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What Is Monkey Bread

What Is Monkey Bread

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This Dessert is Serious Monkey Business

The Daily Meal/ Taste of Home

Garlic Parmesan Monkey Bread

Don’t let this unique bread’s name make you think of bananas. This baked treat is often compared to coffee cake and cinnamon rolls. Monkey bread

a gooey-layered pull-apart loaf that is a great dessert, breakfast, or coffee accompaniment. If you entertain, or simply enjoy playing with your food, this indulgent bread finishes any meal perfectly, or makes a great midnight snack.

Rolling and stacking small balls of dough dipped into butter gives this bread its pull -apart quality. If you have a sweet tooth to satisfy, it is common to add raisons, and cinnamon. Monkey bread isn’t just for dessert lovers; you can go savory with cheese and herbs. Traditionally baked in a bunt pan, once cooked, it should be turned up side down. Here, the clumps of dough cling together forming a golden, sticky, solid loaf of goodness. Then it’s time to get in-touch with your animal instincts and pull apart its warm buttery layers.(Photo courtesy of Myrecipes/Sidney Fry)

Mystery surrounds this delicious curiosity’s origins. No one truly knows the creator of monkey bread. Some say that it evolved from the ever-popular Parker House roll. It is also speculated the 1940s famous film star Zasu Pitts and her neighbor collaborated to create this sticky treat. It’s rumored the women named their creation after their neighborhood children, calling them meddling "monkeys" who couldn't resist their fresh-from-the-oven bread. (Photo courtesy of Allrecipes/Smucker's Summer Desserts)

Also known as bubble bread, this treat shares its name with the fruit of the thick trunk baobab tree found in Africa. The tree’s fruit is extremely starchy and is highly enjoyed by monkeys. Despite this similarity, whether this baked good is named after the fruit is uncertain. There are many theories about where monkey bread got its name. However, the most logical source is our furry friends’ excitement in pulling and picking at almost everything. Due to this coincidence, why shouldn’t a pull- apart loaf share their name?

Ridiculously Delicious Monkey Bread Recipe

This homemade monkey bread recipe is the perfect weekend activity to make with kids! Watch the homemade dough rise, dip the little dough balls in butter and cinnamon sugar, and enjoy this satisfying and rich treat pull apart style!

While sheltering-in-place our family, like many families, has had the extra time for baking. This is monkey bread recipe is wonderful family baking project that kids will love because it is pretty hands on and loaded with sugar. I looked at a handful of recipes and decided to go with the version from Sallys Baking Addiction.

Don’t Let Breakfast Get Boring!

During the week, we usually keep our breakfasts pretty simple and easy. The school bus comes for our kids at 6:50am, which is incredibly early. Many mornings, we just have time to wolf down a quick bowl of cereal. Sometimes my husbands gets downstairs early enough to make some eggs and sausage or bacon! But, man…. my kids eat it soooo slow!

But on the weekends, we like to have a little more fun with our breakfasts. My husband and my daughter usually go downstairs ahead of everyone else on Saturday mornings to make some pancakes. But, sometimes, it is fun to treat everyone to a special breakfast recipe. So, I’m always looking for a cool casserole, cinnamon roll or waffle recipe to brighten up everyone’s morning. So, when I discovered this Rhodes Rolls Monkey Bread Recipe, I was pretty pumped!

Martha Stewart’s Monkey Bread Contains One of Our Favorite Chocolatey Ingredients

Is it just us or does chocolate hazelnut spread make everything better? It’s incredible on toast, inside of a sandwich, or &mdashlet’s just be honest, here: eaten straight out of the tub with a spoon. Well, Martha Stewart, queen of desserts thanks in part to her recent cookbook Martha Stewart’s Cake Perfection, has just shared a delectable new way to bake with the chocolatey stuff: Monkey Bread with Hazlenut-Chocolate Swirl. Seriously, if there’s one thing that Stewart knows how to make, it’s desserts, from German chocolate bundt cake to strawberry rhubarb tart. And this chocolatey spin on monkey bread looks seriously delicious.

Our mission at SheKnows is to empower and inspire women, and we only feature products we think you&rsquoll love as much as we do. Please note that if you purchase something by clicking on a link within this story, we may receive a small commission of the sale.

Stewart shared the creation (originally shared in the April 2019 issue of Martha Stewart Living) on Instagram, writing, “We made monkey bread even more irresistible. Yeasted dough gets rolled into tiny orbs, then assembled in a Bundt pan, where it rises while you relax with your coffee. (Parents and grandparents, take note: This is an excellent job for little hands.)” We love the idea of having our kids help us out on this one.

The caption continued, “The deep chocolate-hazelnut notes come from generous drizzles of Nutella on the bottom of the pan and layered throughout. This recipe actually benefits from an overnight ferment in the fridge, taking on a more robust flavor. The next day, bring it to room temperature and set it in the oven.”

We love make-ahead recipes, and we love Nutella, so this is already a win-win in our book, and we’ve added it to the list of recipes we need to try.

Check out this Nordic Ware Bundt pan if you don’t already own one &mdash and check out Martha Stewart’s Monkey Bread with Hazlenut-Chocolate Swirl.

Before you go, check out the gallery, Ina Garten Best Chocolate Recipes below:


  • Powdered sugar – For homemade icing, sifted powdered sugar is KEY. “Does it have to be sifted?” Technically no, because it won’t change the taste. But also yes, because it will result in a creamier, not-clumpy consistency.
  • Vanilla extract – A little of this will add the vanilla flavor for our vanilla frosting!
  • Milk – The kind of milk isn’t too important, but a thicker milk will create a creamier frosting.

Monkey Bread from Scratch

Unfortunately, a craving for such would either send me to the mall or a bakery and both of those options only make the traditional “unsafe” versions. Of course I could cheat if I really wanted to, but that wouldn’t be right. Soooooo, my desire for these “Finger-lickin” bites had to wait, and wait, and wait. That is until I decided to just make them myself using only ingredients that were safe .

I am so glad I didn’t wait any longer. I just never realized just how simple making this delightful bread would be until I got started. It’s like making pizza dough, but topping it with sweetness instead of savory. Wow! If only I would have tried this sooner.

Although making monkey bread from scratch takes a little more time to make than using canned dough, you will be quickly thanking yourself for going the homemade route! Once you smell the warm cinnamon sugar swirling out of the oven, you’ll know you it was well worth it!

From start to finish, this monkey bread takes about 60 minutes, and isn’t at all fussy. Anyone can make it.

No yeast, no waiting, no dough to roll, no rising, and so so easy.

And if you’re short on time, just make the dough the night before and refrigerate until the next day. You can do that, right?

The next morning, set aside 10-15 minutes to roll the dough into balls, coat in cinnamon-sugar, layer and bake. And don’t be skimpy on that cinnamon sugar! The heavier the cinnamon-sugar coating, the gooey-er your monkey bread will be…which is what you and everyone else wants. Trust me!

You’ll be licking your fingers clean and fighting off your kids over each bite-sized ball of of cinnamon sugar goodness.

Absolutely! I have included in the recipe that if you would prefer to make the dough ahead you can! Allow the dough to rise in the refrigerator instead of at room temperature. You can do this overnight or up to 3 days!

If you love the idea of this recipe but just don’t have the time to make your own dough, I totally get it. You can use 2 (16- ounce) cans of canned biscuits.(I recommend the Grands! Flaky Biscuits). Cut each biscuit into 4 equal pieces and dip each piece in your melted butter, then cinnamon sugar mixture!

What Is Monkey Bread - Recipes

I have made these SEVERAL times!! FAMILY and FRIENDS Love this. Always asking to MAKE more!

Debbie from Rhodes

This is one of our most popular recipes. Glad you love this recipe! Enjoy!

Sarah Williams

Isn’t butterscotch pudding included?

Debbie from Rhodes

Thanks for your question! This recipe is what many people call “Monkey Bread”. I believe you are thinking of our “Butterscotch Bubbleloaf” recipe. It uses the butterscotch pudding and is one of our most requested recipes. The recipe for “Butterscotch Bubbleloaf” is also on our website. Check it out!

Linda Bickley

Can you use instant butterscotch pudding?

Debbie from Rhodes

You can use the instant pudding but it is a little different than the Cook and Serve. It makes it a little stickier. We have also used the Cook and Serve Vanilla Pudding and it is another option if you cannot find the Butterscotch.

Donna F Wheeler

will I be successful following your overnight instructions on the package? I’d like to have monkey bread for brunch the next day?

Debbie from Rhodes

You should be if you follow the directions. You may have to let it finish rising outside of the refrigerator for maybe an hour. So just check it make sure it has risen. Also, be sure to check the “best by” date on the package. To make sure you are fresh product is important to your success. Enjoy!

How dk tou make rhe frosting drizzle?

Debbie from Rhodes

Thank you for your question! Make sure your frosting is room temperature and just cut the corner off of the package. And then just slowly squeeze the package while going over the finished Monkey Bread. Hope that helps you!


Hi Jai.

Debbie from Rhodes

Thanks for some good ideas too!


How long does it Take To bring frozen rolls to room TEMPERATURE? Thank you!

Debbie from Rhodes

Thanks for your question! I can’t give you an exact answer because it really depends on the warmth of your kitchen, probably between 1-2 hours. Put them in the warmest part of your kitchen!


My family loves “monkey Bread”. Its been a family holiday tradition for decades.
However, each year its become harder and harder to find your plain frozen dough To make my oWn monkey bread, no offense meant but nothing beats home made cinnamon pull aparts.
Hope store will Be stocked this holiday
Ps sorry for caps but Cannot access lower case..

Debbie from Rhodes

The stores are stocked! But make sure you are buying the product you will need early this year. As you know it has been a wild year. But this year it is especially important to but early!


I would like to make your monkey bread for Christmas gift. can I do process 1 and 2 then refreeze? give to a the giftee frozen with instructions on thawing and cooking when it is convienent for them? or other suggestions?.
I am going to experiment with taking the frozen bun (not cut in half)and roll in melted butter then put in bag to coat with the cinnamon, sugar, brown sugar stack in pan put back in freezer. next day get it out to thaw and bake. to try to make this giftable .
thank you

Debbie from Rhodes

Sorry but once the rolls are thawed they will not rise if they are refrozen. Once they are thawed, the yeast is activated and refreezing will damage the yeast. So if you try it with frozen rolls it might work. Usually when the rolls are frozen the sugar mixture won’t stick to them very well. It might work with rolling them in melted butter but you will have to be careful to no let them thaw. Hope that helps. If you have other questions, you can call our Customer Satisfaction line and speak with one of our baking experts. they will be happy to help you! 1-800-876-7333.

I want to make monkey bread but could only find rhodes yeast dinner rolls. Do not remember seeing the word yeast on previous packages. Can I still make Monkey bread with this.

Debbie from Rhodes

Yes, the Yeast Dinner Rolls are the ones you want to use! We added “yeast” to the package so consumers would know they need to “Thaw, Rise, and Bake!” Enjoy!


Will this work with Rhodes CINNAMON rolls? I have the 35.5 oz package. Thanks

Debbie from Rhodes

Thank you for your question! This recipe would probably work with the Cinnamon Rolls but they are much bigger than a Dinner Roll. And I’m not certain about which kind of Cinnamon Rolls you are using. We have two different types: 1. the yeast Cinnamon Rolls with 12 in a package or 2. the Anytime! Cinnamon Rolls which have 9 rolls in the package. I don’t think the Anytime! rolls would work because they are placed in a cold oven and then turn on the oven. the gradual warming of the oven helps them to rise, so I’m not sure they will work.
If you have questions, call our Customer Satisfaction department and speak with one of baking experts. 1-800-876-7333.


I’ve made it WIth cinnomon rolls, I cut them into fourths and then rolled them in the butter and then cinnamon sugar.

Monkey Bread Recipe

"Monkey bread recipe, Well, the name says it all, Just the way monkeys would pull apart and eat, these pull-apart rolls are terrific. The monkey bread with cinnamon rolls makes a decadent dessert or a breakfast dish too. Just make them and relish the spices. These monkey bread from scratch are Baked together in a bundt pan, these cinnamon-spiced tiny dough balls are the go-to breakfast for a lazy Saturday morning. Each person pulls apart a piece to relish this gooey, sticky, and sweet bread. This monkey bread recipe is all about the cinnamon, butter, and sugar, which makes the whole house smell divine."

Notes 1. Knead the dough by hand for 2-3 minutes. Traditionally such practices have found to be adding the warmth of the hand to the dough, allowing it to rise better.

2. Make the butter syrup with brown sugar which adds to the richness of the flavor.


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