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The Best 8 Packaged Vegan Foods From Walmart Under $5

The Best 8 Packaged Vegan Foods From Walmart Under $5

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These are the tastiest plant-based finds from Walmart.

Going vegan can seem intimidating for many reasons— one of them being having to change the way you shop for groceries. However, Whole Foods isn’t the only place to stock up on vegan pantry staples and plant-based frozen foods. Walmart now carries a wide variety of vegan foods, most of them at unbeatable prices. We’ve scoured our local Neighborhood Market for the healthiest and tastiest options.

Happy Healthy Smoothie Cups

These were a hit with most of our staff. They thought the convenient smoothie pack was healthy and refreshing, but some suggested it should be considered more of a smoothie base. At only 140 calories per cup, adding a tablespoon of almond butter, non-dairy milk or yogurt, and some fresh greens would still keep this smoothie under 300 calories (and add some major flavor and staying power, too.)

Joseph’s Flax, Oat Bran, and Whole Wheat Pita Bread

If you’ve been searching for a healthy bread option, look no further. Joseph’s Bakery makes wholesome, whole-grain breads, and several of their products are stocked at Walmart. Several people said this was their favorite product we tried, for its fluffy texture and nice flavor. Joseph’s pita breads have only 60 calories and 10 grams of carbs per serving, along with 4 grams of fiber! You’ve finally found the low-carb, high-fiber bread of your dreams.

Yves Falafel Balls

These ready-to-bake falafel balls were also a hit, as they crisped up nicely on the outside and were surprisingly tasty. However, some said the falafel could certainly use some extra spices or a dipping sauce to give it a little more flavor. These falafel were high in fiber and iron, while staying low in saturated fat, but a few chemical additives make these more of an occasional treat for when you need dinner ready ASAP.

Looking for more ready-to-eat vegan food finds?

Healthee Organic Turmeric Brown Rice

We were seriously impressed with the nutrition and texture of this microwavable rice dish. It also is a simple way to get one of the most powerful spices, turmeric, more regularly in your diet. However, like most microwavable rices, it was pretty bland and would best be served as an addition to curries, stir fries, or burrito bowls.

GT’s Kombucha

Gut health is the wellness trend that won’t quit, and for good reason. Drinking kombucha is one easy way for those on a plant-based diet to get the probiotics their bodies need for improving digestion, boosting immunity, and possibly even warding off obesity. Get the best deal in town on one of our favorite brands at your local Neighborhood Market.

Sweet Earth Foods The Big Sur Breakfast Burrito

This breakfast burrito stacked up pretty well for a frozen meal, as it is full of protein, vitamins, and minerals and comes in at under 300 calories. While most of us thought it was a little bland, we all agreed a little hot sauce (or salsa) would be the perfect addition to this on-the-go dish.

Great Value Organic White Quinoa

Walmart has private-label versions of quinoa, almond milk, and other plant-based staples for low prices. You can buy a whole pound of organic quinoa for only about $4 in-store, and it is a great way to boost your protein, fiber, and iron intake.

Sam’s Choice Creamy Almond Butter

High-quality almond butter is one of those kitchen staples that feels more like a luxury—especially since some brands can cost up to $10! This option by Great Value comes in at under $5, and has no added salt or sugar. Now there’s no need to ration out your favorite nut butter!

Save Money With These Vegan Recipes Under $3

If done intelligently, you can cook a healthy vegan meal for less money than you would normally blow on a soy latte. To make your meal even more affordable, use cheap ingredients like lentils and beans, buy ingredients in bulk, look for sales and coupons, buy store-brand items, and bike or walk to the store to save on gas money. Happy cooking!

Note: The following recipes are $3 or less per serving. Costs per serving were calculated using Sense to Save.

1. Avocado Cream Pasta (approximately $2.80 per serving)

Pasta is the classic cheap-yet-filling food, and nowadays, it’s not just made from flour. You can choose from pasta made from wheat, quinoa, soy, and even zucchini.

2. Vegan ‘Chicken’ Salad (approximately $1.88 per serving)

This seven-ingredient recipe will probably take less than seven minutes to make!

The key ingredient in this mouthwatering dish is the nutritional yeast. Try Bragg brand.

4. Vegan Breakfast Sandwich, Courtesy of I Love Vegan (approximately $2.56 per serving)

In this exquisite post, I Love Vegan breaks down this recipe, giving us various options for each ingredient along the way.

5. Sweet Potato Chickpea Buddha Bowl, Courtesy of Minimalist Baker (approximately $3 per serving)

This bowl is full of powerful foods such as kale, sweet potatoes, and chickpeas.

6. Mexican Noodle Soup (approximately .68 per serving)

Peppers, cilantro, and a touch of cumin, along with a few other ingredients, make for a complex, flavorful dish.

7. Easy Vegan Naan Pizza (approximately $3 per serving)

Naan is a delicious bread used in Indian cuisine, and it happens to make a wonderful pizza crust, too.

8. Vegan Mushroom Rosemary Stroganoff, Courtesy of One Ingredient Chef (approximately $3 per serving)

This famous Russian dish deserves a little more attention from us vegans. The mushroom version is heavenly, and thanks to the One Ingredient Chef, we can make a simple, affordable version.

9. Southwest Lime Corn Salad, Courtesy of The Vegan 8 (approximately $3 per serving)

You won’t have to tighten your purse strings when your taste buds take a trip to Texas with this hearty salad.

The mix of sweet strawberries and bitter kale is truly a taste to relish.

11. Smoky Black Bean Beet Burger, Courtesy of Minimalist Baker (approximately $1.50 per serving)

This burger is so delicious that you won’t believe it’s also the healthiest thing ever.

12. Tofu Scramble (approximately $1.67 per serving)

You’ve got to love a tofu scramble—you get so much bang for your buck and a walloping punch of protein, too.

This pizza is even more divine with homemade crust, although the Trader Joe’s variety does just fine.

14. Spaghetti with White Bean Alfredo Sauce (approximately $1.73 per serving)

Keep in mind that this Alfredo sauce is vegan and made of white beans, so it’s creamy and delicious but not high in calories like the Alfredo sauce of yesteryear.

15. Lentil-Quinoa Salad (approximately .83 per serving)

Lentils are a staple for any vegan. They’re versatile, nutritious, and extremely affordable. Oh, and they’re scrumptious. Yum.

16. Smashed Chickpea and Avocado Salad Sandwich (approximately $1.43 per serving)

Chickpeas, avocado, lime, and cilantro—what’s not to like?

17. Hearty Vegan Chili (approximately .89 per serving)

I love making a pot of chili and not worrying about cooking for the rest of the week, and you can’t go wrong with this recipe.

18. Easy Vegan Pad Thai (approximately $3 per serving)

I thought pad Thai was difficult to cook until this recipe proved otherwise!

There’s something simple yet hearty about this salad that we just love.

20. Cruelty-Free Chick-fil-A Copy-Cat Burger (approximately $2.25 per serving)

Copycat recipes are fun, and this Chick-fil-A burger is everything! Extra pickles, please!

21. Avocado Reuben (approximately $2.15 per serving)

Pumpernickel bread is the best. And avocados. End of story.

22. Mini Zucchini Pizzas (approximately $1 per serving)

With this simple and surprisingly filling recipe, you get all the goodness of pizza without the carbs.

This lunch treat is easy to make and packs a lot of protein, too.

24. Power Punch Kale Caesar Salad (approximately $1.60 per serving)

We’re not kidding when we say “power punch,” because this salad is a real whopping helping of protein power.

25. Curried Spinach Rice Lentil Bake courtesy of Light Orange Bean (approximately .75 per serving)

© Light Orange Bean

The most affordable dish on this list, this is a curry lover’s dream.

This recipe is worth the hefty price tag of $2.25. (Joke. It’s not expensive!) Equal parts vegetable and protein, it’s a well-rounded meal.

27. Lentil-Vegetable Soup (approximately .50 per serving)

The name says it all with this sumptuous salad. It’s one of the most affordable recipes on this list, adapted from

29. Spinach Orzo Salad (approximately $1.40 per serving)

Hello, orzo, you rice-shaped pasta! The tomatoes and basil are the clincher for me with this recipe.

30. Rainbow Zucchini Rolls (approximately $2.75 per serving)

These pretty rolls feature the tasty trio of zucchini, cilantro, and hummus.

1. All Beef 1/4-lb Hot Dog and 20oz Soda

Not only is this the most popular option on the menu, but it&rsquos also been on Costco&rsquos food court menu for the same $1.50 price since 1984! Considering you can barely get a soda at a restaurant for under $2 these days, getting a giant hot dog and a large soda for under $2 is pretty hard to beat!

14 Poor Man's Stew

Yes, this recipe is called Poor Man's Stew, but don't let that fool you. This dish may be cheap to make, but it is definitely rich in flavor. It's got potatoes, carrots, onions, and beef, all nestled in a savory juice that is just perfect for dipping a roll in. To make things even better, this recipe is designed to be made in a crock pot, and you know what that means. It means all you have to do is toss the ingredients in, adjust the settings knob, and be on your way. Best. Dinner. Ever.

Save some cash without skimping out on flavor by making this for dinner tonight. The ingredients should come to a total of about five dollars, and you'll be amazed that something so inexpensive could taste so good!

Top 20 Healthy and Affordable Walmart Food Finds

Walmart, America’s most popular retail chain, has been increasing its options of healthy foods, with plenty of plant-based, vegan, paleo, gluten-free, and keto-friendly options at affordable prices. They also have a private-label organic line, Great Value Organic, which offers quality tasting organic products that are more affordable than its brand name competitors.

Here is a list of healthy and affordable Walmart finds that not only taste great but won’t break the bank.

1. Walmart’s Great Value Organic Frozen Fruit Line

I love fresh fruit but I don’t eat it quick enough and usually wind up having to throw most out. With Walmart’s own line of frozen fruit, I can buy affordable frozen fruit in bulk. Fruit is a great source of fiber and antioxidants and I love adding them to a protein smoothie or mixing into my favorite Greek yogurt. You can’t go wrong with the $8.47 price tag for 32 ounces, especially because none will go to waste.

2. Great Value Pesto Spirals

These tasty frozen pesto spirals made from zucchini and carrot noodles are only 5 grams of carbs per ¾ cup serving and low-calorie too. They can be used as a simple side dish or turned into a restaurant-quality cuisine. Try adding grilled chicken or shrimp, and your favorite sauce! They are only $2.98 per a 12-ounce package and the options are unlimited!

3. CauliPower Baked Chicken Tenders

This is one of my favorite finds because it is something that my whole family can enjoy. These baked chicken fingers are gluten-free, coated in cauliflower and only 10 grams net carbs per serving (about two chicken fingers). My kids love it as is and I like to get creative with it and turn it into salads and entrees with healthy spices and sauce. It is affordable to feed the whole family with a price of $5.98 for a 16 oz package.

4. Jimmy Dean’s Delights Broccoli and Cheese Egg’wich

This high-protein, low-carb breakfast option is made with egg frittata flavored with broccoli as the “wich” with chicken sausage and cheese layered in between. This great on-the-go meal is packed with 14 grams of protein and only 8 grams of carb, making this a perfect, low-carb choice to start your day.

5. Pb2 Peanut Butter Powder

This is an item I was reluctant to try for quite some time. Once I tried it, I wish I had sooner since there are so many ways to use this product. You can either mix with water or almond milk to use like peanut butter (I enjoy it with a few Bake Believe chocolate chips) or simply add the powder to any desserts or shakes for an added punch of peanut butter flavor. With only 5 grams of carb, 45 calories and 1.5 grams of fat per serving, this is definitely an item worth considering. It costs $8.47 for a 16-ounce jar and will last you for quite some time.

6. Deebee’s Organics Superfruit Freezie

This product is such a great find. I first became familiar with these ice pops at a friend’s house and all the children devoured them. The mom specifically purchases these because they are free from the top 8 allergens, including peanuts, tree nuts, milk, egg, fish and shellfish, soy and wheat, making this a safe choice for her 7-year-old daughter who has multiple allergies. They have no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives and come in at only 7 grams of sugar per ice pop, making this the perfect treat when your kid is already operating on a sugar high. Each box comes with three delicious flavors–Strawberry Lemon, Mango Orange and Blueberry Pomegranate and costs 3.98 for 10 bars making it an affordable dessert when having guests.

7. Bake Believe Keto-Friendly Chocolate Chips

I reviewed this product last year and have been buying it ever since. Unlike their competitors, their price is affordable and it tastes great too. This is still a best-kept secret so make sure to scoop these up if your store has them in stock. With only 60 calories, 4.5 grams of fat and 1 gram net carb per serving you can indulge without worrying about your nutrition goals or your blood sugar. Bake Believe chocolate chips cost just a fraction of the other brands, with a price tag of only $3.98 for a 9-ounce bag, making this one of my favorites on this list!

8. Badia Organic Chia, Flax and Hemp Seeds

This variety of seeds is a great plant-based source of omega-3 fatty acids, proteins, and minerals such as magnesium, zinc and iron. They come in a handy container that you can put right into your fridge or freezer to give it the longest shelf life. The chia seeds are extremely affordable at $19.44 for an enormous 5.5 lb container that will last you a long time and won’t spoil. Make sure to check out their Whole Trilogy Health seeds which are a combination of flax, chia, and hemp and is packed with nutrition.

9. Great Value Coconut and Almond Flour

I love baking my own low-carb alternatives to some of my favorite desserts but it is very expensive to do so. In a regular retail grocery store, almond flour can cost around $10 dollars for a 1-lb bag. For two pounds, Great Value’s organic coconut and almond flour are considerably less than my normal go-to brands with a price of $4.98 for coconut and $12.98 for almond flour.

10. Whisps Cheese Crisps

This gluten-free and keto-friendly snack comes in individual portions, perfect for back to school, for both you and your children. With only 1 gram carb, 110 calories and 6 grams of protein, this is a great choice that will not spike your blood sugars. At Walmart this product costs $3.47, the lowest of anywhere I’ve ever purchased. I will be sure to pick some up on my next visit!

11. Kale

For just $1, you can get a 1-lb bag of frozen kale — plenty of health benefits and the cooking options are limitless. This one is a no brainer to add to your shopping cart.

12. Great Value Deluxe Mixed Nuts

As with many other items, Great Value boasts some of the lowest prices for nuts that I’ve ever seen. This one is a particular favorite of mine make sure to get the lightly-salted version. A large container weighing 15.25 ounces will only cost you $7.98! Store the nuts in the fridge for longest shelf life.

13. Great Value Oils

The selection of oils at Walmart is impressive and there is no doubt you’ll find what you are looking for. I prefer to use avocado oil for my grilling due to its ability to withstand high heat. And I use a lot of coconut oil when I’m baking. Both of these oils cost less than in my local grocery store, with coconut oil costing $4.62 for 14 ounces and avocado oil $ 7.47 for a 25.5-ounce bottle.

14. Fairlife Chocolate Milk

With 50% less sugar than regular chocolate milk and 9 essential nutrients, Fairlife chocolate milk is what I give my kids to make sure they are getting a healthy source of vitamins and minerals. It is also packed with protein coming in at 13 grams per cup. I personally use Fairlife to treat my low blood sugar. It has just enough sugar to raise my sugar and some fat and protein to keep it stable. It also happens to be delicious! At Walmart, you can find Fairlife for $3.18 for 52 fluid ounces.

15. Good Food Made Simple Egg White Patties

I think my mouth dropped to the floor when I found this gem. These patties are already cooked and can become a part of your favorite breakfast sandwich or wrap, or eaten on their own, with some bacon and avocado on the side! This is an easy and protein-packed food to put on your shopping list and only costs $3.98 for 6 patties!

16. CauliPOWER Margherita Pizza

It can be difficult to find a store-bought, plant-based pizza option without it costing a small fortune. These delicious cauliflower-based, gluten-free pizzas have 30% less sugar than other leading pizza brands and only cost $6.48 for a personal pie.

17. LaCroix Sparkling Water

LaCroix sparkling water is a delicious alternative to high-sugar soda and a nice change of pace from plain water. With no calories, sugar or sodium, you can feel good about keeping this stocked in your fridge. LaCroix comes in an assortment of flavors and can also be great as a mixer with your favorite adult beverage. And you can’t beat the price of $11.99 for 24 cans.

18. Oscar Meyer P3 Chicken, Monterey, and Cashews Portable Protein Pack

This is an incredible option for those who are carb-conscious and looking to get in some protein, too. Each individually-sized pack comes with seasoned rotisserie chicken, cashew pieces and Monterey Jack cheese. It contains 12 grams of protein, making it very macro-friendly. If your children like it, this is a great and affordable option to bring to school at just $1.50 each.

19. Great Value Pasta Sauce

This sauce has a full serving of veggies and contains only 9 grams net of carb in each ½ cup serving. There are also other options, like Marinara sauce, that are even lower in carbohydrate and equally as delicious! This sauce is also gluten-free and contains no saturated or trans fat. It’s taste rivals that of its brand name competitors but its price of just .88 cents cannot be beaten!

20. Green Giant Riced Vegetables Cauliflower Risotto Medley

Green Giant used to just mean soggy string beans or corn niblets in a can. Now you have an assortment of vegetables turned into “rice” with a fraction of the calories and carbs. The Cauliflower Risotto Medley tastes rich and creamy but only has 20 calories and 4 grams carb per serving. This is a favorite of mine and is very affordable coming in at just $2.48 for a 10-oz bag.

Walmart is a one-stop-shop for many of us and saves us from running a ton of errands. Now, with Walmart offering all of these delicious and affordable options, we can save time and money while also looking after our own and our family’s health!

Have you found any delicious, healthy and affordable foods at Walmart? Share and comment below!

What are the best gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free packaged foods and brands?

  • Bread: Canyon Bakehouse
  • Almond Milk: New Barn
  • Dairy-Free Cheese: KiteHill
  • Dairy-Free Yogurt: KiteHill or Anita’sor SoDelicious
  • Ice Cream: SoDelicious
  • Crackers: Crunchmaster
  • Cereal: Nature’s Path
  • Oatmeal: Nature’s Path, Bob’s Red Mill**
  • Baking Flours: Bob’s Red Mill**, NOW Foods
  • Nuts/Seeds: NOW Foods
  • Coconut Butter: Nutiva
  • Chips: Late July
  • Veggies: Earthbound Farm
  • Hummus: Hope Hummus
  • Salsa: Amy’s Organic
  • Jarred Tomatoes (not canned): Jovial Crushed Tomatoes, Jovial Whole Tomatoes
  • Tomato Sauce: 365 Whole Foods Market Marinara Sauce
  • Frozen Veggies: 365 Whole Foods Market Brand, Trader Joe’s
  • Organic Nut Butters: Once Again Sunflower Seed Butter, Cashew Butterand Creamy Almond Butter / Crunchy Almond Butter
  • Sugar-Free Dried Fruit: Made in Nature
  • Chocolate: Enjoy Life Foods
  • Ground Flaxseeds: Barlean’s
  • Chia Seeds: Mamma Chia,Barlean’s, Nutiva
  • Hemp Seeds: Manitoba Harvest, Nutiva, Navita’s Naturals
  • Bars: Larabar, Pure Bar
  • Olive Oil: Jovial
  • Coconut Oil: Nutiva
  • Avocado Oil: La Tourangelle

** Bob’s Red Mill products are gluten-free and dairy-free. However, they may be manufactured in a facility that also uses tree nuts and soy, so please be sure to check the labels if you are soy intolerant.

Amie's#1 Best-Selling Cookbook

Over 200 vegetarian recipes free of gluten, dairy, soy, sugar, eggs, peanuts, corn and other inflammatory foods.

Courtesy of Longéve

Would you believe us if we said that a 6-ounce bag of this dehydrated texturized pea protein yields three pounds worth of the stuff after it's been mixed with hot water? Longéve is the mastermind behind this brand-new plant-based protein product, which is targeted at the person who follows a flexitarian diet. If you're trying to reduce meat consumption, but miss the texture of meat and its satiating properties, this protein crumble will satisfy both needs. Roughly 1 ounce of the dry stuff, or about 1/2 pound upon hydration, comprises 20 grams of protein, which is nearly equivalent to the amount of protein in 3 ounces of grilled chicken. Say hello to meatless sloppy joe's!

Best High-Protein: Kodiak Cakes Frontier Oat Gluten-Free Flapjack & Waffle Mix

Kodiak Cakes is all about the protein. In fact, the brand's product is referred to as “Power Cakes,” as they are made with 100 percent whole grains and non-GMO ingredients. They're also packed with 14 grams of protein per serving—so you'll really get your day started with these. Adding milk and eggs to the mix further increases your protein intake. In addition to protein, these pancakes are also rich in fiber, calcium, and iron, making this mix an all-around nutrient-dense breakfast—quite the feat for a breakfast normally just thought to be a carb-bomb.

Each box should yield about 24 4-inch pancakes (9 servings), though you can also use the versatile mix to make protein-rich waffles, muffins, or cookies (instructions are provided on the box).

25 Vegan Snacks That Make The Super-Strict Diet Actually Seem Easy

Though most people understand vegan diets to be difficult, there are plenty of options to ensure they're really not. All of the below are great snacking foods for vegans, and&mdashbonus!&mdashsome of them are gluten-free as well. Of course, packaging facilities and recipes vary, so be sure to read all the ingredients on a snack before diving right in.

Guac is a staple for many vegans, and Good Foods' is one of the better packaged options you can find. Even better news? The brand has an entire line-up of vegan dips, including buffalo-style, plant-based queso, and dairy-free tzatziki.

Want to take the guesswork out of grocery shopping? This snack pack comes bundled with 30 different vegan-friendly munchies.

If you were to call these super rich bites "healthy," it wouldn't be so far of a stretch. The fact that they are (1) vegan, (2) made with organic peanut butter, and (3) covered in Rainforest Alliance-certified chocolate doesn't hurt either.

These cookies are perfect for anyone with dietary restrictions. They're soy-free, dairy-free, non GMO, gluten-free, nut-free, and, of course, vegan.

Last Word

Finding keto-friendly foods can be possible at Walmart and other grocery stores if you know what to look for. This list provides snack options that are low in carb, higher in fat, and can fit into a keto meal plan. In general, foods that are based on cheese, meats, and low carb vegetables make the best snack for keto.

On the contrary, snacks keto diet cannot have are higher carbohydrate foods like: bread, pasta, cereal, rice, cookies, crackers, and many other packaged foods.

As demand for keto foods grows, more foods will be marketed and made as keto-friendly.

Keep in mind many foods that do not have labels- like fresh fruits and vegetables- can and should be included in your keto meal plan.

If you have any questions about if a ketogenic diet would be right for you, consult your healthcare team first.


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