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ROGVAIV salad;)

ROGVAIV salad;)

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The roots are boiled separately. Here would be a kind of "brake" in preparing this delicious salad;) But patiently you will get good results. The white potatoes are boiled in their skins, this is how I should have done with the purple ones, but I wanted to see what they look like without the peel: D;) The peeled carrot and asparagus can be boiled together.

After all the roots have boiled, clean them, where appropriate, and cut coarsely, as for the potato salad. Add the celery stalk, ie celery, chopped, julien slices of pickled donut, black olives, pitted, finely chopped and finally the cherry tomatoes, cut in four. Season the salad with salt, olive oil and vinegar, according to everyone's taste;)

P.S. I would have put slices of red onion, but I did not have: D Next time, I will complete;) Increase and good appetite!

Ingredients Lettuce in three dressing options

Simple Dressing Ingredients with Lemon Oil and Juice

  • 30-100 ml. oil & # 8211 either extra virgin olive oil or a combination of olive oil and another oil with a neutral taste. You can put more or less oil, according to taste, but know that the oil is the one that fixes the flavors to the lettuce leaves.
  • juice from half a lemon & # 8211 is added to taste
  • salt
  • pepper

Dressing ingredients with honey and mustard

  • 1 tablespoon mustard & # 8211 Dijon is recommended, that mustard with whole grains. I like it a lot, but the others in the family don't, so this time I used normal mustard, the family's mustard.
  • 1 teaspoon of honey & # 8211 as fluid as possible to melt quickly in the vinaigrette. My honey was sweetened and I preferred not to heat it anymore. I had to shake the jar with the vinaigrette more until I made sure it blended with the rest of the ingredients.
  • 50-90 ml. Lemon juice & # 8211 can be adjusted to taste
  • 100 ml. & # 8211 oil either extra virgin olive oil or a combination of olive oil and another neutral tasting oil
  • salt to taste
  • pepper to taste

Live a healthy lifestyle

Nutritionist-dietitian licensed at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy "Victor Babeș" Timișoara, graduate of the master's degree in Clinical and Community Nutrition from the same university. I am constantly improving, which is why I frequently participate in nutrition courses, conferences and congresses.

Events I participated in:

  • National Conference on Sports Nutrition - 1st edition, 2015
  • National Conference on Nutrition and Dietetics "The insertion of the dietitian in the Romanian health system - from European to national level", 2016
  • National Conference on Sports Nutrition - 2nd edition, 2016
  • Diabetes and Nutrition Conference, 2020
  • Webinar "The place of nutrition in obesity therapy and its role in the treatment of associated diseases", 2020
  • 7th National Congress of Diabetes, Nutrition and Pediatric Endocrinology, 2020
  • Conference of the Romanian Association for the Study of Obesity, 2020
  • Psychonutrition course, taught by Dr. Laura Ene, 2021.

"I think that patience, passion and experience are some of the qualities that recommend me, as a specialist. I carry out my job with a lot of dedication, trying to bring success in the life of every patient who steps on my doorstep. I am constantly improving, which is why I participate frequently at nutrition courses, conferences and congresses. "

B. Jordan

The secrets of losing weight - I will lose weight - Fight with the kilograms

What does Carmen Bruma eat to keep fit? Here you can find Carmen Bruma's weight loss recipe.
star's diet for a week: (each orange button shows where you can buy the product online)

Breakfast: Oatmeal, flax seeds, a handful of raisins, 1% fat yogurt and honey coffee
Lunch: grilled salmon with broccoli
Evening: I taste a vegetable soup, a slice of wholemeal bread

Breakfast: 2 pears and a slice of melon, coffee with honey.
Lunch: whole wheat pasta with basil olive oil and fresh tomatoes.
Dinner: chicken breast with white cabbage salad

Breakfast: wheat germ, quinoa beans, flax seeds, raisins and yogurt.
Lunch: grilled salmon with broccoli.
Dinner: Bulgarian salad with wholemeal bread.

Breakfast: 400 g cherries, coffee with honey.
Lunch: beef with lettuce.
Dinner: cabbage soup with 2 slices of wholemeal bread

Breakfast: yogurt with rye flakes, coffee with honey
Lunch: wholemeal pasta with tomatoes
Dinner: boiled egg with tomato and carrot salad.

Small: oil-free omelette with 2 egg whites and a yolk
Lunch: a salad with all possible vegetables, along with a wholemeal foccacia
Dinner: grilled tuna broccoli

Lunch: wholemeal bread soup
Dinner: chicken salad

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Benefits and arguments

Pickled cabbage contains magnesium, iron, potassium and B vitamins. Iron does not let you be anemic, magnesium along with calcium ensures bone strength, and B vitamins help digestion and is the only food in which vitamin B12 is able to natural. It is also found in cereals. B12 is a vitamin that provides protection to the nervous system ensuring firmness and youth, a good memory for a long time.

If beauty comes from the inside out, there is also the reverse of the medal. According to medical studies, the multitude of wrinkles on a person's face and skin are 20 times more acute on the inside.

Pickled cabbage is one of the low calorie foods, but it can help you lose weight and have a natural detoxification of the body. Permanent consumption would have the effect of stabilizing blood pressure, and vitamin C, which is much more than raw cabbage, helps you keep your skin young.

The intake of vitamin C in the body stretches wrinkles naturally, and the wrinkles of the skin on the hands and body would visibly disappear. It is known that vitamin C keeps the body's immunity high, so that it cannot be attacked by various circulating viruses. The antioxidants that exist in sauerkraut inhibit and eliminate the development of infections inside the body.

There is another beneficial effect of eating sauerkraut, but many people do not know it. Vitamin C being a vitamin of youth, sour cabbage thus becomes a powerful aphrodisiac for men in general. Consumed at least 5 times a week, it increases sexual appetite and prolongs the erection. They all have a close connection with each other, we just need to know these things.

Vitamin U exists in raw cabbage - something we've talked about before in this place & # 8211 and is responsible for curing ulcers, stomach diseases, is also found in sauerkraut and dies, but disappears with boiling, so next to a fatty steak is recommended a salad of cabbage with oil and spices, pepper , thyme, salt to taste.

Salad ROGVAIV) - Recipes

At the beginning of 2017, 8 teams of children participated in the project Odyssey of the Mind at a creativity competition. For the first time since this contest existed in Romania, the qualification for Eurofest 2017 was obtained by a team of high school students. The team coordinated by the actress Dana Piroiu consisted of: Claudia Golăeş (13 years), Miruna Sabău (14 years), Rare Elijah (13 years), Vlad Pălică (15 years), Stefan the Priestess (12 years), Alexia Nedelcu (13 years) and Maria Răileanu (12 years old), all members of the Rogvaiv Theater Club by Dana Piroiu.

Odyssey of the Mind is an international educational program that offers the opportunity to creatively solve problems for children and young people of all ages, from primary education to university, specifically for each category. The objectives of the project are to develop the creativity of the participants by solving extremely varied and complex problems, as well as to develop the skills of teamwork, budgeting and communication.

For her team, actress Dana Piroiu chose issue number 5 in the contest: Suspended with superheroes! - Creativity disappears from the Planet, and the Odyssey team must save it! Gadgets take over the lives of great beauty creators. We have created a humorous play in which an unexpected superhero will encounter three situations in which he must save his creativity. The superhero changes his appearance when he uses his superpower, but he is an ordinary character in society when he does not use it. The scene also includes the help of a clumsy hero, an enemy of the superhero, the choreography of a battle and an ending that leaves the audience in suspense.

"Participating in the Odyssey of the Mind was a huge challenge that I accepted together with the 7 children, members of the Rogvaiv theater troupe. I only had 2 months to prepare the script and the show in English, as required by the contest rules. It was a huge team effort, and the students put all their resources at their disposal so that the show would be ready on time. I am glad that we managed to break the ice and qualify for the European stage of the competition which will take place near Minsk, Belarus, between April 28 and May 3, 2017. Unfortunately, not all parents will be able to bear the costs of transportation and accommodation of children and we will have to call on the help of private companies to sponsor this trip. It would be a shame for all the work and creativity of these children to stop here ", says Dana Piroiu, the coordinator of the band Rogvaiv.

The Rogvaiv team

Dana Piroiu she is a professional actress and singer, and for 12 years she has successfully run one of the most famous theater and singing clubs for children - Rogvaiv by Dana Piroiu. She has performed countless shows with and for children, recorded famous songs for the little ones and is present on the CDs from the Toy series produced by Bis Music, on the ItsyBitsy radio station and on the children's music channel TraLaLa. He was part of the judging committees of festivals and theater and music competitions dedicated to children and adolescents. He played in the play "The Accident" on the stage of the Bulandra theater and in numerous TV series. He made countless artistic moments in the troupe of actors of the Cotton Club and participated in the first editions of the Bucharest festival in 1900 organized by the D`ale Bucharest Foundation.

Claudia Golăeş she is a 7th grade student at the Constantin Brâncuşi School - “My main passion is theater, because I strongly believe that after many years I was able to put aside inhibitions and show who I really am, regardless of the opinion of others. Over the years, together with my colleagues, I have worked on several theater shows and I can say that the result has been incredible. Nothing compares to the feeling I have on stage, when people stand up and applaud me and I am overwhelmed by emotions. I wanted to participate in a creativity contest, because, first of all, I knew it would be an experience, which I will certainly never forget ”.

Răileanu Maria Daria - “I love theater because I like to experience different life situations, and theater stimulates my creativity and opens the door to every person to the fictional universe, but also to the real one. I chose to participate in a creativity contest because it stimulates me, challenges me, puts my imagination to the test, enriches my interior and, through the word creativity, I realize that the impossible can become possible at any time. I chose a theater course because it is the most complex artistic form of expression. Theater represents literature, music, stage movement, emotion and philosophy, in other words, theater is the imaginary key that opens our inner little room called "soul". "

Nedelcu Alexia-Maria a.k.a Lexy - “I consider theater as an art of personality full of mysteries, just like a jungle. My relationship with the theater is like that of an explorer in this jungle. The truth is, I didn't choose him, he chose me! The award won at the Odyssey of the Mind made me think about the fact that it is a real challenge to test how far you can go with creativity about the most mundane things. I chose a theater course because acting allows me to experience different personalities and types of people and helps me to discover myself. ”

Vlad Andrei Pălică - “My passions are acting, writing poetry and stories and reading, as all of them combine with each other, involving creativity and having a common element, namely the imagination. I think that theater helps me to enter a different world, so different from the cold one from the outside. I prefer both to watch our shows from the past years, and to watch plays from other theaters in the city, because these experiences enrich my soul. The "Odyssey of the mind" contest was for us both an interesting experience and an evaluation of our work. I wanted to overcome my shyness and restraint and work with a group of children my age, to prove that I can be sociable and that I can adapt easily. And lo and behold, we have made progress! “

Ilie Rareș Andrei - "I have been taking theater classes for 7 years and I like the fact that here I can express myself freely, develop my creativity and imagination, discover new things and get rid of stress."

Miruna Sabău - “Theater is one of my hobbies, and when I play or play a role I feel that I am doing the right thing, that this is my destiny and I feel good. This creativity contest proved to me, but also to my colleagues, that teamwork is not very easy to coordinate and that we still have a lot to learn together. I participated in the Odyssey of the Mind because I wanted to prove to myself that I would succeed. “

Victor Ștefan Preoteasa - "I like theater because it develops my creativity and helps me get out of the shell." It gives me the opportunity to meet other children who are passionate about theater and I have the opportunity to get into the skin of the characters. ”

About the Odyssey of the Mind contest

In 1978, two American professors at Glassboro State College, now Rowan University in Glassboro New Jersey, laid the groundwork for this original competition, which has become extremely popular today in countries such as Argentina, Australia, Belarus, Canada, China, and the Czech Republic. , South Korea, Switzerland, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Japan, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Great Britain, Mexico, Moldova, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Singapore. Romanian teams have also participated in recent years, and in 2012, in Slovakia, and in 2014, in Russia, our country's team won the continental phase of the Odyssey of the Mind contest, but in none of the years could the children go to the stage. international, which always takes place in (too) distant America. The parents could not afford such a large expense.

Bean salad - Very tasty Italian recipe!

A very tasty salad and at the same time, filling!

• 2 cans of already boiled beans or 500 gr of dry white beans, which you boil
• 1 leek thread
• 250 g cherry tomatoes
• 2 onions
• 2 cloves of garlic
• 1 teaspoon of semi-mustard
• 6 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
• 4 tablespoons oil
• Basil leaves
• 1 powder of sugar
• Salt pepper

Put the canned beans in a colander and wash it under running cold water. You clean the leek well and cut it into rounds. Wash the tomatoes and cut them in half.
Finely chopped onion. Mix everything.

For the vinaigrette: mix the crushed garlic with the mustard, oil, vinegar, salt, pepper, sugar and 75 ml of water. Pour over the salad and mix gently. The basil leaves are broken and placed on top of the salad.

* The content of this article is for information only and is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice. For a correct diagnosis, we recommend that you consult a specialist.

How to bake eggplant for salad

Eggplants are tastier when grilled or on the stove fire than when baked in the oven.

So, in the first phase you have to prepare the grill or place a disk or a tray on the eye of the stove. Before placing the eggplants on the surface you are going to cook, it is mandatory to prick them from place to place with a fork, in order to prevent accidents during baking. While they are baking, there is a risk of them swelling and even exploding, so they must be stung.

After grilling the eggplants, sit next to them and turn them over whenever needed to make sure they don't burn. When the eggplants are evenly baked, you can take them off the grill. Put them in a plastic sieve and let them drain. After the eggplants drain, peel them, then leave them in the sieve again so that the bitter liquid in them drains completely.

The eggplants will be chopped on a wooden or plastic chopper, with the help of a wooden or stainless steel utensil, otherwise the eggplant pulp will oxidize and darken.

A recipe for white fish lovers, an excellent combination of fish and mushrooms! I used frozen halibut fillets from and we liked it very much, it behaved very well in cooking, and what I liked the most, the ice icing was more than normal, I often bought from the supermarket and.

The classic panettone recipe always seemed too complicated for me, two stages of preparation spread over the next two days, homemade mayonnaise, manitoba flour, so I kept looking for quick options. I've tried a few so far, but although I always got very tasty cakes, they were still far from the taste of panettone. This time I had.

Video: Caesar Salad Recipe. How To Make Salad. Homemade Caesar Salad. The Bombay Chef. Varun Inamdar


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