian sausage, fennel, mushroom and garlic.

Sausage-Spinach Stuffed Shells

The best way to eat your leafy greens? Stuffed into al dente pasta along with hot Italian sausage and three different cheeses!

Sausage Lasagna

Pro tip: when you&rsquore assembling lasagna, alternate the direction of your pasta with each layer. That will give the finished dish more stability!

Pasta Recipes

Pasta is to Italy as fish and chips is to Britain! There are literally thousands of Italian pasta recipes, so where do you start? There are healthy Italian pasta recipes, quick Italian pasta recipes, classic Italian pasta recipes and recipes that have Gino’s unique twist!

Whether you want to make your own pasta dough or you’re choosing from dozens of different types of pasta, there’s a pasta shape to complement every pasta recipe! In fact, there are over 600 forms known by an incredible 1,300 names.

You may not realise it, but the shape of pasta you choose plays a big part in what the final dish looks and tastes like. For example, long, thin pasta like pappardelle or linguine go best with Italian pasta sauce recipes because the sauce coats the strands. Pasta shapes like fusilli (little springs) and conchiglie (shells) go very well with pasta sauces with texture, like Bolognese since the meat is captured in the small crevices of the pasta, and tubular pasta like penne rigate (ridged quills), macaroni (elbows) and rigatoni (thick ridges) are ideal for chunky Italian pasta sauce recipes full of delicious vegetables!

Like they say 1 in 12 people in the world own a copy of Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd, every person in the world knows at least one recipe for Italian pasta! It’s amazingly versatile, it’s nutritious, delicious and if you scroll through Gino’s authentic Italian pasta recipes, his Italian pasta sauce recipes and his recipes for pasta dishes with meat, without meat, with cheese or without or full of vegetables, fresh pasta recipes and baked pasta recipes, you will find mouth-watering Italian pasta recipes for one, for two or for the whole family!

You can find a full range of the very best Italian pasta recipes in Gino’s best-selling recipe books or you can find a selection of great ideas below. Time to start cooking!

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At Pirelli's restaurant in Rome, chef Barbara Lynch ate what was, for her, the perfect carbonara: The sauce was bright yellow from fresh eggs, and each rigatoni hid cubes of fatty guanciale. In Boston, where Lynch has five restaurants, she set out to master the dish. Her yolk-heavy recipe is beyond creamy—without cream!—with a heady mix of peppercorns (you can substitute black pepper for all and it's still great). It's unlike any clumpy carbonaras you've had. The tricks? She omits most of the egg whites their water thins the sauce. Too much cheese overthickens it, so she gradually adds Pecorino while tossing the pasta until she hits the right consistency (the sauce should be loose enough to drag the pasta through). Lynch was right: It's a pasta worth mastering.

This vegetarian revelation balances the meaty sweetness of butternut squash with bitter broccoli rabe and a creamy sauce. Serve it with a simple salad (click for recipe)

Here Are Our 12 best Italian recipes, ranging from Focaccia bread to a luscious tiramisu and more. Buon appetito!

1. Caprese Salad with Pesto Sauce

Nothing like a fresh tomato salad in summers! A great antipasto bite to start your meal with. This combination of juicy tomatoes and mozzarella cheese salad topped with freshly made pesto sauce is a distinct yet simple one. It offers a twist to the classic caprese salad.

Italian Recipes: Caprese Salad with Pesto Sauce is a fresh and distinct twist to a tomato salad.

2. Panzenella

Panzenella is a Tuscan bread salad, ideal for summer. It does not follow a particular recipe, but the two ingredients that do not change are tomatoes and bread. This salad is great with a chilled glass of Prosecco and lots of sunshine!

Italian Recipes: An ideal summer salad, panzanella has spices, herbs and veggies tossed together.

3. Bruschetta

An antipasto dish, bruschetta has grilled bread topped with veggies, rubbed garlic and tomato mix. A country bread sliced and topped with different toppings - the evergreen tomato-basil and an inventive mushroom-garlic. The classic Italian starter!

Italian Recipes: Bruschetta is a classic Italian dish with generous garlic flvaour and a cheesy, spicy, tomato topping!

4. Focaccia Bread

Fresh dough is topped with caramelized onions, olives, tomato slices, basil leaves, grated parmesan cheese and baked delicious!

Italian Recipes: A delicious, fulfilling bread, baked to perfection!

5. Pasta Carbonara

This simple Roman pasta dish derives its name from 'carbone' meaning coal. It was a pasta popular with the coal miners. The original recipe calls for guanciale, which is pig's cheek, but since its not easily available, the chef has used bacon instead.

Italian Recipes: Pasta Carbonara is the ultimate cheesy dish that you would love to indulge in!

6. Margherita Pizza

Fancy a pipping hot pizza, fresh out of the oven? Create one at home! Margherita Pizza is to many the true Italian flag. One of the most loved Italian dishes, it just takes a few simple ingredients and you get insanely delicious results! You just can't go wrong with that tomato, basil and fresh mozzarella combo.

Italian Recipes: Classic Margherita Pizza with oodles of cheese, need we say more?

7. Mushroom Risotto

A plateful of buttery risotto with the goodness of mushrooms. A healthy bowl of mushroom risotto has benefits more than you can think. A great source of protein, powerful antioxidant and even has cancer-fighting properties. This risotto recipe with mushrooms is a delicious recipe besides being easy and quick! Great to feed a hungry horde!

8. Pasta Con Pomodoro E Basilico

This is the most basic and simplest cooked pasta sauce, hence it is the benchmark of a good Italian home cook. This one boats of being among the original Italian recipes of pasta. easy and quick, this pasta recipe can be made under half an hour. Serve as a breakfast, pack for kid's tiffin or savour as an evening snack. You can even cook this for a casual and lazy dinner and pair this up with red wine.

Italian Recipes: The basic of all pasta recipes, you can cook this for dinner too.

9. Tiramisu - The 'pick-me-up' cake

The delightful tiramisu recipe with sponge fingers soaked in coffee, layered around and smeared with a creamy mascarpone mixture. The word 'tiramisu' in Italian means 'pick-me-up'. Owing to its caffeine kick it sure does!

Italian Recipes: A soft, melt in the mouth dessert that you can pair with tea or right after the dinner.

10. Lasagna

The ultimate Italian dish has to be this recipe of Lasagna. A secret to the best lasagna recipe lies in the perfectly made, home made bolognese sauce and this bacon and lamb lasagna boasts of a delicious one! Loaded with parmesan cheese and layered with a mix of vegetables, bacon strips and minced lamb, this lasagna recipe is nothing short of perfect.

11. Pistachio Panna Cotta

End your meals, the Italian way! Panna cota is dessert is made with gelatin, cream and milk. Chilled and served with chopped pistachios garnishing. Panna Cotta, in Italian, means 'cooked cream.' This is a very easy and quick dessert to prepare for a party at home. With just a handful of ingredients, you can have this Italian delicacy and relish away!

Italian Recipes: Pannacota is a delicious treat to relish after a hearty meal.

12. Panettone

An Italian sweet bread, panettone is a perfect Christmas or New year's dessert with the goodness of egg, flour, sugar, raisins, candied orange, lemon and cherries.

Enjoy your Italian cooking time and make the most of these recipes to surprise your friends and family.

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