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Donuts in tomato sauce

Donuts in tomato sauce

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We wash the donuts, we cut them in two, we clean the stalks, we wash them once more to remove the seeds, then we cut strips of about 1 cm.

We wash the jars (4 pieces of 800 grams each) and sterilize them in the oven where we keep them hot until we fill them with donuts.

Put all the other ingredients together in a pot, let them simmer until they boil.

We pass the donuts in 3-4 tranches through the sauce on the fire, we leave them for about 3-5 minutes in the sauce to soften easily, then we take them out in a bowl and we repeat the procedure until we pass through the sauce the whole amount of donuts.

Remove the jars from the oven, place a knife with a long blade under each jar, fill 4 jars with donuts, then pour the remaining sauce (still hot) over the donuts, cover the jars and wrap them in beds where we will leave them day and night until they cool completely, after which we store them in the pantry.

Donuts can be served after two days.

Good appetite!

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