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Biscuit salami, classic recipe

Biscuit salami, classic recipe

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Biscuit salami, classic recipe

Half an hour before we start preparing, we hydrate the raisins in enough water to cover them, or in rum, which I haven't had before.

We break the biscuits into bigger pieces and put them in a bowl.

We cut the shit into cubes, and we chop the walnut, but not too bad.

Put over the bowl biscuits, walnuts, shit and drained raisins.

We will mix the milk with the three tablespoons of cocoa, the three tablespoons of sugar and the butter and we will put it on the fire slowly until everything is diluted, chewing from time to time.

Remove the milk from the heat, add the essence and pour it over the ingredients in the bowl, mixing them well to penetrate the biscuits and to homogenize everything.

We prepare two pieces of foil and spread half of the biscuit composition, then we will roll them together with the foil, in the shape of salami.

Put the salami pieces in the fridge for 2-3 hours until it hardens and can be portioned nicely, then powder it with cocoa or coconut, according to your preferences.

Biscuit salami - fasting recipe

I just made the biscuit salami! super dessert, it's done fast.

Simple, fast and very good

This is a perfect recipe! Very fragrant, so it is perfect for fasting! :)))

It's a classic recipe, I like it the most.

I was fine but not so special cake


It's my childhood cake, it's delicious

Okay, another childhood recipe, but a bit incomplete, raw peanuts? they have a crazy taste, they are not crispy and they stick to the teeth, you don't tell us how long we leave them in the fridge, the recipe is a bit hairy.

I don't understand what you find incomplete here. Leave it in the fridge like any cake for at least an hour and it's written there, you probably haven't read it. As for raw peanuts - they don't taste bad, they don't stick to teeth and they don't cause cancer.

I prepare it with our local walnut and I just garnish it with coconut, but it's a good idea with chopped peanuts. When I prepare it, I have to make 1 kg of biscuits and it can be kept very well.

I didn't have a nut on hand. Yes, it keeps very well in the fridge :)

Biscuit salami with peanuts and rum

  • I used Petit Beurre biscuits, which I crushed by hand in a bowl. I heated milk in which I added butter, cocoa, raw sugar, cinnamon and bitter chocolate. I left it on the fire until the chocolate melted and the whole composition was homogenized, then I left it to cool a bit.


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