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Mushroom salad with potatoes and sour cream

Mushroom salad with potatoes and sour cream

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Mushroom salad, always quick to prepare and light. The recipe was outlined during the preparation. There were too many boiled potatoes in another recipe. Pork salami is prepared with "controlled" ingredients from a safe source. It looks a bit like the Bucharest salami of yesteryear. I wanted to prepare another combination. That's how I like to experiment, to test recipes differently than before.

PIZZA BELLA restaurant

At Pizza Bella there are many kinds of pizza baked on the hearth.

In their preparation we use only fresh and quality ingredients: ham, bacon, pepper salami, mozzarella, chicken breast fillets, sweet corn, fresh vegetables.

The top of our pizza is made of a fine dough, thin and equally crunchy.

Pizzeria Bella provides you with ideal conditions for organizing events, parties, weddings, baptisms, anniversaries, business meetings.

The pizzeria has a capacity of - 100 seats in the restaurant
- 150 seats on the terrace



Bella burger: bun, beef, caramelized onions, lettuce, tomatoes, pickled cucumbers, cheddar cheese, burger sauce and french fries. 26.00 lei

Fresh burger: bun, beef, red onion, lettuce, tomato, cheddar cheese, cucumber sauce and french fries. 26.00 lei

Grand Classic Burger: bun, beef, caramelized onions, baked peppers, lettuce, cheddar cheese, bacon, burger sauce and french fries. 28.00 lei

HAM PIZZA: 1500G. 48.00LEI

PORK RIBS (400g, 200g100g, 50ml) ……. 43.00LEI
PORK ribs, french fries, pickles, sauce

MENU 5 SPICY WINGS …… ..… 23.00 LEI
5-piece spicy wings, 200g-french fries, 50ml sauce

MENU 7 SPICY WINGS …… ..… 27.00 LEI
7-piece spicy wings, 200g-french fries, 50ml sauce

Pizza Bella: (approx. 550g) - 23.50 lei
Sauce, mozzarella, smoked sausage, chicken breast,
sweet bell peppers, corn grains, olives

Anchovy Pizza: (approx. 400g) - 19.00 lei
Sauces, mozzarella, anchovies, olives, lemon

Raw Ham Pizza: (approx. 400g) - 20.00 lei
Sos, mozzarella, raw ham, gorgonzola

Raw Prosco Pizza with Rocket (approx. 400g) - 20.00 lei
Sos, mozzarella, raw ham, arugula

Pizza Quatro Formagio: (approx. 400g) - 20.00 lei
Mozzarella, ementaler, parmesan, gorgonzola.

Four Season Pizza: (450g) - 19.00 lei
Sauce, mozzarella, mushrooms, ham, salami, bell peppers.

Pizza Quatro Carni: (approx. 450g) - 22.00 lei
Sauce, mozzarella, bacon, pressed ham, salami, sausages.

Pizza Calzone Bella: (approx. 450g) - 21.50 lei
Sauce, mozzarella, mushrooms, ham, salami, bacon.

Pizza Calzone: (approx. 450g) - 20.00 lei
Sauce, mozzarella, mushrooms, ham, salami, olives

Pizza Diavolo: (approx. 450g) - 19.00 lei
Spicy sauce, mozzarella, mushrooms, ham, salami, or boiled.

White Pizza: (approx. 400g) - 16.50 lei
Mozzarella, bacon, fresh tomatoes.

Compound Pizza: (approx. 450g) - 20.00 lei
Sauce, mozzarella, mushrooms, fillets, peppers, corn

Pizza Bounty: (approx. 450g) - 18.00 lei
Sauce, mozzarella, bacon, sausages, fresh tomatoes.

Pizza Presto: (approx. 450g) - 18.50 lei
Sauce, mozzarella, mushrooms, ham, bacon, olives.

Pizza Campaniola: (approx. 400g) - 16.00 lei
sauce, mozzarella, mushrooms, cabanas, corn, peppers.

Pizza Tone: (approx. 400g) - 19.00 lei
Sauce, mozzarella, tuna, olives, red onions.

Tomato Pizza: (approx. 400g) - 16.00 lei
Sauce, motarela, ham, tomatoes

Pizza Polo: (approx. 500g) - 21.00 lei
Sauce, mozzarella, chicken breast, corn, tomatoes, or boiled

Imperial Pizza: (approx. 430g) - 21.50 lei
White sauce, mozzarella, ementaler, gorgonzola, parmesan, salami.

Pizza Pizzarella: (approx. 500g) - 22.00 lei
Mozzarella sauce, mushrooms, bacon, salami, bacon,
bell peppers, corn, red onions.

Tuscan Pizza: (approx. 450g) - 18.00 lei
Sauce, mozzarella, ham, salami, peppers, tomatoes.

Mexican Pizza: (approx. 400g) - 17.50 lei
Sos, mozzarella, bacon, gorgonzola.

Prosciutto and Mushrooms Pizza: (approx. 400g) - 17.00 lei
Sauces, mozzarella, mushrooms, ham.

Pizza Capriciosa: (approx. 450g) - 18.50 lei
Sauces, mozzarella, mushrooms, ham, olives, eggs.

Pizza Cipolina: (approx.330g) - 13.50 lei
Mozzarella, onion

Tropicana Pizza: (approx. 350g) - 13.50 lei
Mozzarella, tropical fruits, vanilla.

Pizza Al Prosciuto: (approx. 400g) - 17.00 lei
Sauce, mozzarella, ham.

Tomato Pizza: (approx. 400g) - 16.00 lei
Sauce, mozzarella, ham, tomatoes.

Pizza Rosa: (approx. 400g) - 16.00 lei
Sos, mozzarella, bacon.

Pizza Margherita: (approx. 400g) - 14.50 lei
Sos, mozzarella.

Vegetarian Pizza: (approx. 400g) - 15.50 lei
Sauce, mozzarella, mushrooms, corn kernels, bell peppers, onions

Exotic Pizza: (approx. 400g) - 13.50 lei
Mozzarella, pineapple, cinnamon.

Pizza Margelina: (approx. 360g) - 12.50 lei
Mozzarella, garlic sauce.

Creamy Pizza: (approx. 400g) - 16.00 lei
Sour cream, mozzarella, bacon.

Pizza With sweet salami: (approx. 400g) - 16.50 lei
Sauce, mozzarella, salami, masline

Pizza Al Salami Picanto: (approx. 400g) - 16.50 lei
Sauce, mozzarella, salami, masline

Hawaiian Pizza: (approx. 400g) - 15.00 lei
Mozzarella, ham, pineapple

Baghete - 5.00 lei
Focacea - 5.00 lei

Bella chicken breast: (approx. 300g) - 22.00 lei
chicken breast, cheese, baked potatoes.

Mix Grill: (approx. 600g) - 28.00 lei
boneless chicken leg, pork neck, chop,
kaizer, french fries, cabbage salad

Gordon Bleu: (approx. 250g) - 25.50 lei
chicken breast, cheese, ham. straw potatoes

Stuffed mushrooms: (approx. 300g) - 16.00 lei
mushrooms, mozzarella, bacon, cream, garlic, baguettes
Mushrooms with bellows cheese: (approx. 300g) - 16.00 lei
mushrooms, bellows cheese, garlic cream, baguettes

Bread cheese: (approx. 150g) - 14.00 lei
Chicken schnitzel: (approx. 180g) - 14.00 lei
Chicken hammers: (approx. 200g) - 12.50 lei
Boneless chicken legs: (approx. 180g) - 15.00 lei
Chicken wings: (approx. 200g) - 12.50 lei
Pork neck: (approx. 200g) - 18.00 lei
Pork chop: (approx. 200g) - 18.00 lei
Baked potatoes (approx. 200g) - 6.00 lei
Potato balls (approx. 200g) - 7.00 lei
Steak potatoes (approx. 200g) - 6.00 lei

Beet salad (approx. 200g) - 6.50 lei
Baked pepper salad: (approx. 200g) - 6.50 lei
Cabbage salad: (approx. 200g) - 4.00 lei
Assorted summer salad: (approx. 200g) - 6.50 lei
Pickled cucumber salad: (approx. 200g) - 5.50 lei
Tomato salad: (approx. 150g) - 5.50 lei

Sos Bella: (50ml) - 3.00 lei
Sweet sauce: (80ml) - 2.00 lei
Spicy sauce: (80ml) - 2.00 lei
Garlic cream sauce: (50ml) - 3.00 lei
Mayonnaise sauce: (50ml) - 2.50 lei
Jam: (50g) 2.50 lei
Sour cream: (50g) 2.50 lei

Extra: (50g)
Vegetables - 1.00 lei
Bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, olives, corn, tomatoes.
Salami, ham, sausages - 4.00 lei
Moss fillets, raw ham, chicken breast - 6.00 lei
Tuna, anchovies - 5.00 lei
Motzzarela, telemea, cheese - 3.50 lei
Gorgonzola, parmesan - 5.00 lei
Pineapple, tropical fruits - 2.00 lei
Arugula - 2.00 lei
Eggs - 1.00 lei

Spaghetti carbonara: (approx. 350g) - 21.00 lei
Cooking cream, smoked bacon, egg, parmesan, salt, pepper, garlic
Milanese spaghetti: (approx. 350g) - 21.00 lei
Mushrooms, ham, cheese, tomato juice, oregano, garlic, salt, pepper
Spaghetti four cheeses: (approx. 350g) - 22 lei
Gorgonzola, ementailer, parmesan, mozzarella, olive oil, garlic, salt,
pepper, oregano, cooking cream

Special Salad: (approx. 250g) - 15.00 lei
Salad, ham, peppers, corn, sunflower seeds, olives
Delicious Salad: (approx. 380g) - 17.00 lei
Salad, tuna, ham, mozzarella, tomatoes, eggs, olives, focacea
Chicken salad (approx. 300g) - 17.00 lei
Salad, chicken, parmesan, olives, croutons
Salata Bella: (approx. 300g) - 17.00 lei
Lettuce, mayonnaise, chicken breast, eggs, olives, ham.
Tuna salad: (about 300g) - 16.00 lei
Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, tuna, eggs.
Mediterranean salad: (approx. 300g) - 15.00 lei
Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, ham, cheese, eggs, olives.
Summer salad: (about 350g) - 12.00 lei
Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, red onions, telemea.

Papanasi: (approx. 250g) - 15.00 lei
Cream, jam
Apple pie: - 13.00 lei
Pancakes with cherry or apricot jam - 11.00 lei
Pancakes with cottage cheese and raisins - 12.00 lei
Chocolate pancakes - 12.00 lei

Salad recipe with smoked salmon and sweet potatoes

100 grams of smoked salmon
four boiled quail eggs
a bigger tomato
two smaller cucumbers
a medium red onion
a sweet potato boiled beforehand
a tablespoon of olive oil
a tablespoon of lemon juice

  • How to prepare salad with smoked salmon and sweet potatoes:
  1. We clean quail eggs and cut them in half
  2. Wash and peel the tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and cut them into the desired shape
  3. We also cut the sweet potato into smaller fruits
  4. Break or cut into pieces the pieces of smoked salmon
  5. In a bowl, make a vinaigrette from oil, lemon juice and salt, mixing them all until slightly blended and the salt melts.
  6. In a larger bowl put eggs, salmon, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and potatoes
  7. Add the vinaigrette over them and mix the salad carefully
  8. Serve as a main course or appetizer
  • Tips & ampTrics:

-You can make vinaigrette according to your taste, sour or saltier by increasing the quantities of ingredients
-If you don't have sweet potatoes, you can replace them with regular potatoes

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For our loyal customers there are 3 menus: & ldquobusiness lunch, dietetic, vegetarian & rdquo. Every 2 weeks, the menu is revised. For hospitals and kindergartens, the menu corresponds to all sanitary norms, and we also have sanitary certificates.

We buy the products only from manufacturers verified by us. We cook the dishes only from homemade meat, fresh vegetables and natural fruits. The quality and taste of our dishes is guaranteed by certificates and the attention of our workers.

The common menus at the office maximize the corporate spirit of the employees and make them a single team. The cost of organizing corporate meals will often be paid.


For today we have mushroom puree with sweet potatoes and sour cream, a simple and tasty recipe that I invite you to cook together!

The little ones can serve the chicken in the bowl with the lid and the teaspoon, after which they can serve the water from the anti-spill mug. And with the soft silicone bib, the table becomes much more interesting!

All from our partner Canpol Babies!

300g Champignon mushrooms
400g sweet potatoes
2 tablespoons sour cream
20g butter
inactive yeast flakes (optional)
¼ teaspoon turmeric (optional)

We clean the mushrooms and cut them into cubes. We do the same with sweet potatoes.

Steam the mushrooms and potatoes for 30 minutes. Let cool slightly then transfer to a tall bowl with sour cream, butter and turmeric. We pass everything with the vertical blender until we obtain a fine puree.

When serving, sprinkle inactive yeast flakes. An absolutely delicious puree that goes great with meatballs or baked meat.

Canpol Babies is the largest small childcare company in Poland, with distribution in over 50 countries for over 25 years.

On the Romanian market, Canpol Babies is at your disposal with a range of over 520 products, created to satisfy the needs of children between 0-3 years old, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers.

The bowl has a capacity of 350 mL and is very practical allowing the little one to be fed both at home and in public spaces.
The wide handle allows comfortable grip and feeding. The handle, edges and base of the vessel are covered with rubber so that the vessel does not slip out of the hand or on a flat surface.
The lid of the bowl comes with a special hatch and a teaspoon that can be easily removed at any time for cleaning.
The bowl is available in 3 colors: blue green and pink.

The anti-spill mug has a simple construction and has comfortable handles that make it easier to hold the product in small gloves, and the anti-spill nozzle helps the child to drink alone without spilling the contents.

The silicone bib does not contain BPA and is equipped with a large pocket that collects all food scraps and effectively protects clothes. It has the advantage that it is easy to keep clean and is perfect for travel.

I invite you to discover the whole wonderful universe of Canpol Babies products and to use them with great pleasure!

Peasant potatoes with onions and paprika cheap and quick recipe

Rustic potatoes is a simple, quick and tasty recipe.
A recipe that you should not miss and after trying it you will repeat it! The little ones love potatoes prepared this way.
Rustic potatoes is a very simple recipe that you can serve as such or as a side dish.
Use a quality paprika, and if you like the hot one, add to taste to have some rustic potatoes even more delicious!

I tried this recipe with smoked paprika, it tasted great!


In December 2013, Stefania Anastasiu leaves the challenge Weekend with growth.
Stefiwonders: ". why" Weekend with increase "?
"Because I, like other housewives, I think, we feel that on Saturday and Sunday, in the two days off, we have a greater emphasis on cooking, writing on the blog, sitting in the kitchen and trying all kinds of new goodies and recipes. .
So starting from these aspects, I thought I would launch this challenge, for culinary bloggers, to which I invite you all with great pleasure. "
And that's how two and a half years have passed, and this month, the host of this challenge is my dear friend Oana D.
She proposed three categories, namely:
- salads
- international recipes
- type two
For a start, I chose to make the recipe Pork tenderloin with baked potatoes and mushroom sauce with sour cream. then I find other goodies.

We need :

1 kg pork pulp
300 ml cider
4 fire cabanos
6-7 potatoes
400 g chopped mushrooms
1/2 red bell pepper
150 ml sour cream
1 tablespoon mustard with berries
2 cloves garlic
smoked paprika
green parsley

Method of preparation :

We cut the meat into slices and then we beat them between two plastic sheets or in a nylon bag. This way we avoid breaking the slices or making a mess around us.
Season the slices with salt, pepper and paprika, on both sides.

We cut the hut according to the size of the slices of meat, and at the ends we cut it in the shape of a cross. The ends of the hut should remain outside the snail.
Place the cabanos on the slice of meat and roll it tightly, fixing it with a toothpick.

To a few slices of meat I put a slice of cheese and a slice of bell pepper.
It looks very good like that, when you cut it, but I didn't have time to take pictures, the children were hungry.

Peel the potatoes and cut them into thicker slices, placing them in a bowl in which we put a little olive oil, salt and a little chopped greens (according to preference).
In a baking tray place the meat and potatoes, add the cider and cover the pan with a lid or foil.
The oven is preheated to 180 degrees.

Leave the tray for about 45 minutes in the oven, then remove the foil and let it brown a little.

In the meantime, prepare the sauce. The chopped mushrooms, together with a little chopped bell pepper, fry them in a little butter or olive oil, over low heat.

We grind the allspice seeds and then add them to the mushrooms, together with the mustard with berries and thick cream.

Let it boil for a few minutes then sprinkle chopped green parsley on top.

When the meat and potatoes have browned, take them out of the oven and serve 1-2 rolls with potato slices and mushroom sauce.

Nanil Catering Sibiu

We're glad you came to us. We are the team that will take your catering to another level. Experience in the field, menu flexibility and culinary creativity have defined our work for over 20 years. Each branch of our services is managed with passion and professionalism. All food is prepared in certified and properly arranged spaces. Each member of our team has behind him the experience that gives life to unique dishes with a perfect taste. Food quality and freshness are essential.

4 thoughts on & ldquo New potatoes with mushrooms, sour cream, dill and green garlic & rdquo

sorry, but fasting involves no yogurt, sour cream, etc. & # 8230 & # 8230

Thank you very much. This is exactly the recipe I've always been looking for. I cooked this recipe with the mention that I put liquid cooking cream with a little flour. the oven turned out to be a delight.
Congratulations. You should be on the first page of the site.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your appreciation! Next time I will try to use liquid cream.

What do you eat, Alexandra?

A fresh and delicious sauce that can be served in combination with a salad of vegetables with baked vegetables, baked potatoes, baked mushrooms, grilled vegetables, etc.

For the WOW effect, serve grilled vegetables on May 1 with this extraordinarily good sauce and ginger beer.
1 It will never be the same again, password, so to speak! :)

Ingredients for 200 ml sauceTzatziki:

- 30 g of cashews hydrated overnight or left to soak for 30 minutes in hot water
half of plain tofu squeezed as much water as possible
- 2 cloves chopped garlic
- 2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice
- 1 pinch salt knife
- 100- & gt150 ml fresh water for blender
- fresh chopped leaves of dill, parsley or mint (or other greens of your choice)
- optional 1 grated cucumber

Necessary equipment and utensils:

Fixed vertical blender for cashew nuts.
For the tofu version, you can also use a manual blender.


1) Everything, except the leaves, is processed in a blender until it turns into a fine and creamy paste.
The processing time differs depending on the blender, for cashew nuts I leave it between 5- & gt10 min until it becomes fine enough.

Taste and add salt if necessary.

2) Finely chop the leaves and mix with the rest of the ingredients

Preparation time:

5 min

Sources for ingredients in Timisoara:

The full list of ingredients here

Video: Kartoffelauflauf mit Champignons - Rucki Zucki Rezept


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