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Uncorked Love: DIY Valentine’s Day Project

Uncorked Love: DIY Valentine’s Day Project

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This easy, fun project is perfect for your wine-loving lover

Fall in love with this simple project.

If you find the most romantic thing about Valentine’s Day to be the wine, you are in luck. Sentimental wine lovers often save corks from meaningful bottles of wine rather than holding onto the much larger empty bottles. If this sounds like you, you are in luck! You can put those corks to good use and create a cork heart for the one you love or just decorate your place for the holiday. Corks are a rather versatile crafting tool, so there are so many ways to work them into a gift or make a decorative statement. Here are a few ideas to get you started — all you’ll need is a hot glue gun and a sturdy frame.

Cork Heart

If you do save the corks of your old wine bottles, you can make a gorgeous heart 3-D sculpture with the help of a hot glue gun and a sturdy frame. Red wine corks make for a particularly adorable heart, but if you want color, simply dip your cork in acrylic paint. Keep in mind that the corks are porous and it may take a few tries to get the hue that you are looking for.

Cork Wreath
You can transform your old corks into a sustainable door decoration by fashioning them into a circle or even the shape of a heart. Be playful and add accents like burlap for a natural, seasonal look or decorate with red flowers or seasonal paint to give it a romantic look.

Cork Board
Make a creative collage with a literal corkboard. Simply hot glue corks in any pattern and — voilà! — you have yourself a nifty homemade gift!

20 Adorable And Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Projects For Kids

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. If you have kids – or grandkids – and are looking for projects to keep them busy and help spread the love, I’ve found a great collection of adorable crafts that you can make together.

All of these are so easy that even toddlers can help with them, and they are all so cute your kids will love them.

I love Valentine’s Day. From the candy and flowers to the wide array of crafts, there’s just so many ways that you can show someone how much they mean to you. I also love DIY, which is why this collection of Valentine’s Day projects is perfect.

Whether you want to make cards for teachers or grandparents or you and your little ones love baking together, I promise there’s something in this collection that will thrill you and your kids.

From marshmallow pops to homemade heart ornaments that you can display all year long, these projects are as lovely as they are simple to complete.

Looking to dress up your little one for the holiday? There’s a great homemade heart barrette, or you could do her nails with these gorgeous Valentine’s nail art designs.

Whatever you and your littles are planning for the day, you don’t want to miss these projects. Let your little one make a Valentine box to hold her special treasures or help them create butterflies from doilies. There is something in here for kids of all ages, and several that we parents will love, too.

Funny Valentine’s Cards You’ll Laugh Heartily Over

1. Awkward Valentine’s Day Card

“I know we are not, like, together or anything but it felt weird to just not say anything so I got you this card. It’s not a BIG DEAL. It doesn’t really mean anything. There isn”t even a heart on it. So Basically it’s a card saying hi.”

Romance is filled with awkward moments, such as deciding whether to ask your crush out, contemplating how to make a move on your date and choosing which outfit to wear.

If you feel like you and your partner are a bit too awkward around each other, you can use funny Valentine’s Day cards to turn awkward moments into hilarious ones instead. Copy this statement if you’re into funny Valentine notes and get your awkward feels on.

2. Greatest/Gratest Printable Card

“To my significant otter”

Most puns are corny, cheesy, and sometimes annoying. But some people get a laugh or two out of common puns.

If you plan to use puns, the key to success is delivery. Make sure you use puns you know your partner would understand or relate to.

For example, let’s say you and your partner met at a coffee shop. One of the funniest Valentine’s Day cards you can get for them is one with the pun ” I like you a latte” written on it. You can further personalize it by adding your pictures or a coupon for a free coffee.

3. For the Harry Potter Fan

“I a-Dumbledore you”

One of the many things that make a relationship work out is a shared interest. This coming Valentine’s Day, you can emphasize your and your partner’s love for a specific topic.

For example, if your significant other can’t get enough of Harry Potter, then you can give them funny Valentine’s cards inspired by the globally celebrated, long-running novel series.

I am a Harry Potter fan and this idea really made me laugh. Of course, you can also come up with your Harry Potter-themed puns as well.

Tip: If you’re into Valentine’s Day homemade cards, you can draw it or print out a photo. Doing so adds a bit of personality to your gift.

4. Funny Printable Valentine’s Day Cards

“You are my favorite husband.” “I love our boring life.”

Let’s face it, not everyone has the artistic ability to craft beautiful Valentine’s Day greeting cards. And while your partner may love you despite your shortcomings, you should still make the effort.

What you can do is print out copies of some Valentine’s Day printable cards. Choose which ones best represent your feelings and would make your partner feel special.

5. More Funny Printable Valentine’s Day Cards

“I’m no photographer but I can picture us together.” “I’d spend all 9 lives with you.”

Because we love free stuff any day of the year, we cannot let another set of free printable cards pass us by. The more, the merrier, right? Especially for your loved ones!

The first set above consisted mostly of sweet nothings. They’re great, but it might not feel very “you.”

6. ‘You Rule’ Ruler Valentine

Custom Valentine’s Day cards aren’t exclusive to lovers. You can also hand out funny Valentine’s cards to your close friends, coworkers, and relatives. Like a “you rule” card that comes with a ruler.

What you can do is create a bunch of comedy Valentine’s Day cards customized to suit your recipient’s character. You can use puns based on running gags, inside jokes, or shared interests, among others.

7. ‘Wood’ You Be Mine?

Do you and your crush have a shared passion for trees, woodworking, or nature in general? Then this “Wood You Be Mine” is the perfect Valentine’s Day card meme to use!

It’s witty, short, and cute all at once, so as soon as your loved one receives this, she or he will get the idea and have a laugh over it. Trust me, it sure got me!

8. Fishy Valentine

“Whale you be mine?”

If your partner has a passion for whales, fishes, dolphins, or marine life in general, then this card would be one of the funniest Valentine’s Day card photos you can use!

To make the card even funnier, try personalizing it with other marine animals your partner likes. For example, if they’re into sharks, turtles, and crabs as much as they’re into whales, feel free to add them to your card.

The great thing about marine life is just about anyone loves them. Everyone from young kids to senior citizens have a soft spot for our underwater friends.

9. Feeling Cheesy

“You’re looking so GOUDA today.” “Let’s BRIE friends forever.” ” You are the bomb, you FETA believe it.” “I would be so PROVOLONE without you.”

Crack up your Valentine (or your friends) with these literally cheesy ideas for Valentine’s Day cards. These are guaranteed to be the cheesiest Valentine’s Day cards you’ll see online.

If you’re giving these out to your friends, you can make the occasion even more special by handing them out over a cheese party. Invite your close friends for brunch, then serve up some wine, deli meat, salads, and of course, cheese!

Not only will these Valentine’s Day Valentine cards crack your friends up, but the thought of you organizing such a sweet event will also move their hearts.

10. For Coffee Lovers

“Words cannot espresso how much you mean to me.”

Is coffee a very integral part of your partner’s routine? Then why not compare your love for them to their favorite drink?

We cannot get enough of or get far enough away from puns on an already-mushy occasion, indeed. But that’s how love can be sometimes so I’m sure you have one in mind for this super corny entry!

If you plan on giving this to your crush, you can take this as a chance to ask them out on a coffee date. Even if they refuse, you’re bound to get at least a cute giggle from them.

11. EYE Love You!

If you refuse to order Valentine’s Day cards and want to make your own, then a fun, easy one to try out would be this funny “Eye-Love-You” card.

Use wobbly eyes for the “I,” draw a heart for the “love,” then a “U” for “you.”

These kinds of funny gag Valentine’s gifts and cards are best given to people who can appreciate a bit of gross, dark humor. They’re not intended for people who loathe anything related to monsters and freaks, so choose your audience.

12. Find Love in the Hole of a Donut

“I DONUT want to spend another day without you.”

Nothing says undying love like…a donut. Now, if this doesn’t make you go “Awww” with a little chuckle, I don’t know what will.

To make your funny Valentine’s cards even better, you can opt to include an actual box of donuts. Find out what flavor your crush or partner likes, buy a dozen, stick the card in the box, and then win their heart forever.

13. You Light Up My Life

Add matches to your “you light up my life” Valentine’s Day card.

14. Apple Computer Lovers Valentine’s Day Card

Looking to add a modern twist to a classic favorite? Then try “You are the apple of my eye. And this one sure doesn’t require WiFi :)”

You can grab some Valentine’s Day coloring cards and then write the phrase on them. Make sure you customize it perfectly so your Valentine understands the joke.

Perfect this Valentine’s card idea and you might give someone a prank for a funny Valentine, indeed!

Pop-up Valentine’s Day cards aren’t taking the back seat just yet, so learn how to make one with this video from Love For Crafts:

These funny Valentine’s Day cards will add humor to this occasion celebrating love, indeed. With all the cheesiness and mushiness of the season, it’s nice to add a few laughs to all the love in the air.

Your loved ones might even appreciate getting tacky Valentine’s cards, as long as they’re funny and creatively done. On that note, take these ideas now and make your own funny Valentine’s Day card your loved ones will be sure to keep.

Which of these funny Valentine’s cards cracked you up? Will you be making any of them? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on January 16, 2016, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

2. The Perfect Breakfast – Easy and Fun to Make


Have you been thinking about making a plate of breakfast for your significant other and taking it into bed for them? Breakfast in bed is a great way of relaxing a little bit in the mornings and having a chance to talk to each other. Since it’s Valentine’s Day, make sure to create everything in a heart shape! For example, use a heart-shaped cookie cutter to create a hole in a piece of toast before cracking an egg into it on a frying pan. You can also cut off the ends of frankfurters and stick them together with a toothpick creating another heart shape.

DIY Valentine’s Day Craft Ideas – Beautiful Heart-Shaped Upcycled Book Decorations

I think books are beautiful. I love the way the words spill so gracefully across the page weaving stories and transporting us to new places and new perspectives. I’ve lovingly turned so many pages that now I can’t stand to see even a water damaged book thrown away. Instead, I upcycle them to make roses and book angels. Today, I am sharing my most recent book page DIY Valentine’s Day Craft Idea, which was also our latest homeschool art project – Valentine’s Day Garland.

** This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.**

Save this craft for later or share it with your friends…

For The Book Page Heart Garland you will need:

  • A rescued book.
  • Twine or ribbon.
  • A stapler with staples.
  • Scissors.
  • A ruler.
  • A pencil.
  • Paint. (optional)

How To Make Your Own DIY Heart-Shaped Valentine’s Garland

  1. Begin by tearing several pages from your rescued book.
  2. Measure and mark one-inch sections.
  3. Each heart will require: Two 1-inch wide strips of 4-inch, 5-inch, 6-inch, and 7-inch long sections
  4. Measure and cut one 10 inch section of ribbon or twine per heart.
  5. Knot each ribbon for hanging and trim excess.
  6. Organize your materials as seen in the video, longest to shortest being sure your text is all going in the same direction.
  7. Place your knot, loop down, in between each set of 4-piece sections. (The longest section closest to knot on both sides). Staple together.
  8. Turn over and gather the ends of each matching section until you have all of them and then staple those too.
  9. Squirt some paint into a craft bowl or plate and dip one side.
  10. Place on waxed paper or a towel to dry.
  11. Once dry, string on ribbon or twine and display.

This DIY Valentine’s Craft – book page hearts – made for a fun and simple homeschool art project for us. And we already had all the materials on hand!

I think they are adorable strung on a ribbon to make a Valentine’s Day garland. But they also make a sweet alternative to a typical valentines day card for card exchanges at co-op. Or, they can be hung in windows, from a loving Momma’s rearview mirror, or even from the ceiling on clear strands.

As a photographer, I can’t help but think how perfect these will be strategically placed in engagement shoots. They would also make adorable decorations for a bridal shower, don’t you think?

Because I mentioned my book page roses and my book angel, I thought I would share a picture of those too. Imagine these poor books could have ended up in the garbage! Instead, they are still bringing joy to book nerds like me.

My book angel and a dozen book page roses we made for the Youth Director at the library when she retired.

We hope this post has inspired you to get creative! This is a great project for adults and also tweens and teens! Gather and create! If you love the idea of upcycling as much as we do, you might also enjoy making this beautiful butterfly garland out of old magazines. We have it strung in our homeschool room right now and it’s so charming. It fits perfectly with our wildlife and conservation theme.

If y0u have a DIY Valentine’s Day craft idea you think we would enjoy, please share your ideas in the comments section below!

Finally, remember that creating art is healing. In so many ways, it is an act of self-love. Providing the time for ourselves and modeling for our children the importance of expressing our creativity makes for a beautiful gift in and of itself. When we invite them to participate, it always makes for time well spent.

Wishing you many moments of time well spent,

Check out this collection of Fun Valentine’s Day Activities for kids of every age!

Happy Wednesday! Every year I go searching for holiday activities for my kids. Sometimes I spent hours trying to find fun activities for my kids. So this year, I joined forces with some of my fellow homeschool bloggers to bring you some super fun Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids. Check them out!

    from In All You Do from Hess Un-Academy from Julie Naturally from The WOLFe Pack from Homeschool on the Range from Music in Our Homeschool from Making Room 4 One More from Whole Child Homeschool from Our Crazy Adventures in Autismland from Everyday Graces Homeschool from Homegrown Motherhood from Heart and Soul Homeschooling from Stand Up, Reach Out from Orison Orchards from [email protected] from Geez, Gwen!

Thanks for visiting Geez, Gwen today! We are so glad you found us! We are not believers in coincidence so we are confident you are here for a reason! Perhaps we can offer you tasty recipes? Maybe our inspirational quotes are just what you need in your life! Perhaps you’ve been wondering where to take that family vacation? Maybe you want to know the truth about what us homeschoolers really do all day! Maybe you love photography and see it as an art, just like me! Whatever it is, it’s clearly Destiny at its finest! Don’t let this opening door of opportunity slam shut! Run through by subscribing to our newsletter.

214 DIY Valentine’s Day Ideas Everyone Can Fall In Love With!

Although this article was made with your partner in mind, I’m a firm believer that February 14 is for everyone! This means that you don’t have to be in a relationship to give a little love to someone you hold dear. Whether it’s a parent, a sibling, a best friend, or a significant other, everyone deserves a token of love. Show them your appreciation with some of our Valentine’s day ideas below. We’ve got loads for you to choose from! Not in the mood for Valentine’s Day? Don’t worry. We’ve got your last-minute valentine’s ideas covered too. Read until the very end to see our special tip for you!

1. Make Diy Valentine’s Bath Bombs

Who doesn’t love a luxurious soak in the tub? Bath bombs make a great valentine’s gift, or a fun experience you and your date can do together. We love these heart shaped bath bombs that will fill your tub with roses as they dissolve – how romantic!
What you’ll need for your DIY bath bombs:

  • 1 cup baking soda,
  • 1/2 cup citric acid
  • 1/2 cup Epsom salts
  • 1 tsp. water
  • 2 tsp. essential oil
  • 3 tsp. oil (olive oil) (any color you want)
  • whisk
  • jar
  • rose petals (dried ones work great too!)

Now follow along with the video, or learn how to make a bath bomb in detail here.

2. 9 DIY Flower Arrangements

I can’t imagine anyone resisting a beautiful vase of flowers. DIY your own bouquet and give them to your mom. I’m sure she’d squeal in delight! Make your own flower arrangements here.

3. 11 Valentine’s Crafts

Sometimes it’s the simplest of gifts that make a difference. DIY gifts instantly become more special because you’ve put a lot of your own time and effort into making the present. That thought alone is already heartwarming enough. Click here for a list of Valentine’s day crafts you can make!

Check out the ultra stylish, “dancing” stone design, exquisite quality and 50% off. Get the perfect Valentine’s gift, the flutter necklace here.

4. 11 Hand Sewn Gifts

Are you a whiz with a needle and thread? Try your hand at making a few hand sewn gifts! If you’d like, you can even personalize the gifts by embroidering the person’s name on the item. They’d love the extra touch. Read more Valentine’s day gift ideas here.

5. Go on a Romantic Camping Date

One of the best Valentine’s day ideas we’ve had to date involves a camping trip, a day where you and your beau can get away from the city and just gape at the starlit sky. Plus points if you’ve got a campfire and a s’mores kit ready at your disposal! Find more romantic camping ideas here.

6. 11 Sustainable DIYs

An herb garden is the perfect gift for anyone who loves cooking up a feast in the kitchen. Not only will you save them a trip to the grocery for their favorite herbs but they might even make you a meal or two to show them how grateful they are. Score! Grab your seeds here. Here’s how to make your next Valentine’s day gift!

7. 10 Cute Gifts He’ll Love

I’ve never met a man who doesn’t like hot chocolate. A DIY kit is great because it allows them to customize their drink to their own liking. You can even go the extra mile by personalizing the mug the gift comes with. Want more Valentine’s day gift ideas for him? Check this out!

Make The Menu Ideas

8. 50 Delicious Dishes For Two

The way to a man’s heart — or sometimes to anyone’s heart really — is through his stomach! We’ve got a list of drool-worthy recipes you and your beau can enjoy as part of your Valentine’s day feast! For more dishes, here’s our list of yummy Vday dinner ideas for two!

9. 11 Dinner Date Ideas

Who says you can only get fancy dishes at a nice restaurant? We’ve got some you can make from scratch for your next candlelit dinner. Find your next delicious dinner idea here!

10. 13 Best Homemade Recipes

Some of our Valentine’s day ideas can be given early in the morning, like this recipe of White Chocolate and Raspberry pancakes. It’ll be an amazing start to someone’s day! For more Valentine’s day recipes, click here.

11. 25 Valentine’s Day Treats

Got a thing for cute desserts? Try our list of too pretty to eat delectables! We’ve taken your favorites and made them Vday worthy and not to mention Instagram-worthy too! Get your phones ready to snap, ladies. #cute Check out all our Valentine’s day treats that look too good to eat!

12. 11 Sweet Treats for Two

I adore showering the people I love with gifts so I usually prep a few snacks I can give throughout the day. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of seeing someone’s face light up after they realize you’ve remembered them on Vday! Want to do the same thing? We’ve got a list of Valentine’s day recipes you can try here!

13. 10 Last Minute DIYs

Let’s face it, ladies. Sometimes we can’t help but rush our gifts, right? Not to worry, I’ve got just the thing for you! Who knew succulents would be so easy to make? Want more ideas? Here’s a list of last minute DIY Vday gifts you can make.

14. 7 Vday Ideas Made Simple

Sometimes wit and simplicity are all it takes to make a Valentine’s Day gift. Brush up on your pick up lines for February, ladies. It’s time to remind your beau that he loves your sense of humor — no matter how corny it can sometimes be. For more easy Valentine’s Day Crafts click here.

15. Say it with a Love Letter

Love letters are one of my most favorite Valentine’s day ideas. To be honest, I hold them at a higher regard as opposed to material gifts. This Feb 14, don’t forget to tell your partner how much he means to you. Don’t know where to start? List down reasons on why you love him to get the words flowing. Here are more tips for your DIY love letters for him!

16. 7 Anti Valentine’s Day

Not a fan of Valentine’s day or think that it’s just too overrated? Throw an anti-V-day party with your friends! Stick to the theme by keeping everything unified. Go all out with your anti-Valentine’s day party with this guide.

Also by sticking to the theme, get yourself something from our friends at Mason & Ivy! They’re having a 50% off valentines warehouse sale for a limited time! Click below to get shopping!

17. 25 Unique and Easy Valentine’s Day Cards and Grams You Can Make

These ideas are just too cute, your loved ones will be smiling from ear to ear. Get out your craft scissors and construction paper, and start decorating those valentine grams!

Looking for more Valentine’s day ideas? Watch this video from Idunn Goddess.

Writing this article sure made me excited for all the gifts I’m bound to make! I can’t help it, ladies. I’m a sucker for celebrations, big or small. This Valentine’s day, I’m making it a point to spoil the people I love. But hey, who’s to say that the gift giving has to end after Valentine’s day is done? Why not show and give love 365 days in a year?

Plus, don’t forget to get yourself a new outfit from our friends over at Mason & Ivy. They’re offering 50% off the entire store specifically for DIYProjects visitors. Click here to shop!

Have a beautiful Vday ahead, ladies!

What do you think of these sweet and easy ideas? Have you picked a favorite yet? Share it with us in the comments section down below!

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70 Romantic Valentine's Day Recipes for Staying in With Your Special Someone

Pour your heart into these easy Valentine&rsquos Day dinner, dessert, and breakfast ideas.

Candy has stolen the spotlight on Valentine's Day ever since Richard Cadbury, Cadbury founder John Cadbury's son, started selling chocolates in a heart-shaped box to mark the occasion in 1861. And while February 14th admittedly gives us some of the year's sweetest treats (hello, Valentine's Day treats!) there is actually a whole day's worth of fabulous meals that you could be having. From heart-shaped foods for brunch to romantic dinner ideas for two (complete with seasonally appropriate Valentine's Day cocktails), this is a great opportunity to turn V-day not only into a holiday for loving couples, but also for major food lovers.

So, for a couple that loves to eat almost as much as they love each other, we compiled the all-around best Valentine's Day recipes. From rich, savory and indulgent Valentine&rsquos Day dinner menus best enjoyed by candlelight to some sweet-tooth satisfying Valentine&rsquos Day treats (we're looking at you, red wine lollipops!), you can create the perfect meal for you and your partner using just about any of these ideas. Plus, we included plenty of vegetarian recipes for the animal lovers out there. Kick off the morning with a hearty shakshuka (or better yet&mdash homemade donuts) that&rsquoll instantly give you that warm, fuzzy feeling, then try your hand at a fancy Beef Wellington or prime rib later in the day. End the night with cookies, cupcakes, or all things chocolate, and you&rsquoll definitely go to sleep with a smile on your face.

45 Valentine's Day Desserts for Your Sweetie

Looking for the perfect Valentine's Day gift idea? Nothing spells l-o-v-e like a scratch-made dessert.

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Simply Sweet Strawberry Milk

Warm your Valentine's heart and soul with this hot strawberry milk. Top with whipped cream and conversation hearts, and serve to your honey for a love-filled dessert drink.

Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Cookie Truffles

You're probably familiar with classic chocolate truffles. But these beauties mix chocolate sandwich cookies, cream cheese and fresh strawberries for a treat that's seriously irresistible. Plus, you can use a heart cookie cutter and hot-pink sprinkles to make them even more delightful.

Raspberry Chocolate Cookie Shots

These chocolate cookie shot glasses make such a fun treat for kids and adults alike. You can fill them with candy, milk &mdash most anything &mdash but you can&rsquot go wrong with our raspberry mousse filling.

Pink Champagne Truffles

Toast to love and another year of happiness with these bite-sized truffles that pair perfectly with a chute of champagne.

Cupid's Arrow Hot Chocolate

Kids and adults alike will love this fun twist on a classic winter treat. Dress up hot chocolate with heart-shaped marshmallows and a paper straw "arrow" for the finishing touch.

Conversation Heart Cookies

This year, swap those traditional candy conversation hearts for something homemade and customized. Make vanilla sandwich cookies and use a custom stamp-setting kit and food-safe decorating pen to create personalized and scrumptious messages right on top.

Tic-Tac-Toe Brownies

For an easy, yet completely lovable snack, create tic-tac-toe brownies by simply icing a few lines and adding conversation heart candies. This snack not only acts as a delectable treat but doubles as a mini board game.

Chocolate Brownie Pudding

This super chocolatey treat is sure to satisfy your sweetie's sweetest tooth. Is it a brownie? Is it pudding? We're not sure. All we know is that it's sinfully delicious.

Heritage Red Velvet Cake

You don't need any special supplies to make this sweet, heart-shaped cake. Just create a hand-drawn template and cut out the heart with a knife. If you can resist eating the cake scraps, crumble them and coat the cake for a soft, crumb layering.

Pie Crust Designs

Spell out "love" on your significant other's favorite pie, then hand-deliver for a true reaction.

Chocolate Strawberry Shortcakes

Nothing goes together quite like chocolate and strawberries, but here's a combination you probably haven't seen. Chocolate shortcakes give this traditional dessert an unexpected twist.

Perfect Cut-Out Sugar Cookies

Say those three magic words with a batch of homemade frosted sugar cookies. HGTV Crafternoon's Marianne Canada shares how to decorate them for Valentine's Day in three different ways below.

White-Chocolate-Dipped Fortune Cookies

Surprise your valentine with a special delivery in the form of white-chocolate-dipped fortune cookies packaged in a personalized takeout box.

35 DIY Valentine's Day Gifts That You'll Love Making

If you're looking to make your partner something extra special this February 14, then these DIY Valentine's Day gifts are exactly what you need. Whether you'd love to spend time making Valentine's Day crafts or you're after an easy last-minute Valentine's Day gift, these homemade presents are perfect for skilled crafters and beginners alike. Come up with clever Valentine's gifts for him and Valentine's Day gifts for her by making a matching pair of T-shirts that say "Yoda One for Me"or getting a bottle of hot sauce with a custom label for your Valentine who's "hot stuff." It'll certainly get a chuckle out of them&mdashjust like the time Ree Drummond bought Ladd 200 tins of Carmex!

The best part is that nearly all of these ideas can double as Galentine's gifts&mdashyour BFF will adore the clay heart keychain, for instance. And if you're looking for ideas you can make in batches, the edible gifts like homemade salted caramels or heart cookies are an easy pick.

While you're getting crafty with these homemade Valentine's Day gifts, check out some DIY Valentine's Day cards too&mdasha heartfelt message is just as important as a thoughtful gift.

DIY Be Mine Essential Oil Recipe

Be Mine Essential Oil Roller Recipe

Apply this valentine's day essential oil blend to your arms, chest, and neck. It will leave a delicate scent on your skin as you gain the therapeutic benefits from this synergy blend of essential oils.

  • 6 drops Mandarin
  • 2 drops Rose Oil
  • 1 drop Pink Pepper
  • Jojoba Oil
  • 10 ml Roller Bottle

Directions: Add drops of essential oils into the roller bottle. Fill the rest of the bottle with jojoba oil (or carrier oil of choice). Leave space at the top to place the rollerball insert. Place on cap and shake to mix together.

Be Mine Essential Oil Diffuser Blend

This oil blend recipe can also be used in an aromatherapy diffuser. So skip the candles and instead turn on your diffuser to infuse your home with the lovely blend of mandarin, rose, and pink pepper.

Directions: Just add the drops to your machine with the recommended amount of water. Turn on and let the wonderful aroma fill your space.

DIY Valentine Slime Recipes – How To Make Homemade Easy Slime Ideas For Kids – Parties – Crafts – Printables – Gifts – Fun – Love – Heart – Containers

Affiliate links are provided below for your convenience. You can see my full disclosure policy here.

Looking for Valentine slime ideas? Here are some of the BEST DIY Valentine slime ideas. BEST Valentine slime favors for kids to pass out to their friends. Find the most AMAZING slime Valentines kids will love and want. If you are looking for the coolest slime valentine ideas then you will want to check out these valentine ideas that are simple and cute.

Easy slime recipes to make homemade slime for Valentine that kids, teens and tweens will love. You can also find store bought Valentine slime ideas and won’t have to make homemade DIY slime.

Easy slime Valentines that you can put together in no time at all. Boys and girls of all ages will love these small Valentine slime gift ideas. Great for school parties, classroom parties or just for fun. Perfect for preschool, kindergarten, elementary school, middle school and even high-school. Forget the sweets and choose one of these amazing slime treats for children & friends.

Light up any kids face with these slime Valentine ideas with Free printables & more for a Valentine theme party or Valentines for students to pass out in the classroom. Kids will love these slime Valentine idea. Follow the step by step instructions and learn how to make the BEST slime Valentine DIYs! Make these for yourself, to use as party favors, hand out to classmates, student, friends or even sell. Check out some amazing and cool slime DIYs for Valentines.

This Valentine Slime will make a great gift this Valentines Day. Valentine Slime

Valentines Day Glitter Slime

Have the kids give these Valentine slime favors this year instead of candy. Valentines Day Glitter Slime

Valentines Day Slime Recipe

Perfect homemade slime for party favors or for giving to friends and family and a super fun alternative to candy treats. Valentines Day Slime Recipe

This slime makes a great school party favor or valentine. Fun and easy slime recipe for kids – teens and tweens. Valentines Slime Recipe

Valentine Slime With Printable

Cute little heart slime jars filled with homemade DIY Valentines slime. Print out free printable Valentines card to attach to give to your friends. Makes great school Valentines for kids of all ages. Valentine Slime With Printable

Printable Valentines Day Slime Cards

Make homemade DIY slime or buy mini slime containers and attach to these Free printable Valentines cards for kids. Printable Valentines Day Slime Cards

Slime Valentines With Free Printable

Just print out the free printable add slime and you have the perfect valentine to give to classmates. Slime Valentines With Free Printable

Valentines Day Fluffy Slime

Here is a fun and easy non candy Valentines for kids to give their friends. Valentines Day Fluffy Slime

DIY Valentine Slime Video Tutorials

DIY Slime Gifts for Valentines Day! Learn how to make 2 different DIY Valentines Day slimes! These gifts will be perfect to give to your friends at school and are super quick and easy to make.

Jiggly Stretchy Valentines Day Clear Holo Glitter Slime

14 AMAZING SLIMES For Valentine’s Day

I hope you enjoyed all these slime Valentines for kids. Any of these ideas will have you ready for your kids Valentines school party in no time at all or just a small Valentine gifts for children to give to their friends or teachers. Pass out slime Valentines that kids will want to receive. Choose one of the best and most amazing Valentines slime party favors from the list above and you will have happy children. If you need more ideas or inspiration you can check out Pinterest where you can find: valentines slime, valentines slime for kids, valentines slime recipe, valentines slime printable, valentines slime gifts, fun valentines slime, valentines slime ideas, valentines diy, slime party favors, valentines for kids, valentine day crafts, valentine’s day diy, valentines day diy for kids, valentines day crafts for kids, valentines day party for kids, school valentines party ideas, candy free valentines, valentines printables free, non candy valentines for kids and more. I hope you have a great Valentines Day!

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