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Pizza tomatoes

Pizza tomatoes

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Wash the tomatoes and cut a lid on each one. Using a teaspoon, scoop out the inside of the tomatoes (DO NOT throw it away, you can make a sauce with it). Sprinkle salt inside and put the tomatoes with the cut side down and leave for 15-20 minutes.

Separately drain the mozzarella well from the preservation water and cut it into small cubes.

The pitted olives are cut first in length and then in width.

We grind the bread slices as much as possible in small cubes.

We wash the basil, dry it well and then chop it finely.

In a bowl put mozzarella, olives, bread, basil and salt to taste.

Fill the tomatoes with the composition from the bowl.

Grease a baking dish with oil and place the tomatoes.

Put the dish in the preheated oven at 200 degrees until the mozzarella has melted.

(I put them a little and to bake on top to form a crispy crust).

Remove the pan from the oven, let it cool a bit and serve.

Good appetite !

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Main course 1000 recipes: Pumpkin au gratin - easy to make, Salmon in parchment, Pumpkin cream pie pie, Raclette cheese roll, Brazilian croquettes, Hamburger pie, Macaroni with American cheese recipe, Musaca à la grecque, Harira. Culinary recipes from various parts of the country. How to cook in Muntenia, Moldova, Oltenia, Ardeal, Bucovina, Dobrogea, Banat and what ingredients are used, cozonacs, pies and croissants, grease them on top with latte before baking them second course Page 1 of 3. You may also be interested in: fasting meatballs, fasting food with sauerkraut, fasting recipes.

Culinary recipes Culinary recipes - Page 1. To be up to date with the latest news and promotions enter your email address and press the send button It is a simple and filling food, the rich taste is also given by the abundant and diverse use of greens. This wonderful soup is the twin sister of smoked beans, only it does not contain meat and is a little lighter and more dietary. And even so, without meat at all, the fasting bean soup is so filling that it is often. Chocolate meringue cake, a super recipe that you should try when you have too many egg whites left. We usually have the most egg whites for the holidays, especially when we make cakes or creams based on yolks. I admit that I have often thrown them in the trash Type Two. Meat Type Two Chicken breast alla pizzaiola. Ramona-Maria Dascalu September 4, 2018. September 4, 2018. 0 Facebook Twitter Pinterest Reddit Email. Meat Type Two Goulash with pork. Ramona-Maria Dascalu September 4, 2018. September 4, 2018. 1 Facebook Twitter Pinterest Reddit Email. Type Two fish

Bucataras.R, Bucharest, Romania. 1.6M likes. The most cheerful and active culinary site with recipes for everyone! The place where smile and good will rule. Romanian and international culinary recipes - Gastronomic portal with over forty thousand culinary recipes, both nationally and internationally

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  1. sweets, dessert, cakes, cakes. Chocolate brownie - Another recipe sent by my daughter is this one I made a few times but it didn't come out exactly brownie with a soft middle, just a cake or rather blackberry ..
  2. Order Online for Takeaway / Delivery. Here at Bucatarasul Cel Dibaci - Bucharest you'll experience delicious Romanian, International, Traditional, Pasta, Salads cuisine. Try our mouth-watering dishes, carefully prepared with fresh ingredients! At Bucatarasul Cel Dibaci, our recipe for success is simple - Great food & care makes customers return every time
  3. In the Kitchen category you will find the most important information and links to the cookbook, soups, kitchen furniture, type two, kitchen tables and chairs, desserts, kitchen appliances, healthy eating. offers you a wide range of web pages Home, and is the best directory of links Kitchen

Enjoy only mouth-watering foods made out of the best ingredients. Your taste buds will be in heaven. I told you about her and my childhood in the country. I grew up in the country and the dishes of my childhood sound .. Meatball soup classic recipe. Usually I make borscht, sour with a little borscht, sent by my mother, from Romania. If I don't have it, I immediately add it with the juice of 2-3 lemons and that's it. I don't use lemon salt at all, and with vinegar I only add belly soup - or fish soup - see here the recipes for Tort Bucataras soups and broths. by Miha June 30, 2010. written by Miha June 30, 2010 959 views. When making this cake with chocolate and walnut, specially prepared for the post number 500 on, I started with Sofia's cake, helped by the translation by my friend Natalia. I changed, I adapted but in the end the result was.

In the Gastronomy category you will find the most important information and links of traditional dishes, Chinese cuisine, desserts, fasting dishes, organic food, appetizers, recipes, French cuisine, soups, cookbook, healthy food, type you offers a wide range of web pages for Women, and is the best directory of links Gastronomy Goulash (gulyas) is the brother of pörkölt and paprika and is made from beef, beef or veal. Gulyas means shepherd of cattle. As a brief history of goulash: it appears in books from the late eighteenth century. Hungarian goulash is generally cooked in a cauldron, but can obviously also be cooked in a pot. Szeged Goulash (Szeged) is the most popular in the Arad area. The monastery chicken recipe is one of the best chicken dishes I have tasted so far. I honestly admit that I really like chicken and that it is one of the most used types of meat in my kitchen. Since I was little, I preferred this meat, especially since I don't like fat and heavy meat. March 10, 2012. Fasting We enrich the fasting menu. Type Two Fasting Dishes Vegetarian Cuisine Vegetable Garnish Ingredients Potatoes 8 pcs. medium mushrooms 300gr.

Regular lunch consists of three dishes: soup or broth, meat and vegetables, or only vegetables especially for fasting days, or vegetable salads, meat two dishes consisting of vegetables, or vegetables and meat in different ways cooking, sauces, dishes, steaks, etc. type three, dessert. Kitchens. Jul 22, 2015. Type Two Children's Cuisine Fasting Vegetarian Vegetable Cuisine Health Diet Ingredients 1/2 cabbage 3 carrots 2-3 beets 3-4 potatoes. Fasting recipes. Find out the best fasting recipes. With the help of these recipes you can cook easily and tasty during Lent. Visit the wide range of recipes for fasting Articles that refer to the Chef. Andreea Balan (Ocean Fish): We want all consumers to understand the route of the raw material and the way it is processed [The Road to Cooking] Anca Lungu (Princess Polonic): As a child, my mother's recipe book was my best friend We are looking for two colleagues with experience in. Unpleasant experiences I can say that I also had at Bucataras :-) (that's why I don't understand where so much praise comes from). From work (waiters throwing your used fork back on the table after type 1, to be reused in type 2), to dirty tables, hair in food or partially cooked dishes

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Chicken is a must in the weekly menu of most families. If you run out of ideas and do not know how to cook chicken, we present a delicious recipe that will help you get out of the routine Posted by Bucataras - 30/06/2020 in Way Two. Kebab prepared at home, small, tabbouleh and glue You may also be interested in the following articles: Read More. Kebab recipe with Baked Peppers by Sultan. Posted by Bucataras - 30/06/2020 in Type Two 0 List of the best 20 recipes, including Liver and Pipote in Garlic Sauce, Onion Stew with Liver and Chicken Pipettes, Roast Chicken with Pipettes and Baked Liver, Pipote , Hearts and Liver with Garlic, Liver and Pipette Tart, Pipote Stew and Chicken Liver. Delicious recipes and | Craftlo It is possible that in this way it will resist to be left to future generations :). Our soup is still on fire (the images you see represent a belly soup that I photographed on another occasion, I don't have time to take pictures / process pictures with today's soup) and, until it is perfect, I have time to write.

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  1. Cucumber vinegar for the winter, a recipe with which you can prepare cucumbers that remain sweet-sour, flavorful and crispy all winter
  2. If you have something like this on the table, you don't need an aperitif or a second course. & Lt / p & gt Read the recipe further: Bucataras.RO. This entry was posted in Uncategorized on February 29, 2020 by Bucataras.RO. After navigation
  3. This spring we had the urge for donuts, langoustines, croafne or scoverzi of all kinds. Both my father and the junior are big lovers of donuts, so from time to time, I like them. Last week I made them Banat croffs (huge donuts - recipe here), two weeks ago some classic donuts like my grandmother's (recipe here)
  4. Here is a delicious recipe for Peasant Potatoes with Pork. Only good to prepare

boiled meat ? what do we do with it? - posted in I have a question: I also have a request: tell me / give me ideas, what could I do with the boiled meat that remains after we make chicken / turkey soup, the one with noodles, semolina dumplings My girls are big lovers of this soup, I strain it and then boil the noodles, without putting the boiled meat in the soup, they don't like it Ingredients Easter Recipes: Fluffy cake without kneading. for 2 cakes. 1 kg flour 5 eggs for dough, +1 egg for top with 300 gr sugar (put more if you like sweeter


  • you (which is faster and looks more rustic), as well as the one without. The peppers can be cut by robot or manually (with a knife or on a mandolin grater, in which case the jam is very aesthetic, the peppers are all the same size)
  • Preparation recipe Strawberry and meringue cake Separate the yolks from the egg whites. Mix the yolks with the sugar until they turn white, then gradually add the oil, milk, flour and baking powder, stirring constantly.
  • How a rapist terrorized two prison officers. I'm freeing myself and killing your wife. I take out his eyes and he gives me 3 years yesterday What should the fined Romanians do during the state of emergency, after the CCR decision. Lawyer: The 15-day term did not expire, because he was suspended yesterday
  • It seems that now we can all do this through the initiative of the two, especially since their waffles are already distributed in several cafes in Targu-Mures and with order I can prepare them fresh for weddings, baptisms and other special events. I think this way it is much better and more attractive! Thank you! ina 7 years ago - 29.

Meatball soup with sour cream - very tasty recipe for sour cream soup with fluffy meatballs - my grandmother's recipe. Meatball soup with sour cream was my and my brother's favorite when I went on vacation to my grandmother. It was one of the few soups I asked for a supplement and I assure you I didn't make it from diplomacy Hi! First of all, I want to thank you for the visit and I'm glad you like the recipe. If the sterilization of the jars with vegetables is done correctly, I guarantee that the vegetables will last for two years. We must be careful that the vegetables are not stained / spoiled, and that the jars close perfectly. Store in a cooler place

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I confirm that I am over 16 years old and I agree that will collect my name and surname, email address, year of birth and county, in order to receive newsletters and promotional e-mails. I want to subscribe to the divahai newsletter. Everything I prepare in my wonderful red cast iron pan turns out good. 5 0. 5 May 2020. Lazy meatballs with baked potatoes Categories: Potato recipes, Meat recipes, Gluten-free recipes, Recipes with veal or beef

We live in the century of speed, time passes us by, and we hardly manage to face it. So we have prepared for you a selection of quick recipes, perfect when you are in a time crisis. List of the best 595 recipes, including Chicken Soup with Gray Croutons, Meatball Borscht, Soy Meatballs, Tuna Meatballs and Baked Potatoes , in Cheese Sauce, Meatball Soup and Bitter Potatoes with Borscht, Meatballs Borscht. Delicious and simple recipes from Romania Bucataras Cristian. Two cloves of garlic 3-4 tablespoons sesame paste Try to tie it properly, as follows: we take it by the fire, we take a drop between the index finger and the thumb - be careful that it burns badly - and if it stretches a thin thread between the fingers apart, it means that the syrup is sufficiently bound, we can go. For the dough, mix the flour with the cold butter and a pinch of salt, then add water. Stir quickly so as not to heat the butter. Put the dough in a foil and leave it in the fridge for at least 30 minutes. For the filling, wash the apples, peel them, then cut them into small cubes. Mix the apple cubes with the lemon juice and pulp and leave for a few minutes. Saute the vegetables. The vegetables are very tasty, cooked simply and very quickly in a few minutes. Besides the fact that they are very tasty, they are also very healthy. That is why I highly recommend this simple, absolutely delicious recipe. Served with a garlic sauce. as I did they were simply served as such they are very delicious

Chicken soup, chicken wings, natural potatoes 25.00 lei 25 lei For chicken lovers I prepared chicken soup, a pepper as hot as fire and in the second way, golden bread wings and I decorated the natural potatoes with the sauce of dill that always comes out delicious. 1 parsley Snickers cake, a delicious decadent dessert, one of the best homemade cakes with walnut top, caramel and chocolate Snickers cake is one of the most special homemade cakes, a tasty dessert, caramel cream makes an ideal combination with hazelnuts baked and chocolate. Here I am at a new Ingredients and quantities: a cabbage and a half 6 broccoli 100 g peas 10 smaller carrots 2 asparagus 3 mushrooms 1/2 cup green and red chili 4 cornflakes 1/2 mushrooms 1/2 cup bean sprouts 2 cups of garlic Preparation: Heat the garlic in oil a little, add cabbage, broccoli, peas, carrots, asparagus, mushrooms, chilli, flakes and harden. Preparation for the recipe of chopped sauerkraut. Fresh, late, autumn cabbage is cleaned of dry or wilted leaves and then cut into small pieces either with a sharp knife or with a grater like this. Add salt and rub everything well, with your hands Musket pork tenderloin on a bed of vegetables :: Meat dishes :: Pork :: Bucataras.RO. Pork tenderloin on a bed of vegetables :: Meat dishes

This fall, the main gastronomic dish is served in the kitchen of the show Hell's Kitchen - Hell of Chefs. The most awaited reality cooking show of the moment will give those who enter the competition the chance not only to prove how talented they are, but also to show that they deserve their place in a professional kitchen. A simple and satisfying way on cold days! Leontina C. Carne. VIEWS: 774. Salad created with potatoes, onions and green garlic. (and I can't find them anymore! But you take my word for Chef, that I really prepared. Rada H

-two cloves of garlic that everyone sees things in their own way and that putting everything to heart we don't get anywhere .. the fact that maybe we consume ourselves inside, that maybe it affects our daily life in the end it won't matter much and although I had lost confidence in a piece of advice offered out of friendship, I received such advice ... a discussion. Easter COZONAC RECIPE like grandma. Ingredients: 1 kg flour, 7 eggs, 70 gr yeast, 500 ml milk, 125 ml oil, 125 g butter, vanilla essence, rum essence, rum to taste, grated peel from a lemon, cocoa, 200 gr walnuts, raisins, shit Carrot cake with butter cream and mascarpone, a quick and fragrant dessert Carrot cake, original recipe with mascarpone cream. Carrot cake and delicious mascarpone cream, a miracle recipe that I recommend to those who want a wonderful dessert on the Easter table! Dear ones, I hope you had a happy and peaceful Easter and that there were only goodies on your table.

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  • Page 1 of 16 - What we cook today for dwarfs (14) - posted in In the kitchen: 12, 13 I am waiting for you in a new chapter full of goodies for the little ones! [lust] Oana, happy mother by Eric-Stefan (April 18, 2008) and Vlad-Ionut (January 2, 2005) Bubu mic Bubu mare Bucataras
  • one can happen if you have several advertisers gathered in one place. She also told us something about how.
  • culinary type Natural skin products ( April 17, 2020 November 5, 2019 by Coltuc Marius. Natural skin products. Natural skin products? sells natural products from various Romanian manufacturers that can be used for skin
  • As some are fried, you replace them with others. Serve the hot meatballs, sprinkled with grated Telemea cheese or grated cheese or tomato sauce, as a first course or as a second course. You can also prepare meatballs from baked eggplant stored in the freezer. They are easy to prepare and are delicious and filling
  • Hi TPU. Can anyone help me with as many food options as possible? Here, I mean soups and two dishes. (Their name). I would like the food not to contain peas, cauliflower, zucchini. Please. :) I hope it's a good category. The simplest would be to look for recipes online, on pages dedicated to the kitchen. So you see the ingredients you like, and usually one or more.
  • The coil has a special significance in the popular tradition and is met at the most important moments in the life of Christians: baptism, wedding and funeral, but also on other big days. As the legend says, the bread with the symbol of offering must be round like the earth rising from the salty waters. Therefore, in the Romanian tradition, the shape of the bread [

Blackberry with chocolate icing Ramona Blackberry with chocolate icing is a fragrant and consistent cake that can be prepared in many variants depending on the ingredients used and how to prepare it. Other recipes Cake, Dessert, International Chocolate Tiparest I served a bean soup with smoked and well rubbed red onions, I didn't want in the bread bowl that I was gaining too much weight and in the second way tochitura and meat in a jar, in lard as they did grandmothers. In the silence there is a wonderful Banat music and the glass of brandy went straight. The fact that I cook the lamb in this way is due to Raymond [] today I did a lot of things | BLOG THE FUCK UP (author) 30 September 2015 la 30.09.2015 20: 4 Wash the donuts, cut the tails, prick them and put them in jars. The vinegar is diluted with water as follows: one liter of vinegar to two liters of water. Add salt, a tablespoon to a liter of liquid. Add sugar, pepper, allspice and bay leaves. Boil this juice, then pour it over donuts. In this way it is a denser, stronger aroma, says the specialist. All this is left to boil for about two and a half hours, at most three. Read also: Jared Martin, who played the cowboy Dusty Farlow in Dallas, died at the age of 75

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For this, you need the same ingredients as the cooked vegan version. The mushrooms needed for this belly soup with pleurotus, sliced ​​into strips, are left to marinate overnight with garlic, oil and lemon juice. The next day, prepare the cashew milk in which we will add two more garlic cloves, another version of soufflé with potatoes and cauliflower. I like it, because it's a second course at the table, completely made in one bowl. and done with cauliflower, it's the last one in my mother's garden :)))), I promise I won't do anything with cauliflower too soon))), s In two ways: CURECHI POHAITE. grilled vegetables and drizzle a little butter. budding chef and team mascot. The day was beautiful with a warm and happy sun, the chefs ran around, the scents spread quickly, testing anyone. I chose baked chicken with puree and lettuce with green onions and radishes and separately two sauces, greens and garlic. For appetizers, I wanted something more elegant, to compensate for the chicken in the oven from the second course, so I chose: Eggs stuffed with anchovies and capers, according to Teo's recipe and arranged according to Laura's idea. Are. 3 comments on eggplant zacusca for winter - Marian video recipe August 24, 2018 at 13:58. I baked 10 kg of eggplant and 10 kg of red capsicum peppers, I chopped 3 kg of onion and 1.5 kg of carrot. I prepared 1 kg of oil and 910 g of broth (Sultan Promotion with a free small jar) considering that the ingredients sound correct or what to add. Thank you

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Chef Cătălin Scărlătescu (43 years old) is one of the most feared jurors of the culinary show Hell's Kitchen. However, she shared, exclusively for Click !, some of the most important secrets of the soup, secrets that any housewife would like to know Appetizers tasty appetizer, quick appetizer, simple appetizers, stuffed tomatoes, appetizers in pictures, recipes appetizers Soups, soups, borscht Romanian soup recipes, belly soup in pictures, beef soup, Radauti soup, chicken soup recipe, how to make chicken soup, chicken soup with noodles, chicken soup with dumplings, recipes soup, soup recipes, soup recipes and soups in pictures. - post the recipe on and make sure it contains in the title: Childhood memories + the name of the recipe (example: Childhood memories Dried plum food), only these recipes will be considered by the jury. - it will be scored with grades from 1 to 5 introduction The grilled salmon recipe is one that you must try if you have a piece of salmon at home that you do not know what to do with. Most often we prepare grilled salmon, but I want to show you that the pan can be the same or maybe even tastier. In addition, I honestly think we don't eat enough fish, whatever it is. ️ Subscribe and press the Bell to be up to date. Last week, on an indefinite spring day, in a mad chase after solving certain bureaucratic situations, in moments when it seems to you that all things have come together in one day and that it seems physically impossible to solve them all, you have to eat something, even if the meal, during fasting, is the snack on the run of a few.

. I have ideas for lunch and dinner, I know what I should do, for breakfast it's a bit difficult, because apart from milk with cereals and feta with tomatoes, I don't know anything else. Maybe give me some. Apr 15, 2018 - Recipe Mushrooms stuffed with vegetables from the category Appetizers / Garnishes. How to make Mushrooms stuffed with vegetables

He challenged us to prepare a recipe from the following categories: SALADS, INTERNATIONAL RECIPES AND TYPE TWO. I chose an apple pie, very fragrant and aromatic. Thanks for the recipe Buy and sell online eggs, meat, milk, cheese, crafts, wine, brandy, vegetables, fruits, honey, trees, tomatoes and agricultural machinery Order 16: 30- a yogurt and two pretzels with cheese 20: 00- zucchini with sweet potato (steamed) with turkey meat (from lunch soup) and Bechamel sauce- laughed the bowl- about 200-220 gr 21: 30- 200 ml milk and dwarf There was a time when I did not think I would eat ever something like that, let me like it again! Not that I had anything against pumpkins, but I didn't kill myself to eat the food, which - it's true, very rarely - my mother Cooked. 1 Cut the yeast with a fork and mix the mixture well with the sugar. 2 Preheat the kefir. Add it to a bowl with yeast and sugar. Mix everything again. 3 Stir the egg into a mixture and mix all the ingredients. 4 Add a pinch of salt, flour and knead an elastic dough. It is said to breathe into your hands

Ingredients for 4 slices of bruschetta with tomatoes and prosciutto:

& # 8211 4 slices of raw ham

& # 8211 2 tablespoons olive oil

The recipe for Bruschetta with tomatoes and prosciutto is an extremely quick and simple one, you can easily make it in larger or smaller portions, depending on how many mouths we have to feed. It can be an unexpectedly good snack or a delicious appetizer for a large meal with the family.

So let's start with mixture of tomatoes and spices like this:

Step 1: Cut the tomatoes into small cubes and place over the spices, then mix a little until all the flavors intertwine.

Step 2: Cut the breads in half lengthwise and grease them with olive oil to brown them in the oven or in the pan. After browning, rub each slice with the garlic cut in half.

Step 3: Put the tomato mixture over the ciabatta slices, the prosciutto slices and sprinkle a little of your favorite cheese on top. Bake at 200 degrees for 5 minutes until the cheese melts. I'm ready to serve. Good appetite!

Tomatoes lost in the pit

There's no doubt about it, I love bread. It's passion, respect and love. So simple to get pure joy: flour, water and yeast. The other day I was just hearing an interview in which a writer of French origin talked about the fact that we Romanians have the best tomatoes. Nothing could be further from the truth. So I decided it would be a shame not to let the tomatoes get lost in the bread dough. I leave here a finger food recipe, a bread that does not need kneading. Mix the ingredients and let the yeast do its job. But let's go into detail:


350 grams of tomatoes
500 grams of flour
500 ml of lukewarm water
an envelope of dry yeast
15 grams of salt
30 ml of olive oil
7 grams of oregano

Step 1

I mixed in a bowl with a spatula: flour, salt, yeast and water. I used yeast that does not require prior dissolution. But it is best to follow the instructions on the package. In the end you need to get a fairly liquid composition:

Step 2

In a 30/24 cm tray I poured 30 ml of olive oil and then I put the bread composition. Thus the dough will be soaked in oil.

Step 3

I have the tomatoes that I cut in half, then I crushed each half by hand and put them over the dough. I sprinkled some oregano, but you can use dried or fresh basil, thyme or other greens that you like:

I covered the tray with a towel and left the composition to rise for 40 minutes. You will see how the dough takes courage, folds and swallows the tomatoes:

Step 4

After the dough had risen enough, I spread a few drops of oil with a brush. But not much, just enough to make the dough a beautiful color. To your heart's content, throw some coarse salt over it.

Step 5

The oven heated to 180 degrees will receive with the open door the wonderful dough with its sunken tomatoes and will brown it for 40 minutes. Wonderful! This bread has in it a core of surprise, truth and purity:

Wonderful food

The ten commandments of nutrition, the consumption of those foods without which the body cannot be healthy.

Dairy products contain a lot of calcium, indispensable for the growing body (they are excellent foods for the health of teeth and bones). In addition to calcium, dairy products contain over 25 vitamins, proteins, amino acids and carbohydrates. However, cow's milk is indicated for children over one year of age (up to that age there may be a danger that they may develop an allergy to milk proteins). It is recommended that the little ones consume milk and not very fatty cheeses, for example partially skimmed yoghurts, cow's or urda cheese, cottage cheese, etc.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away - says an Anglo-Saxon proverb & # 8230 What do apples have so special that you can't live without them? In addition to their delicious fresh and refreshing taste, apples are rich in fiber, vitamins A, B1, B2, C and nutrients such as magnesium, phosphorus, iron and potassium. Give your chicken peeled apples! If you remove the peel, you will no longer benefit from the antioxidants in the fruit.

Carrots are children's favorite vegetables. And the little ones know why. Consumed raw or in various foods or soups, carrots are excellent sources of beta-carotene, fiber, minerals, B vitamins, iron, potassium, phosphorus, sodium, vitamins A and C.

Tomatoes also abound in vitamin C. They also contain phosphorus, sodium, calcium, potassium, magnesium, oxalic acid and sulfur. Another miracle food is spinach, especially if eaten raw. Prepare delicious salads with spinach, tomatoes, carrots for your child, all seasoned with olive oil and lemon juice.

Give your little one to pop the broccoli. If he likes the taste, you can give him raw potatoes with a little cow's cheese sauce. If it does not support the taste of broccoli, you can boil and mash it and add it to various foods (mashed soups, puddings, etc.). Broccoli is considered an anti-aging food, strengthens the immune system and protects the body from free radicals, responsible for cancer.

As much as possible, use olive oil when cooking for your little one. It's clean health! To soups or broths, add it at the end, after the food has boiled. For salads, prepare a sauce with lemon juice, a little salt, olive oil and a drop of honey. You need to know that the little one needs a lot of protein to grow harmoniously. White fish and chicken are excellent sources of protein and more.

White fish (cod, hake, trout), for example, is low in fat and rich in vitamins (complex B, A, D and E). Chicken meat contains B vitamins, but also minerals - zinc and phosphorus. Do not give the child chicken skin, it is rich in cholesterol.

Tomato soup

Tomato soup is an extremely tasty dish and very easy to cook. Poate fi servită rece, în zilele călduroase, dar și fierbinte împreună cu parmezan și crutoane, în zilele răcoroase de toamnă. Pentru că încă mai este sezonul roșiilor naturale românești, îți recomandăm să pregătești cea mai bună ciorbă de roșii. Iată cum se face!

Ciorbă de roșii – rețetă simplă

Ciorba de roșii este un preparat tradițional românesc care se pregătește diferit în fiecare regiune a țării. Ingredientul de bază este același, roșiile gustoase. Este o ciorbă delicioasă, sănătoasă și care poate fi servită în orice moment al zilei. Iată cum faci cea mai bună ciorbă de roșii la tine acasă! Urmărește rețeta pas cu pas!

Ciorbă de roșii – mod de preparare

1. Pentru început, se curăţă şi se spală toate legumele. Se pun la fiert cu apă şi sare, la foc mic, acoperite cu un capac. Dovlecelul se pune la o jumătate de oră după ce au fiert celelalte legume, ca să nu se zdrobească.

2. Se verifică dacă au fiert toate legumele. Ceapa şi ţelina se dau deoparte, iar roşiile, morcovii, dovlecelul şi ardeii se pasează foarte fin cu blenderul şi se amestecă cu zeama în care au fiert.

3. Se pun din nou pe aragaz să mai fiarbă 20-30 de minute, să dea în câteva clocote. Se potrivesc cu sare, piper şi se mai adaugă puţin ulei.

4. Ciorba de roşii se ornează cu pătrunjel verde şi busuioc şi se serveşte cu crutoane de pâine cu usturoi. Pentru un plus de gust, poți presăra deasupra ciorbei parmezan ras sau cubulețe de brânză feta.

Poate fi servită drept aperitiv sau fel principal la cină deoarece este un preparat ușor și sățios. Aceasta este rețeta pe care cele mai multe gospodine o urmează pentru a pregăti cea mai bună ciorbă de roșii.

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Rosii pizzaiola - Rețete

De ce-i considerat Chan Li Cel mai non-conformist chinez? La o masă n-a mai mâncat orez Ci chiftele de curcan cu broccoli. INGREDIENTE chiftele de curcan cu broccoli 500 gr piept de curcan 500 gr broccoli ( 1 buchet ) 1 cartof mare 1 ceapa mare 1 ou sare, piper PLAN DE LUCRU chiftele de [&hellip]


De pizza am poftă mare, Însă sunt puțin grăbit… Soluția salvatoare: Nu las aluatul la dospit! INGREDIENTE pentru aluat 300 gr faina 1/2 pliculet de drojdie uscata 1 praf sare apa calduta (aproximativ 150 ml) 25 ml ulei de masline o lingurita busuioc uscat pentru topping 200 gr sunculita afumata tocata marunt 200 gr cascaval [&hellip]


Tricolor pasta with sardines From Haplea and Eva for you Nothing simpler and healthier! For decoration, we use sauce. INGREDIENTS 1 canned sardines in tomato sauce (I used from Eva) large tricolor pasta. WORK PLAN tricolor pasta with sardines is perhaps the simplest recipe. As simple as it is [& hellip]


A comfortable tone from abroad He didn't feel like swimming anymore And he went for a walk in a dough boat. INGREDIENTS for dough 220 gr flour 1/2 sachet of dry yeast ½ teaspoon sugar 1 teaspoon salt 2 tablespoons olive oil warm water (about 130 ml) for topping 1 can tuna in [& hellip]


A smoked sprat jumped From Eva's can From such a layered salad On the word you don't get tired. INGREDIENTS 1 canned smoked sprot (I used from Eva) 2 medium potatoes baked in shell 1 red beet baked in shell 2 red onions horseradish paste 200 gr sour cream WORK PLAN salad [& hellip]


A healthy recipe again This time with mackerel fillets With Omega3 Plus fatty acids broccoli and carrots. INGREDIENTS 1 canned mackerel fillets (I used from Eva) 4 carrots 2 tablespoons butter 1 bunch of broccoli 200 gr sour cream 3 cloves garlic Salt WORK PLAN mackerel fillets [& hellip]


Today, my dears, my dears, I start 5 days with 5 5-star recipes Avocado baskets, yes, and herring fillets from Eva. INGREDIENTS for dough 100 gr butter 200 gr flour 1 salt powder 1 egg for topping 1 canned herring fillets (I used from Eva) 2 avocado [& hellip]


Pizza quattro formaggi Mănâncă și Max Biaggi Îl știi pe motociclist Când nu are pizza-i trist. INGREDIENTE 250 gr făină o jumătate de pliculeţ de drojdie uscată aproximativ 150 ml apă călduță 150 gr gorgonzola 50 gr brie 200 gr mozzarella 50 gr parmezan bulion ulei de măsline PLAN DE LUCRU pizza quattro formaggi facem mai [&hellip]


Pizza cu nutella și fructe de pădure Mure, zmeură, afine de cultură… Câte tentații trebuie să-ndure Un bucătar aflat la cură! INGREDIENTE pentru blat 220 gr faina 1/2 pliculet de drojdie uscata 1 lingura de zahar lapte caldut (aproximativ 130 ml) pentru topping nutella 100 gr afine de padure 100 gr afine de cultura 100 [&hellip]


Pansotti cu pesto și sos de gorgonzola Vin din Italia, ca și puiul pizzaiola. INGREDIENTE 200 gr pansotti cu pesto si ricotta (se pot face dupa o reteta de raviolli) 100 ml smantana dulce (de gatit) 200 gr crema de mascarpone cu gorgonzola 50 gr parmezan (razuit sau taiat felii subtiri) daca doriti deasupra piper, [&hellip]

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