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Broncos vs. Seahawks: Super Bowl Cocktails Slideshow

Broncos vs. Seahawks: Super Bowl Cocktails Slideshow

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This Super Bowl is too big for beer

Hopped-up Mary

Start things off right with a Hopped-up Mary; this extra-tart Bloody is drinkable all day long, but should be perfect for an evening of football drinking as well.

Seattle Slammer

For Seahawks fans and anyone not a lover of Bloodies, kick off with a Seattle Slammer. Far more dignified than its name, this flute-held cocktail combines the offense of bourbon with the defense of ginger vodka for a winning combo.

Bronco Bulldog

Those rooting instead for Denver should consider a Bronco Bulldog. It's like White Russian's high-energy cousin who plays football instead of hockey. With both cola and espresso vodka, this one will keep you going for four quarters.

Crater Lake Kickoff

And if it's clear liquor you crave, but the West Coast you favor, try a Crater Lake Kickoff. Strong and sweet with a dash of Chambord, you might not want to wait for halftime to start drinking these...

Mile-High Muddler

Love vodka — and John Elway — but not half-and-half or coffee? Then it's a Mile-High Muddler for you, mister. Essentially a V&T with lots of extra fruit, this Muddler never fumbles.

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