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Tort Iepuras

Tort Iepuras

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Separate the egg whites from the yolks, whisk the egg whites, add 1 pinch of salt. Rub the yolks with the sugar and gradually add water, baking powder, cocoa, mix well, incorporate the flour, mix, then add the egg whites. Pour half of the composition to make 2 countertops (if we want to prepare them separately), in a countertop lined with baking sheet, put it in the oven for 35-45 minutes at 160 degrees.

In the meantime we are preparing cream: rub the sugar with margarine, then gradually add the hot milk with the yolks, then put it in a baine marie until the cream thickens, add the cappuccino sachets and leave a little longer. Remove from the heat and leave to cool.

We take a cardboard, cut it round like the countertop and in parts we draw a crescent, in the middle it remains a bow shape. Take the cardboard, place it on the countertop and cut the countertop. We cut the tops in the middle and fill them with cappuccino cream, and the ears as well. We place it on a plate and start decorating it. Mix the whipped cream until it becomes hard and add the dye. We form the ears, the head with pink cream, with the white one we fill the ears, the eyes and the muzzle, with the topping we form the mustache, nose and mouth. Refrigerate for 3 hours.

Method of preparation

300 g flour. Add the raisins in the countertop compositions and in one the essence of rum and in the other the essence of vanilla.
Beat the 6 egg whites with a hard foam (with a pinch of salt). Divide them evenly into the 2 bowls and mix gently, from bottom to top, with the aim. Pour the compositions into greased and floured baking pans and put them in the preheated oven for

40-45 minutes.
We leave a whole countertop, and from the other we cut a crescent according to the curve of the first countertop, which we place in the tray glued to it. From what remains we will form the ears, tail and legs of the rabbit. After we have formed the base of the rabbit, we cut everything in half, with a longer knife and we start to prepare the creams.
Melt 300 g of white and bitter chocolate in a bain marie. After it has melted, add a raw egg, mix well and get 2 chocolate creams. Put the blackberries on low heat and stir for 5-6 minutes. Syrup the first layer of top with the juice left by blackberries. Pour the white chocolate cream on the cake, then the dark chocolate one. Place the blackberries on top evenly. Cover with the second layer of countertop. Syrup again with blackberry juice.
Melt the remaining white chocolate in a bain marie with 10 ml of water and mix with a whisk until you obtain a homogeneous composition. Dress the Bunny cake with it. Keep about 1/3 of the composition for the bow on the neck and for the "grass". Melt the remaining dark chocolate in a bain marie with 10 ml of water. Use a disposable syringe to outline the rabbit's ears, snout, head, eye, paws and tail. With the rest of the dark chocolate, coat the cake on the edges. From a little white chocolate, with a little blackberry juice, make a pink bow around your neck.
From white chocolate, with organic dyes, yellow and blue, form the grass around the bunny, which you decorate with pearls, candies and even natural flowers (butter, Japanese quince, peach, apple, etc.). Under the rabbit place oute of 4 tablespoons of homogenized powdered milk with a teaspoon of honey and a few drops of dye. You can use chocolate outes dressed in commercially colored foil.
All the details from the preparation phases are in the following video.
The bunny enjoyed the sunny day of Easter. I took him out to the garden.

Tort Iepuras

for the 2 tops :, 5 eggs + 1 egg white ,, a teaspoon of salt ,, 4 tablespoons sugar ,, 150 ml oil ,, 5 tablespoons flour ,, an envelope baking powder ,,, for syrup we need :, water 300 ml, 2 teaspoons rum essence, 2 tablespoons sugar,, for cream :, 20 g white chocolate ,, 20 g milk chocolate ,, 200 ml liquid cream ,, 200 g mascarpone ,, 2 teaspoons instant coffee (ness) ,, 1 sachet Dr. Oetker vanilla sugar ,, 1 tablespoon powdered sugar ,, for decoration :, 200 ml liquid cream ,, Dr.Oetker sugar threads and flowers ,, Neapolitan rolls with hazelnut cream, Pink colored sugar for ear

Difficulty: high | Time: 2h 30 min

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10 comments on Rabbit marinated in wine, on the tray

Ooooooo, rabbit, you got the tact.


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Bambi and deer, Bocanila and the rabbit.
Let me tell you a secret now!
As soon as I saw the contest, I decided to participate in it. And so I was worse than a detective on your blog. So, since Easter, I kept cooking on the kitchen. a madness came out, and with homemade noodles (.), my little girl ate 2 portions breathlessly, and of course, full eyes with noodles!
Did I make Frankfurter's cake for my mother's birthday? and the husband ate half of it, how he cut it (he also contributed), And the spirals are so easy to prepare, and so tasty. We ate them at 2 o'clock at night, and after 30 minutes. they were only 4. And I also made them in the shape of a heart-shaped girl. headache from sinusitis, that I was no longer able to do anything.
However, I hope to catch my husband freer, once, and to make my own culinary blog, in which I will post your recipes and those of another Laure, also from the other end of the country, the first ones.
Increase cooking and deliberation!

Phii! As you still have food to eat from Bambi, I thought we ate it all: P! Honestly, I'm not the No. 1 fan of game meat. It's good, if you prepare it carefully, but I also ate better meats. And with less effort in preparing & # 8211 sailors, pheasants and so on. In fact, it is better to sit in nature than on the table of these animals! Pears with red wine and cinnamon I also prepared for some time now, but I ate them with vanilla ice cream! And we liked it, very much! I'm still waiting for you, Raluca Octavia :)

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