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Cake with biscuits and pudding

Cake with biscuits and pudding

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We break the biscuits into 4, after which we prepare the puddings in turn (I used vanilla and strawberry pudding). We make the pudding one by one, when the first pudding is ready we put half of the biscuits in the pudding and leave it on the fire for another minute, stirring continuously, when it is ready we pour it in whatever shape we want (I poured it into a cake tray) .

We do the same with the second pudding and with the remaining half of the biscuits.

When it is ready, pour it over the first pudding and place it evenly with a spoon, let the pudding cool when it has cooled completely, pour it back into a plate or plate, prepare the cold cream exactly according to the instructions on the envelope that we put over the pudding .

We place the biscuits on the edge, we put the fruits as we want and as many as we want, and finally we pour the icing.

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