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Hello everyone, I'm Misya, or Flavia Imperatore, I'm 34, married to Ivano and Elisa's mother, I'm Neapolitan, a lover of travel, good food and excellent company.

Light recipes with yogurt

by Cristina Gambarini Contributor

Yogurt is a complete food that provides a good dose of calcium and helps the proper functioning of our intestines. Two reasons to never miss it from our tables, especially in summer

The sunny and hot days have finally arrived and with these temperatures they are preferred simple and fresh dishes. Salads, carpaccio, tartare, with light and low-calorie ingredients they are ideal not to feel weighed down and to lend a hand to the line in view of the next swimwear test. Nothing better then than preparing light recipes with The Yogurt, starting with breakfast, with fruit and cereals, and then continuing by combining it with meat, fish and vegetables. Here are some ideas.

Yogurt in the dough, with saffron and zucchini

This dish can be served both hot and cold, like a salad. Instead of cream, use yogurt, in which you will dissolve saffron, for a more particular taste. Sauté the chopped zucchini in a little oil and garlic, when they are stewed, add the yogurt and saffron off the heat, add a teaspoon of curry and season the pasta with this sauce (you can also use barley or spelled, as you prefer).

Yogurt sauce for tartare

Instead of seasoning the meat, accompany it with a fresh and light sauce that is prepared in no time: put some natural whole yogurt in a bowl, add a shallot browned in a little oil, curry and sweet paprika and mix. Aside, cut the beef pulp with a knife, compact it into small discs that you will burn in a non-stick pan for a few seconds on one side only. Serve the meat with the sauce and fresh chicory.

Salmon and yogurt cream

This is a dish that should be served cold. Prepare it like this: marinate the fresh salmon pulp with a pinch of sugar, a pinch of salt and some dill leaves. Cover with plastic wrap and let it rest for 30 minutes. Then slice the salmon and set it aside. Slice two courgettes lengthwise, cleaned and blunt, and sauté the slices in a saucepan without seasoning. Put a strip of salmon on each slice of courgette, roll it up and cut it in half to make smaller rolls. In a drizzle of oil, fry 2 spring onions cut into rings with chopped sesame seeds, parsley and marjoram. When they are browned, remove them from the heat and add the whole and natural yogurt, add salt and blend. Serve the yogurt cream with the courgette rolls and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

Yogurt gazpacho with vegetables and chicken

A very fresh aperitif, to be served in a dinner or even in a buffet, since it can be presented in a glass, to make its consumption easier. You will need 150 g of Greek yogurt, which you will blend with two slices of bread soaked in wine vinegar, a spoonful of sliced ​​onion, 3-4 cherry tomatoes, a few basil leaves, salt and extra virgin olive oil. Put the cream in a tall glass, add a few bites of chicken or turkey browned in a little oil, salt and pepper and complete with carrot, courgette and celery sticks.

Soft yoghurt foam

You can spread this foam on croutons or serve alone or accompanied by fresh vegetables cut into slices. Take equal grams of Greek yogurt, whipped cream and boiled asparagus (100 g). Cut the asparagus tips and set aside, blend the rest of the asparagus and add 5 g of isinglass (per 100 g of yogurt) soaked and melted on the heat, cream and yogurt. Salt and season with salt. Put the foam in the fridge for at least two hours for it to set. Serve garnished with the asparagus tips and a few parsley leaves.

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The cuisine is made up of combinations of flavors but also of textures, which is why creamy ingredients such as yogurt are very useful to give that extra touch to many dishes.

Yogurt is a derivative of milk, so it is possible to obtain many different varieties depending on the type of milk used and the processing to which it is subjected.

Thanks to its creaminess you can use it in many classic recipes, especially in doughs, to replace milk or other ingredients such as oil or water: try using it in the preparation of the classic apple pie and you will see that the result will be a dessert. even softer and more fragrant.

By getting the tasty fruit varieties, for example strawberries or bananas, you can prepare a tasty snack for the whole family, adding it to the dough of a delicious donut or making soft plum cakes.

If for a special day you want to prepare a tasty and original homemade breakfast, you can use it to make soft muffins or American pancakes, accompanying them with melted chocolate or even with a revisited version of the custard, always based on the presence of yogurt as the main ingredient.

Thanks to the advice of our recipes, you will find that classic sugar-free yogurt can also be successfully added to various savory dishes. Among the various ideas, you can try mixing white yogurt with aromatic herbs such as chives or parsley and with lemon juice: you will get a perfect sauce to accompany fish-based main courses or delicious omelettes.

Even a simple and tender meat like chicken can become a surprising dish if accompanied by a tasty yogurt sauce made special by the addition of dried tomatoes and chopped almonds or other tasty ingredients that will whet your palate.

Sweets with yogurt

Sweets with yogurt, one special that collects my best yogurt cakes, breakfast cakes, sweet muffins, cold yogurt cakes and many other sweets, always with yogurt! If you also love yogurt-based recipes, here you will find something for all tastes!

I can't hide from you that they are definitely one of my favorite desserts! The yogurt in the dough it makes the cakes with yogurt super soft and soft, and they are still quick desserts to make! If you use a yogurt filling cream, you will make all the sweet amazingly delicate it is special! You can find desserts with white yogurt or Greek yogurt or fruit yogurt, even without butter, for a cake maybe a little bit lighter and lighter, even in the form of muffins or plumcakes. The inevitable cold yogurt cakes, to be enjoyed in spring or summer, to have a little refreshment.

Don't worry, all the yogurt cakes below are simple and delicious, combined with many ingredients: from fruit, to chocolate, to Nutella.

I thought about creating this special, as you often ask me for yogurt dessert recipes. For a convenient reading and consultation, I have collected them all in one place. I hope you enjoy it!

Brioche with yogurt

Another great classic for breakfast is the brioche, soft and soft but which, like all leavened products, needs time and a lot of patience. If you like challenges and love recipes made with healthy and natural ingredients, then we offer you two versions of brioche starring yogurt: the classic brioche and the sweet brioche, even more elaborate.

The recipes with yogurt from Melarossa

The recipes with yogurt from Melarossa range from ideas for breakfast to the dessert, passing from first courses, sandwiches and wraps, savory pies, meatballs, finger food and great revisited classics, how tiramisu, chicken salad and Russian salad. Yogurt is present in all its types: in our gallery you will find recipes with low-fat white yogurt, recipes with whole yogurt and recipes with Greek yogurt, which will allow you to savor the different tastes and different textures of this food.

Many fresh and nutritious proposals, which you can also prepare to vary your diet because they are fast, genuine and very light. Discover and try them all!

Recipes with Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt is a derivative of fermented whole milk, originally from the Hellenic archipelago.

It is considered a healthy snack and an ingredient for sweet and savory recipes (sauces, first courses and dishes). It constitutes a biological starter for the production of other yoghurt or for the mother yeast some bread.

The most consumed Greek yogurt in Italy is made from cow's milk, but the original food used that of sheep or goat.

There difference between Greek and regular yogurt consists of the concentration of the product. The Hellenic one is filtered several times, an operation that allows a greater separation of the whey.

Greek yogurt provides a quantity of fat and calories proportional to the level of skimming. There is no shortage of high biological value proteins, B vitamins and calcium. Flavored or added products have very different chemical values. Containing live lactic ferments, it is considered a potentially probiotic food.

Originally, the processing of dairy foods respected the production cycle of livestock (higher in summer). There is no productivity fluctuation today.

The taste some Greek yogurt it tends to be acidic, similar to normal, some are flavored, sweetened or enriched with fruit, cereals, chocolate, etc.

At the time of purchase, the only essential precaution is that of check the expiration date. It must be kept in the refrigerator but it is not advisable to freeze it.

Many use it as a real dressing sauce. The food pairings of Greek yogurt mainly affect: fruit, oilseeds, breakfast cereals, honey, cocoa and chocolate, jam, raw vegetables (lettuce, chicory, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc.), parsley, white meats (rabbit and chicken), fish products (especially shrimp), cheeses (feta, parmesan, soft pecorino, etc.), ricotta and whole eggs.

The best known Greek yogurt recipes in Italy are: homemade Greek yogurt, pink sauce, shrimp cocktail, yogurt cake, yogurt ice-cream, Capricciosa salad low in fat, Tzatziki sauce, Yogurt Based Sauce, yogurt mayonnaise, tuna sauce without eggs etc.

Recipes with yogurt

Yogurt is a fermented dairy product originating from Central Asia.

Produced from whole milk by the action of certain bacteria, yogurt is considered a healthy food, to be consumed especially at breakfast and in snacks. It is used as an ingredient for some desserts and also in some savory recipes (sauces, first courses, dishes and appetizers).

Being a "live" food, it can be used as an organic starter in the production of other yoghurt or sourdough for bread.

In Italy, the most common type of yogurt is cow's milk, but there are other variants produced with that of sheep, goat, buffalo and donkey. Some are flavored, added with sugar, low-calorie sweeteners or other ingredients (cereals, chopped fruit, etc.). They also differ in the level of skimming.

The difference between regular and Greek yogurt is the concentration of the product. The latter is passed repeatedly through gauze to separate as much serum as possible.

Yogurt contains lipids and calories to varying degrees with respect to the skim level (whole, partially skimmed and skimmed). There is no shortage of high biological value proteins, B vitamins, calcium and phosphorus. Those flavored or added show quite different chemical values. Containing lactic ferments, yogurt is considered a probiotic food.

The seasonality of yogurt was predominantly summer, when milking is most profitable. Today the market has a more or less constant and unchanged offer.

The taste and the aroma of yogurt are characteristic some are flavored, sweetened or enriched with fruit, cereals, chocolate, etc. The predominant sour taste can become sweet with the addition of other ingredients.

At the time of purchase, the only thing necessary is to check the expiration date on the package. Conservation must compulsorily take place in the refrigerator.

Many use yogurt as a real dressing sauce for raw side dishes (see the recipe for Yogurt Based Sauce).

The food pairings of yogurt mainly of interest: fresh and preserved fruit (jam, dehydrated, candied fruit, etc.), oil seeds, breakfast cereals, honey, cocoa and chocolate, raw vegetables (lettuce, chicory, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc.), some aromatic herbs (parsley, sage, fennel, etc.), white meats (rabbit and poultry), fishery products (especially shrimps and other crustaceans), cheeses (feta, parmesan, soft pecorino, etc.), ricotta, whole eggs, sweet creams (for example custard) and doughs derived from cereals (sponge cake, shortcrust pastry, etc.).

The yoghurt-based recipes best known in Italy are: homemade yogurt, pink sauce, shrimp cocktail, yogurt cake, yogurt ice-cream, Capricciosa salad low in fat, avocado cheesecake, Tzatziki sauce, Yogurt Based Sauce, yogurt mayonnaise, tuna sauce without eggs, savory pie with vegetables and yogurt, Rye bread and yogurt, strawberry and yogurt pudding etc.

Greek yogurt: 10 quick and easy recipes to use it in the kitchen

The Greek yogurtBesides being delicious, it can be used in ways. Tzatziki sauce is the preparation based on Greek yogurt most famous, but we can use this ingredient in the kitchen in many recipes, both sweet and savory. We can use Greek yogurt to season bruschetta or in the dough of homemade pizzas, but also as a filling for crepes or as a creamy ingredient for our homemade tiramisu.

Here is a collection of recipes with Greek yogurt that will make you experience a new ingredient in the kitchen. The ones we propose are all vegetarian recipes.

15 unmissable recipes to prepare with Greek yogurt

A healthy food which in recent years is collecting a great success throughout the World. We are talking about the Greek yogurt, thicker and creamier than classic yogurt because its production method includes a further step, the casting, which gives it this particular consistency. In other words it is filtered by eliminate the aqueous whey of the milk.

The Greek yogurt contains a good content of proteins, potassium, calcium and phosphorus but be careful of do not overdo it with consumption because it is in any case more caloric than traditional yogurt. We have used it to prepare some beautiful sweet recipes like cheesecake, muffin, plumcake, donuts and other delights to taste a breakfast or snack. Try them all and write us in the comments what is the recipe with Greek yogurt which you have preferred!

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