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Chickens with peas and dumplings

Chickens with peas and dumplings

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The chicken is cut into smaller pieces. Because I had a big chicken, I only used half. But you can use a small one commercially. After slicing it, I seasoned it with spices: salt, pepper, crushed and finely chopped garlic, bay leaf, red pepper paste, white wine. Mix well and leave in the fridge for a day or even twice as long as it is possible for the spices to enter well.

- Peel the onion and finely chop. Likewise, the pepper is cut into small pieces. We harden them with olive oil and a little margarine. I often use margarine for cooking because it is not very greasy and it comes out very good. When the onion is soft, add the crushed garlic and add the meat. We mix it, turning the chicken pieces, to take on a white color and then we pour the marinade. Let the wine evaporate for a while, add the mayonnaise if necessary and add hot water. Let it simmer for about 1 hour. It depends on what chicken you use. If necessary, add a concentrated knorr cube for a stronger sauce taste.

- Meanwhile we make the dumplings: we mix the flour with the eggs and the salt, we pour the water as much as it contains, so that a softer dough comes out. When the salt water boils, break the small dumplings with a spoon. When they rise (after about 2 minutes from boiling), take them out with a perforated spoon and put them in cold water-then strain them with water. We keep them in a pan with a lid.

- When the meat is almost cooked, add the peas (I had them frozen) and add the tomato paste. If necessary, we add water. When the peas are ready and the sauce has set, turn off. We need to have more sauce, because we take out a part with a polish and add it to the dumplings, so hot.

-Serve with dumplings and pickles.

Pea dish with chicken

I did it for my son, it turned out excellent. Today or tomorrow I do it again, I read the recipe to make sure I didn't forget the ingredients and how to prepare it.
Ah, yesterday I cooked the pipote stew again! :) Every time I have the impression that it turns out even better! What's more, I become a super cook, with your recipe page! Thank you.

With pleasure! So we are both on the right track - and I do the same, I sometimes reread my recipes, to make sure I'm not wrong :) I hope you stay true to my recipes even after you become a mega cook :)

I would add something, quite important, valid not only for peas but also for. lentils, beans. They are boiled over low heat, otherwise the grains harden, even peel and the food loses its appearance and flavor.

Interestingly, I did not know that this is why peas are sometimes peeled. Thank you for the tip.

Hi, I want to make this dish and I wanted to ask how much water should be put to boil the peas? I am a novice, I have no ink experience in gastronomy: p

Hi, it means you hit the right culinary blog! :) Most of my recipes are only good for the inexperienced. You need to put enough water in the food to cover the peas. But be careful not to fool you :) - peas tend to float.

Try to add a red bell pepper, it will change its color and give it a special flavor :)

I'm sure I'll try it next time, looking at the pictures of the recipe I realize that pea food would not spoil a drop of color at all :)

Thanks for the recipes. Today I cooked peas according to this recipe. I am pleasantly surprised to notice that every time I look for a recipe, the easiest to understand, with the best explanations and images I find it on this site :). A nice evening. Lydia

With pleasure, Lydia! I hope that, every time you look for a recipe, you will find it on my site and, of course, it will meet all the features listed above. Although, I must admit, this pea dish with chicken deserves (and must!) Have a much more attractive image :) I wish you a beautiful evening!

Hello ,
a suggestion I received from a & quottanti cook & quot
to change the flour sauce with 1-2 diced potatoes and which are added with the peas.
the effect is similar and much healthier.
now I try this idea and come back with mentions after.

Hello, Cristi! She knew well & quottanti cook & quot, I also sometimes make pea food with potatoes. I use them more when I don't have chicken or to "multiply" the food, for the time being my stomach is still "quottine" to absolutely anything. And yes, pea food with potatoes is very tasty and worth a try.

Hi, Robert. I would have a question: why should I avoid rehydrated peas? Thanks also for the answer (which I am sure I will receive, as soon as I noticed that you are), and for the recipes posted, which make my stay in the kitchen much more pleasant and give me the feeling that I know how to cook :). Nina

Hi, Nina. Rehydrated peas are dehydrated peas to keep for a long time and which, according to who knows how long, has been kept in water to become apparently normal peas again :) And it is absolutely impossible that, after such a process, not to remain hard grains (not sufficiently hydrated). I don't know if I explained 100% correctly, I admit that I'm not a great pea specialist, so anyone who knows better can correct / complete me. I understand you, although I still consider myself a beginner in cooking, I noticed that my culinary blog manages to give me the same feeling :)

Superb blog in any case, I have been working in the field for 8 years, and I can say that the food came out tasty. only I'm not here, everything is "bloated" to excess, and I have to season hard to cover, the taste of "paper" for peas and vegetables. I have been in Norway for some time, and it is very difficult for me to get used to the food.

If you only cook for Norwegians, then you shouldn't bother to cover the & quothartie & quot taste of vegetables, they are used to it and I think it should be :) The downside is that you have to eat that food too , so you will have to season in abundance, until you get used to it, you can find some more "friendly" assortments to taste.

Hi, Robert!
The other day I also cooked the pea dish with chicken. I adapted your recipe a bit, I used already boned chicken legs (it turns out tasty and so on, because I only used the juice in which the meat was boiled) and I added half a bell pepper (red, obviously. I just like it). red color: D), finely chopped.
But it didn't work out. Why this? Because I did not follow your advice to use frozen peas, I used canned peas instead. I boiled the peas for 2 hours. and there were still a few uncooked, hard grains. I learned my mind, so I will never use peas in a jar again.
Otherwise, it turned out very tasty. Thanks for the recipe! :)
Today I will cook soup with dumplings (also a little adapted, of course ... in the sense that I make dumplings from 2 eggs and about 6-8 tablespoons of semolina)

Hi, Gabriela! And I often suffer from this, I do not give enough importance to the advice received. until I feel it on my skin :) With frozen peas I would have said that it is impossible to go wrong, but I was quite dissatisfied with one bought about two months ago (it was produced by a company that I had tried in many recipes). But with rehydrated peas you will most likely have problems every time :) In general, I noticed that this is in the box, not in the jar. However, it does not necessarily matter if it is in a jar or box, it is important not to write anywhere on the label the word & quot; hydrated & quot. Pea in a jar can be preserved otherwise, it is not necessarily rehydrated. Speaking of jar / box, I like canned peas because I don't have to take care of the jar anymore: D

How to prepare dumplings recipe for nokedli or Nockerli

Beat eggs lightly with a fork or mixer, gradually add flour and salt until a soft dough results. I admit that now it was the first time that I measured how many tablespoons of flour I put in 3 eggs and the quantities are not very relevant either, because eggs and spoons can also differ. The result must be a soft dough.

From the beginning I specify that I DO NOT POWDER COOKING POWDER. There is no need at all. Too bad they spoil the dumplings with baking powder, it just spoils their taste. I made this remark because I read on the internet some recipes that mentioned baking powder in dumplings & # 8230m I was horrified.

Bring water to a boil with a little salt. When it boils, dumplings are formed with a teaspoon moistened in hot water or with a special device (dumpling graters) like the one seen in the picture (it is commercially available for 10-12 lei).

Bring to the boil over medium heat. After reaching the surface of the water, leave it on low heat for 2-3 minutes, covered with a half-open lid.

Remove to a strainer, wash briefly and quickly with a little cold water and then put back in the pot and mix with the butter.

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Put the meat to boil in 3 liters of cold water and then collect the foam that forms on the surface. Let it boil for 15 minutes. Meanwhile, cut the carrots and parsnips into rounds, and the diced celery, pepper and onion. Put the vegetables in the soup, add salt to taste and let them boil until soft.

Lower the heat and prepare the dumplings. Separate the eggs and mix the egg whites with a pinch of salt until they harden. Then rub the yolks with the olive oil and pour them over the egg whites. Put the semolina, little by little and mix lightly with a fork until you get a homogeneous composition, the consistency of a thicker cream. The amount of semolina may differ depending on the size of the eggs, so you can add one or two more tablespoons until you get the desired consistency.

Put the dumplings in the soup with a teaspoon: moisten it first in the hot soup, so that you can form them more easily. Leave it for a few seconds and check that it does not fall apart. It is important that the fire is very small and the soup does not boil, otherwise the dumplings will fall apart! Then place the dumplings one by one, moistening the teaspoon in the hot soup each time. Cover the pot with a lid and let them boil for 5 minutes. Turn them on the other side and sprinkle them with a little cold water, so that they come out even fluffier!

Turn off the heat and leave the pot covered for 5-10 minutes, then sprinkle the finely chopped green parsley on top. It smells great! I hope you try my recipe for chicken soup with dumplings


Chicken paprika with sour cream and flour dumplings & # 8211 traditional recipe from Transylvania, Maramures, Crisana and Banat, taken from Hungarian cuisine, in which paprika (paprika or paprika) is the essential ingredient for taste, this being the one from which the name of the recipe is derived. It is a tasty and fragrant recipe, easy to prepare, perfect for lunch or dinner.

Chicken bell pepper is one of the traditional dishes of Hungarian cuisine. It is a simple recipe, easy to prepare, with chicken, onions, peppers, sour cream and of course paprika (paprika), the star ingredient of this recipe. Paprika is probably the most common ingredient in Hungarian cuisine, and the tradition of growing peppers began in the Middle Ages, when the Turks brought peppers to Hungary, but drying and turning peppers into paprika is only the merit of Hungarians.

Recipe for chicken paricas with sour cream and flour dumplings it is also found in the cuisine of other countries neighboring Hungary: the Czech Republic, Slovakia or Serbia, but it is also present in Transylvania, Banat, Maramures or Crisana.

If you are not familiar with Hungarian cuisine, it may seem that paprika and goulash are identical dishes because they have meat and flour dumplings, but there is a big difference between the two dishes. Paprika is made especially from chicken, and paprika is the main ingredient, while goulash is made from beef or pork and paprika is in smaller quantities.

Chicken bell pepper recipe with sour cream and flour dumplings which I present to you below is my mother-in-law's recipe. You can make chicken paprika from a whole chicken that you cut, but you can only choose chicken legs or chicken breast (I'm not a fan of dishes only with chicken breast because they seem fading). Chicken bell pepper can be accompanied by pasta, rice, mashed potatoes. I first ate this recipe at my mother-in-law's, then during the holidays in Hungary, Austria or Germany. In Austria and Germany in pretentious restaurants I did not like at all. But, on the border between Hungary and Austria, at a hotel known to all those who go skiing in Austria (Paprika hotel) I ate the best paprika and goulash. The menu was also in Romanian.

You can prepare chicken paprika with sour cream and flour dumplings for family meals. I like to prepare it on slightly cooler or colder days, except in summer.

I often prepare meat recipes accompanied by sauce because it seems to me that this cooking time falls into the category & # 8220confort food & # 8221, that kind of simple food, easy to prepare that can be accompanied by simple garnishes or can be eaten as such , only with bread or polenta.

I chose the meat in such a way as to be sure that I would cook it quickly. Onions provide a sweet taste, and flour thickens the sauce. I put water (hot to hot) but I would have used chicken stock (clear chicken soup) if I had it in the freezer. The sour cream is responsible for the taste of the sauce and the paprika (paprika) brings color. NOT use tomato juice! NOT use yogurt instead of sour cream!

If you like spicy food, you can also add spicy paprika, depending on how spicy you eat.

The flour dumplings I prepared for chicken belly recipe they have a little secret: they contain a little semolina which makes them fluffier and tastier. I made them exactly as I learned from my mother-in-law.

If you like dishes with sauce, here are some recipes to inspire you and prepare them too:

Find on the blog several recipes for beef stew, pork, chicken extremely tasty that deserve your attention. You will find beef stews from Cuban or Irish cuisine (with black beer), but also game meat stews (wild boar or deer). I would be glad to know if you tried them, so I'm waiting for your pictures.

I now leave the list of ingredients and how to prepare for chicken paprika with sour cream and flour dumplings.


900 g chicken (I had chicken breasts and thick strips of chicken breast)

2 large chopped onions & # 8211 approx. 400

1/2 large bell pepper or 1 smaller bell pepper & # 8211 any color

1 tablespoon finely chopped paprika (paprika & # 8211 boia dulce)

3-4 tablespoons oil for frying

200 ml sour cream for cooking

For dumplings:

For the beginning, I chopped the onion finely and hardened it a little in the hot oil in a large saucepan. The onion just needs to be softened, not completely fried in the first phase. I put the chicken legs and the chicken breast strips over the onion and I sautéed them very little with the onion.

Over the meat I sprinkled paprika (paprika or paprika), I mixed, then I added in the pan 1/2 large bell pepper cut into strips. I'll take the pepper out when I'm done cooking. I was careful not to harden the paprika because it will change color and the food turns brown.

I poured hot water over the meat to cover it and let it boil for 10 minutes on low to medium heat, with the lid on when it boiled, then seasoned with salt and freshly ground pepper and added 2 cloves of garlic. the press. I let it cook until the water dropped and the meat cooked. The sauce should remain in the pot about 2.5-3 cm high (the idea is to keep enough sauce for all portions to contain slightly thickened sauce and a lot). The paprika boiled for about 30 minutes. The meat being commercially cooked boiled quickly, in about 35 minutes, but if you have country chickens the cooking time increases considerably up to an hour (the meat is more tender).

I mixed a tablespoon of grated flour with cooking cream and poured it over the sauce in the pot. I let it boil until it thickened. Since flour is used, you can also add sour cream with 24% fat, and it should not look cheesy / cut.

While the meat was boiling in the pot, I prepared the flour dumplings. I started boiling them shortly before the paprika was ready.

In a bowl I mixed 2 eggs with a pinch of salt and cold water, then I incorporated 2 tablespoons of flour. I mixed well to prevent lumps from forming, then I added semolina.

I mixed this one too and I continued to gradually add the flour. The final consistency of the dough is quite thick.

I boiled 2 liters of water with a teaspoon of salt. When it boiled, I added a little dough, with a spoon soaked in hot water.

The dumplings boil for another 3 minutes from the moment they rise to the surface, so that they are as fluffy and well cooked as possible. The total cooking time of these flour dumplings is 5-8 minutes (depending on how big or thick you make them). Do not take them out of the water until you transfer them to the paprika sauce, otherwise it dries, spoils its appearance and texture.

I took them out with a big spoon with holes (the one I also use for donuts) and I put them over the chicken paprika with sour cream. From this moment, the food stays on the fire for another minute, then the fire stops. You can turn off the heat right after you put the dumplings, but I still keep it so that the dumplings lend a little flavor to the sauce. After I stopped the fire I left the pan with a lid for another 3-4 minutes after I stopped the fire, for the same reason: galustelew borrows from the aroma of the sauce and the food is much tastier.

During this time I put the plates on the table, then I put in each plate a generous portion of chicken paprika with sour cream and flour dumplings.

Chicken soup with peas and dumplings

Fresh soup from the beginning of summer, with Italian influences.

It is more practical to make this soup if there is chicken soup from the weekend. My grandmother boiled a huge pot of soup on Sunday and gave me 2 l too, so on Monday I just boiled it with flavors and peas and added the homemade dumplings. If you don't feel like it or have time to prepare them, you can replace them with broken lasagna sheets or barley pasta. You can also make this soup with broccoli or asparagus bouquets instead of peas.

Pea stew with chicken breast and flour dumplings

The recipe for pea stew is very versatile. Instead of chicken you can use pork or beef. You can also give up meat if you fast.


1 tablespoon sunflower oil

a little sunflower oil

Method of preparation

  • Chop the chicken pipette into small pieces. Add salt, pepper and paprika to taste. I used less chicken because I only prepared 2 servings.
  • Heat the sunflower oil in a deeper pot. Put the chicken breast pieces over the hot oil and fry them for about 7 minutes. Stir occasionally and turn to fry on all sides.
  • Meanwhile, chop the onion scales.
  • When the chicken pipette has browned, place the onion on top of it. Season with salt and pepper. Stir and put a lid on the pot. Fry for about 5 minutes until the onion becomes glassy.
  • Chop the carrot. I like to chop it into rounds when I add it to the pea stew with chicken breast. You can chop it according to your preference.
  • When the onion is fried, add the carrot and leave for another 2 minutes.
  • Meanwhile, wash the peas, then add it to the pot.
  • Put enough water to cover the peas. Let the stew boil with the lid on.
  • While the peas are boiling, prepare the dough for the flour dumplings.
  • Separate the egg white from the yolk. Add a little salt over the egg whites and beat it with a fork.
  • Put the yolk over the egg whites and continue to froth.
  • Gradually add the flour and mix with a fork until the dough becomes smooth. You can then put the oil.
  • Bring the peas to a boil, then place the dumplings in the pot. With a teaspoon preheated in the stew, form flour dumplings and put them in the pea stew. Lower the heat and let them boil together with the peas.
  • I like to keep the peas green and crispy, so I only cook it for 10 minutes. If you want a more traditional version, you can cook the peas a little longer. The flour dumplings came to the surface, a sign that they are also cooked.

Useful advice

Usually, for pea stew with chicken breast and flour dumplings, I like to use frozen peas. However, you can also use fresh peas, especially if it is summer and it is on the market.

But be careful not to keep the peas fresh for more than 24 to 36 hours! It is a very perishable vegetable.

You can also use canned peas. I usually avoid it.

Pea stew with chicken breast and flour dumplings is ready! Welcome to the table. Have a good appetite!


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