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Mole hill

Mole hill

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I melted the butter and let it cool. I separated the eggs, the egg whites from the yolks and I whipped the egg whites with a little salt, then I added the yolks, the sugar until they hardened. Then I added melted and cooled butter, mineral water and vanilla bourbon sugar, then sifted flour along with baking powder and cocoa. I mixed them lightly until well incorporated.

I greased a detachable round tray with butter, I put a baking sheet and I poured the composition, then I put it in the oven to bake at 180 ° c. At the end I did the toothpick test. I let the countertop cool and then removed it from the detachable form.

I made a round shape with the knife on top, I left an edge of about 5 cm and I dug with a spoon, I put in a bowl the hollow countertop that I crumbled into small pieces.

I did cream: in a bowl I put the yolks, and the sugar and I mixed them well, then I added a few tablespoons of milk from the 500 ml, then the starch and I mixed well, I took the seeds from the vanilla pod and I put them in the composition of yolks. I boiled the rest of the milk, then added the above composition. I let it boil over low heat, stirring constantly so that it doesn't stick to the bottom of the pan until a thick cream has formed. I covered it with a foil and left it to cool, then I beat the whipped cream with a little sugar (1 tablespoon).

I put the raspberry over the hollow top, then I mixed the cream with the whipped cream and I put it over the raspberries. I sprinkled the hollow crumbs on top of the bowl and garnished with a few raspberries.

Good appetite!

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